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Honor Roll of Buena Vista County

Returning Veterans







Born August 4, 1892.  Enl. April 1, 1918.  Pvt. Co. C, 332d Inf. 83d Div.  Trained at Camp Sherman.  Landed Liverpool June 15.  To Southampton; crossed English Channel on cattle boat to Le Havre.  To Mandres from June 10 to July 26 drilling ten hours every day; under order of General Pershing regt. sent to Italy; to Villa, France; to Valeggio; October 28 to Treviso, Italy, until ordered to firing line; battalion re-located at Treviso on Thanksgiving day, hiked all the way four days; to Genoa.  Sailed from Genoa, Italy on Italian ship Duke A’osta February 20; landed New York April 13.  To Camp Merritt; following Monday paraded in New York City from Washington to 92d Street on Fifth Avenue.  Mustered out May 2, 1910.





Providence Township


Born April 10, 1894.  Enl. February 25, 1918.  Pvt. Co. H, 119th Inf. 30th Div.  Trained at Camp Dodge; Camp Sevier; Camp Merritt.  Sailed on Haverford from Philadelphia May 11; landed Liverpool May 27.  To Dover; to Calais.  To Atlantic; to Belgium near Ypres; to St. Pol; to St. Quentin sector.  In attack on Hindenburg line September 20; captured by Germans when wounded by machine gun bullet in shoulder and shrapnel in hip; to German hosp.  In northern France; to Prison Camp Merritt in Germany for one month; to Camp Geeson until November 18; to Metz to casual camp; to company at Wewaan; to Le Mans; to St. Nazaire.  Sailed on U. S. S. Heron March 21, 1919; landed Charleston, S. C., April 3.  To Camp Jackson; to Camp Dodge.  Mustered out April 12, 1919.





Nokomis Township


Born November 21, 1893.  Enl. May 17, 1917.  Sergt, 1st-cl. Med. Dept.  Trained at Presidio, California, 7 weeks; to Camp Dodge.  Promoted to corp., to sergt., to sergt. 1st-cl.  Served for 23 months in Medical Dept. at Base Hosp. at Camp Dodge.  Mustered out July 19, 1919.





Nokomis Township


Born March 29, 1896.  Enl. April 20, 1918.  Seaman.  Trained at G. L. N. T. S.  Sailed from Norfolk May 24, 1918 on S. S. Mongolia; landed Brest June 8.  To Aviation Station at Panilac; to Primboef Aviation Station for five months; to St. Nazaire.  Sailed for U. S. on Susquehanna November 25; landed Norfolk December 15.  Came home on furlough for 15 days.  Sent to Key West for three months; sailed along coast to Charleston; sent to St. Louis.  Mustered out July 3, 1919.





Fairfield Township


Born March 30, 1887.  Enl. July 25, 1918.  Pvt. M. G. Co. 316th Inf. 79th Div.  Trained at Camp Gordon; Camp Merritt.  Sailed from New York August 30 on U. S. S. Plattsburg; landed Brest September 12.  To St. George; to Verdun; to Issencourt; to Dead Man's Valley; joined 79th Div. here on November 7; November 13 to Etraye until December 27; to Chercourt; to Bouisson for three weeks; to Cuzon; to St. Nazaire.  Sailed May 17 on the U. S. S. Texan; landed Philadelphia May 29.  To Camp Dix; to Camp Dodge.  Mustered out June 9, 1919.





Elk Township


Born December 3, 1894.  Enl. August 20, 1918.  Pvt. Wagon Train, Q. M. C.  Trained at Camp Gordon for three weeks; Camp McClellan 7 months.  To Camp Dodge for mustering out.  Mustered out April 2, 1919.





Elk Township


Born October 11, 1896.  Enl. June 24, 1918.  Pvt. Co. D, 350th Inf. 88th Div.  Trained at Camp Dodge six weeks; to Camp Upton.  Sailed for England August 11 on S. S. Delta; landed England August 25.  Crossed Channel to Cherbourg.  To Semur; to Chagne; to front for 11 days; to Vescemont for two weeks; to Toul sector until armistice was signed; worked back to St. Nazaire.  Sailed on U. S. S. Aeolus May 19; landed Newport News May 30, 1919.  To Camp Dodge.  Mustered out June 7, 1919.





