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Honor Roll of Buena Vista County

Returning Veterans





Storm Lake


Born February 24, 1896.  Enl. April 7, 1917.  Corp. Co. Headquarters, 168th Regt., 42d Div.  Promoted from pvt. to corp. April 1, 1919.  Trained at Cherokee, Iowa; to Des Moines, Iowa; to Camp Mills.  Sailed from New York on U. S. S. President Grant, October 18, 1917; returned to port, October 28; sailed again on English transport.  November 14; landed at Liverpool.  To Winchester; to Southampton; to Le Havre.  To Langres; to Baccarat; entered line of fighting at Baccarat in Luneville sector, February 22; to Lorraine front; to Champagne, July 1; to Chateau-Thierry, July 22 to August 5; to St. Mihiel, September 12; to Argonne, October 12; to Sedan, on the line when the armistice was signed; went to Germany to become a part of the Army of Occupation at Nieder Breisig; left Germany for Brest, March G, 1919.  Sailed from Brest on U. S. S. Leviatlian, April 18; landed at New York April 26.  To Camp Upton to Camp Dodge.  Mustered out May 16, 1919.



Storm Lake


Born December 18, 1891.  Attended Second Reserve Officers' Training Corps at Fort Snelling in 1917, and was given an honorable discharge for physical disability.  Enlisted June 12, 1918.  Pvt., Central Headquarters Co. of Tank Corps.  Trained at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and at Tobyhanna. Pennsylvania.  Sailed from New York on R. M. S. Orenteo, September 25, 1918; landed at Liverpool October 8.  To Southampton; left Southampton for Cherbourg, October 10; landed at Cherbourg, October 11.  Trans, to 1st Provisional Depot Co. Tank Corps and convoy work between tank center at Varrennes; trans, to 302d Center Casual Detachment on November 13 in order to Join "Tank Corps Follies" which toured nearly all American camps for the entertainment of soldiers; trans, to 302d Center Headquarters on March 1, 1919; left Bourg on March 8; to St. Nazaire, March 11.  Sailed from St. Nazaire on U S. S. Philippines, March 20; landed at New York, April 3.  In tank parade in New York City.  To Camp Meade, April 12; paraded in Washington, D. C, and Baltimore; to Camp Grant.  Mustered out April 23, 1919.




Elk Township


Born January 11, 1893.  Enl. July 24, 1918.  Pvt. Co. E, 316th Inf., 79th Div.  Trained at Camp Gordon in 4th Replm. Regt. for 6 weeks; to Camp Merritt.  Sailed from Newport News, August 29, on U. S. S. Plattsburg; landed at Brest September 12.  Trans, to 132d at St. Georges, trained here for three weeks; trans, to Co. 305, Military Police, 79th Div.; two weeks afterwards was transferred to Co. E, 316th Inf., 79th Div.; joined the 316th Inf. north of Verdun; was wounded in Verdun sector November 4; sent to Base Hospital No. 900; four months in Southern France; joined Co. E., 316th Inf., south of Verdun; to St. Nazaire.  Sailed from St, Nazaire, May 17, 1919, on U. S. S. Texan; landed at Philadelphia, May 30.  To Camp Dix; to Camp Dodge.  Mustered out June 8, 1919.




Albert City


Born February 10, 1887.  Enl. July 24, 1918.  Pvt. Co. D, 4th Replm. Regt.  Trained at Camp Gordon.  Sailed from New York on the U. S. S. Plattsburg, September 1, 1918; landed at Brest, September 13.  Sent to Fort Napoleon; to St. George, where he left the inf. and was transferred to the General Headquarters at Valbonne, Aisne; to Clamecy; to Le Mans Rifle and Pistol Camp.  Sailed from Brest, July 18, 1919, on the F. J. Luckenbach.  Mustered out August 8, 1919.




