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Honor Roll of Buena Vista County

Returning Veterans







Born December 27, 1892.  Enl. July 24, 1918. Pvt. Co. A. 316th Inf., 79th Div.  Trained at Camp Gordon in Co. D, 4th Replm. Regt.  Sailed from New York September 1; landed Brest September 13.  To St. George; to Meuse sector, entered line of fighting October 20, and remained in line of fighting until November 11; to training camp; to Deuxmond; to Orquevaux: to Rimacourt; to Nantes.  To St. Nazaire. Sailed on U. S. S. Texan; landed Philadelphia, May 29, 1919.  To Camp Dodge.  Mustered out June 8, 1919.  (no photo)





Coon Township


Born April 25, 1894.  Enl. July 24, 1918.  Pvt. 1st-cl. Co. E, 313th Inf., 79th Div.  Trained at Camp Gordon until August 25.  Left U. S. from Hoboken on U. S. S. Plattsburg in September; landed Brest September 12.  To St. Georges until September 30; joined 79th Div. at Ruft and moved to Verdun sector October 28; in Meuse sector on Verdun front from November 4 to 11; moved from front November 13 to Duie; trans, to Verdun November 27; to Base Hosp. No. 42 December 9 to January 17, 1919; to La Fuch April 23; to Cholet; to St. Nazaire May 11.  Sailed on Pasando May 16; landed Newport News June 2.  To Camp Hill; to Camp Stewart; to Camp Dodge.  Mustered out June 12, 1919.





Sioux Rapids


Born November 19, 1898.  Enl. January 1, 1917.  Gunnery Sergt., Marine Corps.  Trained at Paris Island.  At the present is in radio service, having been trans, from Mare Island to Marine Detachment, Pekin, China.





Sioux Rapids


Born May 30, 1896.  Enl. May 25, 1917.  Pvt. 1st-cl. Co. E, 168th Inf. 42d Div.  Trained at Sheldon, Iowa, and Des Moines, Iowa.  Sailed on U. S. S. Baltic November 3, 1917; out four days and returned to port for repairs; left again three weeks later and landed Liverpool in December.  After two weeks went to Le Havre.  To training camp at Parancey for 30 days; ordered to Baccarat for three weeks, outfitted for front; to Lorraine; to Champagne; to the Aisne and Marne rivers in the Chateau-Thierry fight; to St. Mihiel; to Meuse-Argonne; to Sedan; marched to Germany; to Brest, April 7.  Landed Hoboken April 25, 1919; made trip on the Leviathan.  Mustered out May 23, 1919.





Washington Township


Born April 19, 1891.  Enl. July 24, 1918.  Corp. 79th Div., Military Police.  Trained at Camp Gordon, pvt. Co. A. 4th Replm, Inf.; to Camp Merritt.  Sailed on U. S. S. Plattsburg September 1; landed France September 13.  To Argonne sector; took part in Meuse-Argonne Trojan drives; at Switzerland, border guarding troop train; stationed at Verdun when town was shelled.  Sailed from St. Nazaire May 16; landed Philadelphia May 28; sailed on boat Dakota.  To Camp Dix; to Camp Dodge.  Mustered out June 10, 1919.





Hayes Township


Born April 4, 1896.  Enl. September 19, 1918.  Pvt. Co. G, 350th Inf. and Co. F, 347th Inf.  Trained at Camp Dodge; Camp Pike; trans, to Little Rock, Arkansas, where he served in Provost Guard Co.  Mustered out at Camp Dodge January 2, 1919.





Fairfield Township


Born May 6, 1893.  Enl. July 24, 1918.  Pvt. Co. E, 316th Inf. 79th Div.  Trained at Camp Gordon July 26 to August 26.  Sailed on U. S. S. Plattsburg August 28; landed September 10, at Brest.  To St. Georges; to Verdun, there assigned to the 79th Div.; October 23 at Argonne-Meuse sector, gassed and shell-shocked November 1; November 15 to American Field Hosp. No. 8; to American Base Hosp. No. 80 at Beaume, November 18; left December 18 for Bordeaux to American Base Hosp. No. 106; February 10 to Brest.  Sailed on the U. S. S. Great Northern February 22; landed Hoboken March 3, 1919.  To Debarkation Hosp. No. 2 at Staten Island; March 14 to Camp Dodge Base Hosp. Mustered out May 1, 1919.







