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Honor Roll of Buena Vista County

Returning Veterans







Born August 4, 1895.  Enl. July 12, 1917.  Pvt. 1st-cl. Med. Dept. 353d Inf., 88th Div.  Trained:  Camp Dodge; Fort Logan; Fort Riley.  Sailed August 16 on City of Exeter; landed Manchester. August 28. 1918.  To Southampton; to Le Havre.  To Bussy-le-Grand; to Hericourt; to Meraux-Vizelois; to Alsace front for 14 days; to Toul November 11; to Ribeaucourt until May 10, 1919; to St. Nazaire.  Sailed on U. S. S. Canonicus May 21; landed Newport News June 3, 1919.  Mustered out June 13, 1919.





Barnes Township


Born August 5, 1891.  Enl. September 20, 1917.  Corp. Co. M. 350th Inf., 88th Div.  Trained: Camp Dodge; Camp Pike; Camp Dix.  Left Montreal, Canada, on Tenation August 24, 1918; landed London September 9.  To Southampton; to Cherbourg; to Lanzac; to Brest.  Sailed on H. M. S. Mauretania December 24; landed New York December 30.  To Camp Merritt; to Camp Pike; to Camp Dodge.  Mustered out January 30, 1919.





Lee Township


Born December 8, 1887.  Enl. February 25, 1918.  Pvt. Co. L, 131st Inf. 33d Div.  Trained:  Camp Dodge until April 26; to Camp Logan to May 6, 1918.  Left New York May 21 on Leviathan; landed Brest May 30.  To Somme front June 15 to August 25, in offensive and reserves; in Argonne-Meuse offensive September 1 to October 10; captured by Germans October 10; confined at Camp Rastatt, Germany, until December 6; released, sent through Switzerland to Vichy, France; joined casual co. January 25 at St. Aigran.  Sailed from Brest on S. S. Huntington, March 12; landed Hoboken March 23, 1919.  To Camp Merritt; to Camp Dodge. Mustered out April 2, 1919.





Sioux Rapids


Born March 24, 1887.  Enl. August 27, 1917.  1st Lieut. Co. B, 42d Inf., 12th Div; Captain Inf. U. S. Army.  Trained:  Second Officers' Training Camp, Port Snelling, November 27 to September 5, 1918.  1st Lieut. Co. B. 42d Inf., 12th Div.  September 5 to Feb 15, 1919, Captain Inf. U. S. Army.  Mustered out February 15, 1919.





Sioux Rapids


Born November 24, 1892.  Enl. August 27, 1917.  1st Lieut. Chief Observer at Camp Knox.  Candidate in F. A. Training Camp at Fort Benjamin Harrison; commissioned 1st Lieut. November 27, 1917; August 27, 1917, to November 27, 1917, at Fort Benjamin Harrison; November 27 to February 28, Bat. F, 322d F. A. Camp Sherman as 1st Lieut.; February 28 to May 1 at Fort Sill School of Fire and Aerial Observation; May 1 to July 4, Co. O. Squadron E. Camp Dick; July 4 to Sept. 28 F. A. B. F. C. Aerial Observer, Camp Jackson; September 28 to January 2, 1919, Chief Observer at Camp Knox.  Mustered out January 2, 1919.







Born December 31, 1896.  Enl. September 20, 1917.  Pvt. Co. H. 101st Inf., 26th Div.  Trained:  Camp Dodge; Camp Pike; Camp Merritt.  Sailed from New York on S. S. Anthem, June 20, 1918; landed Liverpool July 1.  To Camp Winnell, Winchester; to Southampton; to Le Havre July 5.  To St. Aignan; to Casual Camp; to St. George, detached to Co. K, 163d Inf; to Chateau-Thierry, Co. H, 101st Inf.; entered line of battle for five days in Second Battle of the Marne; to rest camp 27 days; to St. Mihiel sector six days; to Verdun sector, October 18; to Argonne offensive, was there until the armistice was signed; shelled and attacked all the time while in trenches, went over top October 23; November 13 hiked 235 kilometers to Chaumont and remained there until December 23; to Le Mans; to Brest.  Sailed March 28 on the German ship Amerika; landed Boston April 5, to Camp Devens; to Camp Dodge. Mustered out April 28, 1919.  (no photo)





Storm Lake


Born April 29, 1889.  Corp. Co. B. 1st Training Bn.  Trained at Jefferson Barracks; Camp MacArthur; Camp Dodge.  Mustered out December 23, 1918.  (no photo)







Born November 22, 1896.  Enl. September 5, 1918.  Trained:  Camp Dodge until June 26, 1919; to Ft. Des Moines until October 22, 1919.  Mustered out October 22, 1919.