Fairfield Township


Born January 9, 1897.  Enl, September 13, 1917.  Pvt. Mach Gun Co., 61st Regt., 5th Div.  Trained at Fort Logan; to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania; October 5, to Camp Greene; April 9, to Camp Merritt.  Sailed overseas, April 16 on the Czar; landed at Brest, April 28.  To Bar-sur-Aube; to camp near Gerardmer; to front lines in Colmer sector; in Vosges Mountains; to Locud sector; to St. Die sector until October 23; to St. Mihiel sector; ordered south of Toul to Montfaucon; in Argonne Forest, in attack from October 12 until October 22; to Malincourt, October 27; in attack southwest of Brielles.  Took Dun-sur-Meuse, and remained there until November 11; to Radauge, Luxemburg; to Brest.  Sailed from Brest on Aquatanion, July 13, 1919; landed at Camp Mills, July 20. To Camp Dodge.  Mustered out July 28, 1919.




Albert City


Born March 7, 1891.  Enlisted June 25, 1918.  Pvt. Co. 1, 351st Inf., 88th Div.  Trained at Camp Dodge; to Camp Mills.  Sailed on Gueleses, August 16; landed at Liverpool.  To Southampton; to Cherbourg.  Trained at Hancourt for twenty days; in line at Belfort front until October 29; back to Belfort for eleven days; to Toul until November 30; to Hudailcourt until May 10; to Le Mans area; to San Husain; to port of embarkation.  Sailed May 20, 1919; landed at Newport News.  To Camp Dodge.  Mustered out June 7, 1919.






Born November 21, 1897.  Enl. September 20, 1917.  Pvt. Co. C, 168th Inf., 42d Div.  Trained at Camp Dodge for two months; to Camp Cody for eight months; to Camp Merritt.  Sailed from New York, June 28, 1918; landed at Glasgow.  Crossed England by train; crossed Channel to Le Havre.  In Aisne-Marne offensive July 26 to August 6; in St. Mihiel offensive September 12 to September 16; in Meuse-Argonne offensive September 26 to November 11; after armistice was signed went with Army of Occupation to Ramagen.  Sailed from Brest in April, 1919; landed in United States in April, 1919.  To Camp Mills; to Camp Dodge.  Mustered out May 12, 1919.






Born July 25, 1890.  Enl. April 6, 1917.  First Sergt. Co. H. 168th Inf., 42d Div.  Trained at Sioux City, Iowa.  Sailed from New York on U. S. S. President Grant, October 6; returned on October 13, on account of disabled ship; sailed again on H. M. S. Baltic, November 1; landed at Liverpool, November 11. To Southampton on November 15; to Le Havre.  To Langres; to Baccarat sector until May 17, 1918; went over the top in six major engagements; to Champagne front from May 23 until July 19; fought in Champagne offensive; to Chateau-Thierry from July 23 to July 29, advancing all of these six days; wounded at Sergy on July 29; sent to First Aid Station No. 105; to Base No. 26; Convalescent Camp at St. Goraine; to Langres as an instructor in infantry at army school; recalled and joined regt. for Argonne drive for 19 days until November 11; sent to Tours to check records; back to regt. March 23, 1919.  Sailed with 42d Div. convalescents on Mercia, April 26; landed in the United States May 7.  To Camp Upton and waited for regiment to arrive.  Mustered out May 19, 1919.  (no photo)




Fairfield Township


Born August 27, 1891.  Enl. June 25, 1918.  Pvt. Co. E, 350th Inf., 88th Div.  Trained at Camp Dodge; to Camp Upton.  Sailed on Delta, August 11; landed at London, August 25.  To Camp Woodley; to Southampton; to Cherbourg.  To Semur; trained at Hericourt; to Alsace front about three weeks; was on way to Metz when the armistice was signed; to Malancourt five months; to Saint Husani.  Sailed on U. S. S. Asleus, May 19, 1919; landed at Newport News May 30, 1919.  Mustered out June 5, 1919.






Born November 24, 1894.  Enl. August 28, 1918.  Private Auxiliary Remount Depot 323.  Trained at Camp Funston, Co. 14, 164th Depot Brigade, from August 28 to October 11; to Auxiliary Remount Depot 323 from October 11 to May 14, 1919.  Mustered out May 14, 1919.