Born October 8, 1889.  Enl. July 24, 1918.  Pvt. Supp. Co. 23d Inf. 2d Div.  Trained at Camp Gordon.  Sailed August 28; landed Brest September 12.  Debarked sick with “flu”; to Verdun front October 12 with 5th Div. 6th Inf. until armistice was signed; transferred to 2d Div.; hiked 600 kilos, to guard the Rhine; to Coblenz; left Coblenz May 21.  Sailed for U. S. June 12 on U. S. S. Great Northern; landed New York June 19, 1919.  Received some training while in France at Le Mans and Lasoye.  Mustered out July 11, 1919.  (no photo)





Sioux Rapids


Born Jan. 12, 1893.  Enl. November 26, 1917.  Cook lst-cl.  Trained at G. L. N. T. S.  Sailed from Newport News on U. S. S. Westerner June 20; landed St. Nazaire August 25.  To La Police; to Newport News; to Trieste, Austria; to Newport News; to St. Nazaire; to New York; to G. L. N. T. S.  Mustered out August 29, 1919.





Brooke Township


Born February 11, 1888.  Enl. October 4, 1917.  Sergt. Co. C, 362nd Inf., 91st Div.  Trained at Camp Lewis and Montigney-le-Roi, France.  Sailed July 6th on Empress of Russia from New York; landed Liverpool July 17, 1818.  To Le Havre July 21.  Trained in the Dept. of Meuse until September 1; ordered to reserves at St. Mihiel; to Arsonne sector below Verdun; took charge of trenches September 20; over the top September 26; to hosp. October 1, very slightly wounded; div. ordered to go to the Flanders front in Belgium October 10; joined the div. on November 9th; started toward the front and was under fire for a few hours before the 11th of November.  Returned to U. S.  To Camp Merritt; to Fort D. A. Russell.  Mustered out May 1, 1919.





Elk Township


Born November 9, 1888.  Enl. July 12, 1915.  Pvt. 1st-cl. Co. B, 142d Inf., 36th Div.  Trained with Co. M, 2d Iowa Inf., 34th Div, at Camp Cody; trans, to 127th M. G. Bn. in October, 1917; to Co. I, 183d Inf. December 24; to M. G. Bn. 133d Inf. March 1, 1918.  Sailed October 18; landed Liverpool October 24, 1918; sailed on English ship Anchises. Went forward with replacement troops November 8; was attached to Co. B. 142d Inf., 36th Div.; spent winter with 36th Div, in 16th Training Area.  Sailed from Brest on  cruiser Pueblo May 10, 1919; landed May 31, 1919.  Mustered out June 9, 1919.  (no photo)





Elk Township


Born December 1, 1896.  Enl. July 15, 1918.  Trained at G. L. N. T. S.; made three trips on the Amphion bringing home troops; at present in U. S. Naval Hosp, recovering from injuries received from a fall on ship.  (no photo)





Brooke Township


Born March 4, 1894.  Enl. April 9, 1918.  Sergt., 2d Regt. F. A. R. D. 88th Div.  Trained:  Pvt. in Co. C, Technical School, Madison, Wisconsin; to Field Artillery Officers' Training School, Camp Taylor; promoted to corp. June 12; to sergt. July 12.  Mustered out November 30, 1918.  (no photo)





Lee Township


Born September 27, 1890.  Enl. September 21, 1917.  Pvt. Co. I, 345th Inf. 87th Div. Trained at Camp Dodge September 21 to November 23, 1917; Camp Pike, November 25 to June 15, 1918; Camp Dix June 15 to October 22, 1918.  Left New York on Cedric October 24; landed Liverpool September 5.  To Southampton; to Le Havre September 9. To southeastern France; to Facey; attended gas school until the armistice was signed; to Brest December 8.  Sailed on Agamemnon December 28; landed Hoboken January 5, 1919.  Mustered out January 18, 1919.





