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Honor Roll of Buena Vista County

Returning Veterans





Nokomis Township


Born March 3, 1895.  Enl. July 24, 1918.  Corp. Co. D. 4th Replm. Regt.  Trained at Camp Gordon; transferred, December 29, 1918, to Camp Dodge.  Promoted to corp. October 2, 1918. Was in Officers' Training School.  Mustered out at Camp Dodge, January 10, 1919.




Lee Township


Born July 10, 1891.  Enl. December 15, 1917.  Corp. in Headquarters Co., 60th Art., Coast Art. Corps.  Trained at Fortress Monroe.  Promoted from pvt. to Corp., February 1, 1919.  Left Newport News on U. S. S. Siboney, April 23, 1918; landed at Brest May 6.  To Emilion, July 21; to Camp de Louge, July 21 to September 4; left for front on September 5; arrived at Toul. September 8; took part in St. Mihiel drive from September 12 to September 16; to Meuse-Argonne offensive and was in this offensive from September 13 to September 16; spent month in training area.  Sailed from Brest, January 26, 1919, on R. M. S. Cedric; arrived at New York, February 4, 1919.  Discharged at Camp Dodge, February 26, 1919.






Born December 29, 1897.  Enl. June 4, 1918.  M. M. 1st cl. Naval Air Station, Washington, D. C.  Trained; G. L. N. T. S. ; at Washington, D. C.  Promoted from L. M. M. 2d cl. To M. M. 1st cl.  Mustered out at G. L. N. T. S., September 9, 1919.






Born November 9, 1898.  Enl. October 16, 1917.  Radio operator.  Trained at Great Lakes Naval Training Station and at Radio School, Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Promoted from seaman to radio operator.  Sailed from Cambridge, June 30, 1918, on U. S. S. Henderson — caught fire at sea — and finished trip across on the U. S. S. Von Steuben; landed at Brest, France, July 7, 1918.  Crossed France and Italy to Corfu, Greece; worked on patrol line on submarine chaser until the armistice was signed; to Austria for thirty days; to Athens for thirty days; to Gibraltar for three months.  Sailed for the United States; landed at New York, April 15, 1919.  Edgar H. Benson was in the bombardment at Durazzo, Albania, October 2, 1918, for three hours at the time that the submarine chaser on which he was serving was with the Italian Fleet and was honored by the Italian Government.  Mustered out at New York, April 28, 1919.




Lincoln Township


Born July 13, 1891.  Enl. July 25, 1918.  Pvt. Co. K, 11th Inf., 5th Div.  Trained at Camp Gordon; to Camp Merritt.  Sailed from Hoboken August 31 on the Leviathan; landed at Brest, September 7, 1918.  To Le Mans, trained here for five weeks in the 33d Inf., 83d Div.; to Nissville, near Verdun; quarantined for measles for fourteen days in the 5 th Div. Casual Camp; to Longvay, December 4; there assigned to Company K, 11th Inf. 5th Div.; to Esches, Luxemburg; to Shifflauge until July 5, 1919; landed at Hoboken, July 20.  To Camp Mills; to Camp Dodge.  Mustered out July 28, 1919.




Poland Township


Born May 30, 1896.  Enl. July 24, 1918.  Pvt. Co. D. 4th Replm. Regt.  Trained at Camp Gordon until October 4.  Sailed from New York on S. S. Cedric, October 23, 1918; landed at Liverpool, November 8.  Crossed Channel to Le Havre, France, November 14.  To Coutras until February 21, 1919; transferred to Headquarters Co., 116th Ammunition Train at Auge, March 12; sent to Hosp. No. 26 at St. Aignan; to Base Hosp. No. 69 at Savenay, April 6.  Sailed from St. Nazaire on S. S. Matsonia, April 13; landed at Newport News, April 24, 1919.  Sent to United States Gen. Hosp. No. 28 at Fort Sheridan until May 2.  Mustered out at Camp Dodge, June 11, 1919.




Poland Township


Born August 28, 1894.  Enl. July 24, 1918, Sergt. Military Police.  Trained at Camp Gordon until October 28; ordered to Camp Wheeler until March 5, 1919.  Mustered out March 6, 1919.