Born December 17, 1892.  Enl. June 24, 1918. Fireman on U. S. S. Beaver.  Trained at G. L. N. T. S.  Did service in Canal Zone. Patrol duty on U. S. S. Beaver.  Mustered out July 5, 1919.






Born August 10, 1895.  Enl. July 29, 1918.  Sergt. Co. B, 214th Engineers. 14th Div.  Trained at Camp Forrest three months; to Camp Custer. Promoted from pvt. to sergt. In inf. training, bridge construction, and pontoon work.  Mustered out February 11, 1919.




Lincoln Township


Born November 16,1896.  Enlisted July 11, 1918.  Seaman 2d-cl., Co. 7, 4th Regt.  Trained at G. L. N. T. S. from July 23 to August 31, 1918; to Bremerton Navy Yard; assigned to U. S. S. West Maximus, January 15, 1919.  Mustered out January 23, 1919.




Sioux Rapids


Born May 18, 1892.  Enl. July 24, 1918.  Pvt. Co. F, 325 Inf., 82d Div.  Trained at Camp Gordon July 25 to Aug. 25.  Sailed from Hoboken on U. S. S. Plattsburg, August 30.  Landed at Brest September 14.  Sent to hosp. at St. Bruic until October 15; returned to Brest and joined a casual co.; moved to LeMans on the rifle range until October 25; to Conlie; to Toul sector but did not get to front, was in Toul sector until November 1; hiked to Choilley, November 25 and remained there until March 15, 1819.  Sailed from Bordeaux on the Antonio Lopez, May 1.  Landed at New York; to Camp Upton; to Camp Dodge.  Mustered out May 26, 1919.




Sioux Rapids


Born March 20, 1898.  Enl. April 20, 1917.  Seaman in Navy.  Trained at G. D. N. T. S. five days; to Navy Yard, Portsmouth, New Hampshire until July 6, 1917; for ship training was sent to battleship Nebraska, July 8, 1917; remained on ship two and one-half months; to Norfolk, September 21; on S. S. Monplace, December 1; left on first trip December 3, 1917; made four trips between Norfolk and Bordeaux and between Norfolk and Nantes.  Mustered out August 9, 1919.






Born February 23, 1896.  Enl. May 23, 1917.  Musician 1st-cl. in the G. L. N. T. S. Batt. Band.  Trained at G. L. N. T. S. Promoted from 2d-cl. to 1st-cI. musician.  Mustered out March 1, 1919.






Born September 23, 1896.  Enl. July 17, 1918.  Seaman on U. S. S. Astoria.  Trained at G. L. N. T. S. for 2 months; trans, to Philadelphia; to New York; to Louisville for two weeks; to Brooklyn.  Trans. to U. S. S. DeKalb; sailed to Brest.  Trans, to the destroyer Worthington; sent to Plymouth, England; to Cardiff, Wales; to Barry, Wales.  Trans, to the U. S. S. Astoria; sailed to St. Nazaire, France; sent back to Barry, Wales; to Queenstown, Ireland; to Azores Island; to Norfolk, Virginia; to Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  Ordered to G. L. N. T. S. to be mustered out.  Mustered out August 16, 1919.




Storm Lake


Born February 15, 1892.  Enl. July 27, 1918.  Sergt. Headquarters Co.. Gen. Headquarters American Expeditionary Forces, Chaumont, France. Trained at Camp Gordon, assigned to Co. D, 4th Replm. Inf. Regt.; promoted to Co. Clerk on October 19 and trans, to Co. 22 as Special Duty Man; to Camp Merritt.  Sailed from New York, October 26; landed November 8.  On arrival in France, assigned to Co. C, Gen. Headquarters American Expeditionary Forces, at Chaumont.  Arrived at New York, June 25, 1919. To Camp Dodge.  Mustered out July 3, 1919.



1Eilers, Tom D.  Buena Vista's Part in the World War.  Storm Lake, 1920, pp. 59-61.

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