Coon Township


Born December 18, 1894.  Enl. December 14, 1917.  Trained:  Ft. Logan, assigned to Batt. C. 62d Regt. as pvt.; at Presidio, California, until June 13, 1918; to New York June 21.  Sailed on S. S. Baltic July 14; landed Liverpool July 26.  Crossed Channel to Le Havre.  Transferred to Libourne; to St. Laurent from August 3 until January 16, 1919; to camp near Bordeaux January 17.  Sailed on U. S. S. Pocahontas February 6; landed Newport News February 19.  To Camp Eustis three weeks; to Camp Dodge.  Mustered out March 11, 1919.





Providence Township


Born September 13, 1891.  Enl. February 24, 1918.  Sgt. Co. C, 308th F. S. Batt. Third Army Corps.  Trained:  Camp Dodge, pvt. Co. C, 163d D. B.; to Camp Sherman, pvt. Co. C. 308th F. S. B.  Sailed on S. S. Megantic from Hoboken June 12; landed Liverpool June 23.  To Southampton; to Cherbourg, June 26.  To Eccomoy; to Nogent; to Conflans-Sainte-Honorine; to Meaux; to Coulonges; to Dormans; to Souilly; to Rampont; to Malancourt; to Cuisy; to Montfaucon; to Nantalois; to Septarges; to Romagne; to Dun-sur-Meuse; began march to Coblenz, Germany; to Brest.  Sailed on U. S. S. Pocohantas July 22; landed Hoboken August 1, 1919.  To Camp Merritt; to Camp Dodge.  Mustered out August 8, 1919.







Born April 28, 1895.  Enl. April 26, 1918.  Pvt. 1st-cl. Co. H, 359th Inf., 90th Div.  Trained:  Camp Dodge 8 weeks; to Camp Travis; Camp Mills, June 7.  Sailed on English transport Ardunna, June 20; landed Liverpool July 2.  Celebrated July 4th at Winchester; crossed Channel July 5; landed Brest.  Six weeks training at Rocey; to St. Mihiel sector August 19, on firing line 33 continuous days and while on outpost duty was shot by pistol, bullet entering just below left eye severing some nerves and went out through right eye tearing out part of right cheek, the right side of jawbone, cheek and eye; wounded September 22.  Landed Hampton Roads January 1, 1919.  Has been in special hospital at Baltimore for the blind, receiving twelve operations; on December 5, 1919, trans, to Walter Reid Hosp. Washington for further treatment classification, 2-200 is considered industrial-occupation blind: brother killed on same front September 17, 1918.  Is in hospital named above at present time.





Storm Lake


Born March 11, 1897.  Enl. September 5, 1918.  Pvt. 1st-cl. 19th Military Police.  Trained at Camp Dodge.  Mustered out January 28, 1918.





Linn Grove


Born July 11, 1887.  Enl. October, 1917.  Machinist in Aviation Section.  Trained at Salt Lake City; at Waco, Texas.  Acted as expert machinist on turning lathe, then started machines in field, then on wrecking crew.





Brooke Township


Born February 19, 1890.  Enl. July 24, 1918.  Pvt. 1st-cl. 316th Replm. Regt. 79th Div.  Trained:  Camp Gordon.  Left Hoboken August 31 on U. S. S. Plattsburg; landed Brest September 13.  To St. Georges for training; to Verdun; to the front in the Argonne Forest for thirty days previous to signing of armistice four days without food; one of the few men who held a sector that might have been taken by the Germans had they known the weakness of our force; November 11 was taken to hospital with typhoid and trench feet; sailed on hosp. ship Magnolia, January 22, 1919; landed New York January 31.  Expresses gratitude for services of Salvation Army and Red Cross.  Mustered out at Camp Dodge February 21, 1919.





Storm Lake


Born December 22, 1898.  Enl. October 1, 1918.  Pvt. S. A. T. C.  Trained with S. A. T. C. Co., Iowa State College.  (no photo)





Lee Township


Born June 10, 1892.  Enl. February 25, 1918.  Pvt. 351st Regt. 88th Div.  Trained at Camp Dodge.  Served in infantry until October, 1918; trans, to Q. M. C. Depot Brigade, in hospital service for five months.  Mustered out December 26, 1918.