Brooke Township


Born March 13, 1897.  Enl. August 14, 1918.  Mech. Motor Transport Corps.  Trained at Highland Park College 7 days.  Discharged August 22, 1918, by reason of physical disability.  (no photo)







Born April 16, 1896.  Enl. January 5, 1918.  Machinist's Mate.  Air Squadron No. 3, Naval Aviation.  Trained at Charleston, S. C; at Pensacola, Florida, in flying.  Mustered out February 5, 1919.





Scott Township


Born February 6, 1897.  Enl. September 5, 1918.  Pvt. 15th Balloon Co. 21st Regt., 19th Div., Coast Art.  Trained at Camp Dodge in D. B. for two months; to Ft. Barracks, Pensacola, Florida, two months. during this time the armistice was signed and he was sent back to Camp Dodge.  Mustered out January 2, 1919.





Barnes Township


Born July 21, 1893.  Enl. February 26, 1918.  Pvt. 1st-cl. Co. E, 351st Inf. 88th Div.  Trained at Camp Dodge until August 7; to Camp Mills.  Sailed on Scotian from Hoboken August 16; landed Liverpool August 28.  To Brockwood; to Camp Stony Castle; to Cherbourg September 2.  To Les Laumes; hiked to Paulinet September 7; billeted in an old castle which was built in the year 1554, after drilling there, left September 14 for Champau for further drill; into lines October 19 in a quiet sector near the Swiss border in Alsace-Lorraine; to Belfort, billeted in a village, Chaux; November 10 to Argonne and Meuse front, but did not get into action; arrived Francheville, near Toul; at Francheville until November 28; hiked to Houdelainscourt, maneuvered and drilled until ordered to do convoy work into Germany; May 4 back to Houdelainscourt; to Gondrecourt; to Avoys; to St. Nazaire May 18.  Sailed on U. S. S. Mercury May 20; landed Newport News May 31.  To Camp Hill two days; to Camp Dodge -- paraded in city of Des Moines.  Mustered out June 7, 1919.





Barnes Township


Born December 6, l895.  Enl. February 25, 1918.  Pvt. Co. A, 129th Inf. 33d Div.  Trained at Camp Dodge; to Camp Logan; pvt. Co. E, 351st Regt. 88th Div. at Camp Dodge; pvt. Co. A, 129th Inf. 33d Div. at Fort Logan.  Sailed from Hoboken on Covington May 10; landed Brest May 23.  To Medeire; to Somnie front; maneuvered at Swa-upa-Treze until September 7; to Verdun September 7; to Verdun until October 6; gassed in Argonne woods October 6; sent to Base Hosp. No. 23; to Base No. 9, October 28; to Le Mans November 16; to Forwarding Camp, where he joined original Co. at Ettelbruck Ruxenberg December 31; to Brest.  Sailed from Brest May 15 on Leviathan; landed Hoboken, May 22, 1919.  Mustered out June 2, 1919.





Lee Township


Born November 29, 1895.  Enl. February 24, 1918.  Pvt. Co. A, 129th Inf. 33d Div.  Trained at Camp Dodge February 25 to April 5; Camp Logan April 5 to May 5, 1918.  Left New York May 10 on transport Covington; landed Brest May 23.  At Brest three weeks; to Moline Woods two weeks; to Ergries from June 15 to 30; to Somme front near Corbie for one week; to Verdun front August 20; drilled for two weeks then went into Argonne drive September 26; under shell fire from July 19 to October 5; gassed by mustard near Aisne on Meuse river; to Base Hosp. at Vittel from October 5 to November 5; to Chatauroux from November 5 to December 7; to St. Agnew Casual Camp.  Sailed from St. Nazaire January 5, 1919; landed Newport News January 17, 1919; To Camp Funston; to Camp Dodge from February 1 to April 29.  Mustered out April 29, 1919.



1Eilers, Tom D.  Buena Vista's Part in the World War.  Storm Lake, 1920, pp. 101-03.

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