Fairfield Township


Born March 20, 1895.  Enl. February 25, 1918.  Pvt. 1st-cl., 44th Co., 20th Engineers.  Trained at Camp Dodge; ordered to American Univ., Washington, D. C. and engaged in road and bridge instruction.  Sailed from Hoboken, May 22 on Leviathan; landed at Brest, May 30.  To Sen; to Sainte-Marie; June 18, ordered to Vauxet; to Chantegrue in Lorraine sector; left during the first part of October for Baum-le-Dames, and remained there until January 14, 1919; to Captieux, from January 9 to May 25, in march on convoy to Luxemburg and Belgium; to Bordeaux.  Sailed June 9, on the U. S. S. Ohio; landed at Philadelphia, June 21.  To Camp Dix; to Camp Dodge.  Mustered out at Camp Dodge, June 28, 1919.






Born March 13, 1892.  Enl. June 23, 1918.  Pvt. in Headquarters Co., 350th Inf. 8th Div. Trained at Camp Dodge; left Camp Dodge, August 4 for service overseas.  Sailed from Hoboken, August 11; landed in England, August 25.  Landed at Cherbourg, France, August 29.  Left Cherbourg for Semur for six weeks' training, September 3; to Haute-Alsace sector, October 7 to October 29; in Toul sector, November 9 to 11; to Menaucourt, November 27; left Menaucourt, May 26, 1919, for St. Nazaire.  Sailed from St. Nazaire, May 19, on the transport Aeolus; landed at Newport News, May 30.  Left Newport News June 3 for Camp Dodge.  Mustered out at Camp Dodge, June 5, 1919.




Poland Township


Born September 16, 1893.  Enl. July 24, 1918.  Pvt. Headquarters Co., 112th Inf., 28th Div.  Trained at Camp Gordon.  Sailed from New York, September 1, on Leviathan; landed at Brest, September 7.  Moved to Le Mans; to Lamalou-les-Bains until October 1; to Vignot until October 10; to front on St. Mihiel sector until November 11, under shell fire for twenty-six days; left front, November 25, for Bouxieres; to Le Mans, March 1, 1919.  Sailed from St. Nazaire, April 18, on U. S. S. Pocahontas; landed at Philadelphia, April 30.  To Camp Dix; to Camp Dodge.  Mustered out at Camp Dodge, May 18, 1919.  (no photo)




Barnes Township


Born October 27, 1896.  Enl. September 5, 1918.   Pvt. Co. 10, 3d Batt.  Trained at Camp Dodge.  Mustered out at Camp Dodge, March 8, 1919.




Barnes Township


Born October 11, 1889.  Enl. August 20, 1918.  Pvt. 5th Receiving Batt., 17th Co., 157th Depot Brigade.  Trained at Camp Gordon, was in Physical and Bayonet Training School; served from August 20 to September 23 with 157th Depot Brigade, with 6th inf. Replm. Regt. from September 24 to December 29, with 3d Regt. Casuals from December 30, 1918, to January 6, 1919, with 17th Co., 5th Receiving Batt., Depot Brigade from January 7 to January 20.  Mustered out at Camp Dodge, January 28, 1919.




Fairfield Township


Born July 23, 1893.  Enl. April 26, 1918.  Pvt. Co. D, 338th Mach. Gunners, 88th Div.  Trained at Camp Dodge and Camp Upton. Promoted to horseshoer.  Sailed for overseas on the Casmere, August 16; landed at Liverpool, August 28.  To Winchester; to Southampton; to Cherbourg, France, September 1.  To Marigne; to Hericourt; to front Middle Alsace from October 5 to October 20; to Bessancourt; to Toul sector for thirty days; left, November 29, for Gondecourt sector and remained in this sector for seven months.  Sailed for the United States, May 22, 1919, on Netherland; landed at Newport News, June 4.  To Camp Dodge.  Mustered out at Camp Dodge, June 15, 1919.




Storm Lake


Enl. July 24, 1918.  Pvt. 1st-cl., Co. D. 316th Inf., 79th Div.  Trained at Camp Gordon for one month; to Camp Merritt.  Sailed, August 31; landed at Brest, September 12, 1918.  To rest camp for one week; to St. Georges, for intensive bayonet drill for ten days; to front lines, to relieve the 29th Div. and part of the 17th French Corps in the Meuse-Argonne sector; engaged in fighting in Meuse-Argonne sector for three weeks up to the time that the armistice was signed.