Storm Lake


Born August 3, 1894.  Enl. August 20, 1918.  Pvt. Machine Gun Co. 3d Group. 35th Training Corps, M. G. Training Center, Camp Hancock.  Trained at Camp Gordon for three weeks; to Camp Hancock three months.  Mustered out December 28, 1918.  (no photo)





Storm Lake


Born February 14, 1894.  Enl. December 2, 1917.  Ensign, U. S. Navy, assigned to U. S. S. Western Coast.  Trained at G. L. N. T. S.; to New York.  Enl. as seaman 2d-cl. promoted to ensign.  Assigned to U. S. S. Western Coast, October 31; sailed November 1 for Le Havre; arrived Le Havre November 15, 1918.  Laid at the docks of Le Havre until January 1, 1918; after two days out ran into storm and was blown 150 miles off course; made Bermuda Islands after 21 days at sea; stayed in Bermuda for two weeks making repairs on ship; ship was put in dry dock and officers and crew taken to receiving ship from which Foster was released February 19, 1919.







Born February 3, 1889.  Enl. December 13, 1917.  Q. M. C. Pvt. 307th Butchery Co. attached to 3d Div.  Trained:  Camp Meigh.  Sailed from New York on S. S. Von Steuben June 26, 1918; landed Brest May 8, 1918.  Sent to St. Nazaire on convoy duty principally to American sectors with meat trains; was also at Nantes in charge of warehouse.  Sailed for U. S. on S. S. Sierra, June 16, 1919; landed New York June 26.  Mustered out July 7, 1919.







Born January 13, 1889.  Enl. July 24, 1918.  Pvt. Co. D, 4th Replm. Regt. Inf.  Trained at Camp Gordon.  Mustered out January 9, 1919.  (no photo)





Albert City


Born April 25, 1896.  Enl. September 20, 1917.  Corp. Co. A. 350th Int. 88th Div.  Trained:  Camp Dodge; Camp Pike; Camp Green, with 4th Div.; trans, to Camp Pike. 87th Div., until March, 1918; to Camp Greene.  Sailed on Italian battleship Caserta May 10, 1918; landed Brest May 3.  In Brest three days; to Calais; bombed by German airships; to front, served with 41st Regt., 4th Div.; in Army of Occupation 7 months at Coblenz; in battles of Champagne, Aisne, Argonne, St. Mihiel,  Meuse-Argonne; in action with French no credit given.  Sailed September 1, 1919; landed Hoboken September 8.  Mustered out at Camp Dodge September 26, 1919.  (no photo)





Storm Lake


Born November 29, 1892.  Enl. February 24, 1918.  Trained:  Camp Dodge; Camp Logan.  Pvt. Co. F, 132d Inf. 33d Div.  Sailed May 15, 1918; landed May 24, 1918.  Sailed home May 9, 1919; landed May 17, 1919.  Saw service with A. E. F. at Argonne-Meuse, St. Mihiel and Somme.  Mustered out May 26, 1919.





Linn Grove


Born February 18, 1889.  Enl. February 25, 1918.  Horseshoer 49th Co. 20th Eng.  Trained:  Camp Dodge; American University. Went to France May 22, 1918; horseshoer in lumber camp, also at Murat, and at Arangoose in Pyrennes Mountains on boundary line of Spain.  Operated on for hernia twice in France.  Mustered out April 3, 1919.





Linn Grove


Volunteered for service October 1, 1918, during "flu" epidemic in Army Nursing Corps at Base Hospital.  Camp Custer.  Graduate of St. John's Hospital, Sioux City, Iowa; was supt. of St. John's at time of volunteering.





Storm Lake


Born October 7, 1891.  Enl. May 15, 1918.  2d Lieut. Recruit Training Officer.  Trained for five months prior to entry into service in Y. M. C. A. service at Atlanta, Georgia; enlisted in the Marines at Atlanta; sent to the Recruit Depot at Paris Island and was chosen to attend the N. C. O. School at termination of recruit training; having completed the course was granted a corporal's warrant and chosen as one of the 70 men Paris Island quota to attend the Second Officers' Training Camp of the Marines at Quantico. Va.; on graduation from this school commissioned 2d Lieut, and stationed at Paris Island as recruit training officer.  Resigned commission to return to Buena Vista College.  Mustered out July 15, 1919.



1Eilers, Tom D.  Buena Vista's Part in the World War.  Storm Lake, 1920, pp.  85-90.

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