Lee Township


Born August 11, 1892.  Enl. July 24, 1918.  Pvt. 1st-cl. Co. M and Hdqrs. 316th Regt. Inf. 79th Div.  Trained at Camp Gordon from July 25 to August 22.  Sailed from Hoboken on U. S. S. Plattsburg: landed Brest September 12.  To St. Georges for training from September 18 to October 10; to Verdun front October 12; trans. to Issencourt and remained there until November 11; on patrol duty until January 1, 1919; stationed at Heipps until February 8, 1919; to Trampot from February 26 to April 1; to Clisson until May 15.  Sailed from St. Nazaire on U. S. S. Texan May 17; landed at Philadelphia May 20.  To Camp Dix; to Camp Dodge.  Mustered out June 8, 1919.





Barnes Township


Born August 7, 1896.  Enl. June 28, 1917.  Sergt, 15th Regt, Aviation, Marine Reserve Flying Corps.  Trained at Navy Yard Philadelphia; to G. L. N. T. S.; reported June 28, 1918, at Marine Barracks, League Island; detached aviation duty at G. L. N. T. S.; temporary company commander.  Released from Marine Flying Field, Miami, Florida, February 20, 1919.





Barnes Township


Born February 4, 1897.  Enl. September 5, 1918.  Pvt. Co. F, 88th Regt., 10th Div.; trans. to Med. Corps, Fort Des Moines.  Trained at Camp Dodge nine months; to Fort Des Moines until October 20, 1919.  Mustered out October 20, 1919.





Barnes Township


Born September 12, 1894.  Enl. July 24, 1918.  Pvt. Co. D, 316th Inf. 79th Div.  Trained at Camp Gordon three weeks; to Camp Merritt.  Sailed on U. S. S. Plattsburg August 30; landed Brest September 12.  To St. Georges; to Verdun sector September 30; under shell fire at Argonne for twenty-one days; after armistice to Serecourt and Donnur about a month; to Rimaucourt; to Georges two weeks; to St. Nazaire.  Sailed May 16 on U. S. S. Texan; landed Philadelphia May 20.  To Camp Dix; to Camp Dodge.  Mustered out June 8, 1919.







Born December 21, 1899.  Enl. October 1, 1918.  Pvt. 10th Inf. S. A. T. C.  Trained at Iowa State College-- studied electrical engineering.  Mustered out December 18, 1918.







Born July 26, 1898.  Enl. September 2, 1916.  Pvt. 49th Co. 5th Marines, 2d Div.  Trained at Paris Island to December 2; on board Battleship New Hampshire to Santo Domingo, East Indies; stationed at Santo Domingo on guard duty January, 1917, to November, 1917; returned to the U. S. in December, 1917.  Sailed from New York December 8, 1917, on S. S. DeKalb; landed St. Nazaire December 25.  To Breauvannes and trained there until March 12, 1918; to Verdun sector March 18 until April 15; to Belleau Woods; in offensive from June 6 to 17; held lines alongside until July 16; to Soissons sector and engaged in battle July 18 to 20; to Toul sector and engaged in St. Mihiel offensive September 12 to 18; to Champagne and engaged in offensive from September 30 to October 4; wounded by high explosive shell in both thighs, knee, shoulder and head; taken to K. C. Hosp. No. 5, Paris until January 15, 1919; to Blois to January 30.  Sailed from St. Nazaire on Princess Matoka, February  2; landed Newport News Feb. 14.  To Quantico, Virginia; sixty day furlough; returned for discharge on account of disability at Quantico.  Mustered out June 13, 1919.


1Eilers, Tom D.  Buena Vista's Part in the World War.  Storm Lake, 1920, pp. 97-101.

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