Storm Lake


Born December 2, 1898.  Enl. October 1, 1918.  Pvt. in Student Army Training Corps at Iowa State College.  Trained at Iowa State College, Ames, Iowa.  Mustered out December 20, 1918.



Blombert, Gustaf C.


Albert City


Born June 4, 1898.  Enl. October 4, 1918.  Mechanic Co. B, Student Army Training Corps.  Trained at Modern Auto School, Spokane, Washington, from October 16 to December 16.  Mustered out December 16, 1918.




Lincoln Township


Enl. July 24, 1918.  Pvt. Co. M, 163d Inf., 41st Div.  Trained at Camp Gordon in Co. D, 4th Replm. Regt. until August 25; ordered to Camp Merritt, arrived there August 27, and marched to Alpine landing.  Sailed from New York on the U. S. S. Plattsburg, August 30; landed at Brest, September 12.  Remained at Napoleon's Fort until September 16; sent back to Brest for guard duty in Officers' Casual Camp; September 19, to classification camp; September 22, to St. Georges, transferred to Co. M, 163d Inf., 41st Div. and remained at St. Georges until October 8; October 12, to Verdun, in French billets near Verdun until October 24, when he was taken to classification hosp. sick with gastrenteritis [sic]; to Evacuation Hosp. No. 6; to Base Hosp. No. 22 at Bordeaux on October 27. at this hosp. on November 3 he became sick with Spanish influenza and remained there until November 26.  Sailed on transport U. S. S. Sierra at Bordeaux, November 26; landed at Hoboken, December 9.  To Base Hosp. at Camp Merritt until December 25; transferred to United States Army Gen. Hosp. No. 21, and remained there until discharged from service.  Discharged April 18, 1919.




Poland Township


Born October 1, 1895.  Enl. December 13, 1917.  Pvt. 27 Balloon Co., Aviation Branch of the Army.  Trained at Camp Morrison from March, 1918, until July 1, 1918; to Camp Eustis until November 1; back to Camp Morrison until mustered out of the service.  Mustered out at Camp Morrison, December 13, 1918.






Born March 25, 1887.  Enl. July 29, 1918.  Pvt. in 10th Co., 110th Regt., 35th Div.  Sailed overseas.  Landed at New York, April 10, 1919.  Mustered out May 2, 1919.




Barnes Township


Born January 14, 1896.  Enl. February 25, 1918.  Pvt. Co. I, 82d Div.  Trained at Camp Upton.  Sailed overseas.  Was in active service; was wounded, returned to the United States.  Engaged in vocational study at Iowa State College, Ames, Iowa.  (no photo)




Grant Township


Born March 26, 1893.  Enl. May 24, 1918.  Pvt. Co. A, 158th Inf., 40th Div.  Trained at Camp Lewis and Camp Kearney; transferred to Co. 14. 4th Bat., 166th Depot Brigade at Camp Lewis, and again transferred at Camp Kearney to Co. A, 158th Inf.  (no photo)






Born July 28, 1899.  Enl. October 13, 1918.  Pvt. in Student Army Training Corps. Buena Vista College, Storm Lake, Iowa.  Mustered out December 13, 1918.  (no photo)




Coon Township


Born July 20, 1894.  Enl. July 24, 1918.  Pvt. Co. B, 316th Regt., 79th Div.  Trained at Camp Gordon until August 25.  Sailed from Hoboken on U. S. S. Plattsburg, August 30; landed at Brest, September 14.  To St. Georges until September 25; to Verdun sector until October 5; to Meuse sector, Verdun front, in offensive from October 28 until November 11; left front and went to Revilles; to headquarters at Le Hieppe, December 25; moved to Orquevaux, April 1, 1919; to Classun, April 26; to St. Nazaire, May 15.  Sailed from St. Nazaire May 16, on the U. S. S. Texan; landed at Philadelphia, May 29.  To Camp Dix; to Camp Dodge.  Mustered out at Camp Dodge June 8, 1919.


1Eilers, Tom D.  Buena Vista's Part in the World War.  Storm Lake, 1920, pp. 47-49.

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