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Buena Vista County Marriages 1900


This list was compiled from handwritten records which were deciphered to the best of my ability. The records indicate the date, names of the couple, and place they were married (if given). The date given is the date the marriage was performed. Transcribed and donated by Sheryl McClure.


1 Jan 1900
Ford, Frank C. and Eva E. VanoyStorm Lake
Klatz, Carl and Emilie PorathCoon Twp.
Nelson, Iver and Karen Marie GravesenNewell
Smith, Howard A. and Mabel G. DaggerWest Scott Twp.

3 Jan 1900
Coates, John and Jessie TatmanStorm Lake
Wisenbaum, Charlie and Lena RichterGrant Twp.

10 Jan 1900
Blom, J. A. and Jessie M. Petersresidence of O. C. Buck, Storm Lake
Grippen, Fred C. and Lillian K. Brecherhome of the bride near Storm Lake

16 Jan 1900
Kramer, Rudolph and Bertha RobyAlta

25 Jan 1900
Williams, Ira and Pearl GilmanNewell

1 Feb 1900
Dlugosch, Henry G. and Lena MatzdorfGrant Twp.
Walker, Horace E. and Jessie R. DivanStorm Lake

14 Feb 1900
Anderson, Alfred B. and Helen PetersonElk Twp., near Alta
Anderson, Oscar and Sadie HamplemanMarathon
Wing, Charles and Hattie M. KellerMarathon
Wing, E. M. and Jennie M. WintersteenMarathon

15 Feb 1900
Husted, Fred and Mary MankeLutheran Church at Hanover

19 Feb 1900
Hannahs, M. S. and Addie M. PortAlta
Jackson, John and Nellie M. LoomisWashington Twp.

20 Feb 1900
Stomberg, John and Nellie M. Gallaherhome of the bride

21 Feb 1900
Chindlund, Emil and Ada M. JohnsonBrooke Twp.
Fowler, Rivers J., Jr. and Christine B. JensenStorm Lake
O'Boyle, John and Margaret TooheyStorm Lake
Rogers, David E. and Emma J. HughesStorm Lake
Stevens, Edward C. and Grace G. DetrickStorm Lake

28 Feb 1900
Lanier, Leonard H. and Hannah J. MillerStorm Lake
Madsen, Christian and Christina PetersenAlta
Swanson, Nels P. and Melinda S. Johnsonhome of the bride

1 Mar 1900
Turner, R. S. and Annie L. WisnerStorm Lake

7 Mar 1900
Peters, Conrad and Coran Baumanhome of Mr. Bauman
Thayer, Burt and Ella Wallhome of the bride

12 Mar 1900
Oliver, A. J. and Lou M. MoronyNewell

13 Mar 1900
Reubsam, Henry and Louise GassWashington Twp.

14 Mar 1900
Carlson, Herman and Hilda EnglundMarathon
Newgard, Edward and Anna H. JohnsonBarnes Twp.

15 Mar 1900
Furgey, William L. and Edna CramotteStorm Lake

21 Mar 1900
Johnson, Albert C. and Anna K. AndersonAlta
Post, William R. and Mary M. GriffelGrant Twp.

24 Mar 1900
Goranson, Goran and Mary C. AndersonMarathon

29 Mar 1900
Barber, Jay W. and Fanny May DriverNewell
Briggs, M. H. and Mrs. D. K. WheelockAlta
Rehnstrom, Enoch and Hattie RestromElk Twp.

30 Mar 1900
Christensen, Jacob and Jennie CarlsonStorm Lake

31 Mar 1900
Lounsberry, William H.  and Blanche A. DeHartStorm Lake

4 Apr 1900
Lindstrom, Peter O. and Alma M. NelsonMarathon
Schultz, Clarence Jefferson and Anne NentwigGrant Twp.

12 Apr 1900
Stocker, Carl G. and Laura L. LaymanNewell

13 Apr 1900
Rinden, John and Emma NorlandStorm Lake

17 Apr 1900
Peterson, John A. and Effie Jane SchafferLincoln Twp.

18 Apr 1900
Scothorn, John and Anna SullivanStorm Lake

23 Apr 1900
Hagdahl, Oscar A. and Annie JohnsonStorm Lake

24 Apr 1900
Morgan, Frank and Kate HayesStorm Lake

25 Apr 1900
Jones, Alonzo W. and Ada Marian DunnStorm Lake 
Sargent, Herbert W. and Ella DumontNewell

2 May 1900
Bringelson, Frank E. and Emily J. Andersonhome of the bride, Poland Twp.

16 May 1900
Nelson, Charles M. and Alphild W. FrykbergAlbert City

29 May 1900
Friel, Robert B. and Carrie M. JarvisStorm Lake

30 May 1900
Sewalson, Oluf and Ingrid SigurdsonLittle Sioux Valley Lutheran church

31 May 1900
Bladine, Lars and Inez D. WatermanNewell 
Weiland, Charles and Louisa KothLutheran church at Hanover

5 Jun 1900
Quay, Thomas E. and Stella F. BabcockStorm Lake

6 Jun 1900
Pearson, Carl R. and Ellen A. DanielsonAlbert City

12 Jun 1900
Walrod, Robert Earl and Cora M. TatmanStorm Lake

13 Jun 1900
Alexander, John B. and Edna A. MyersStorm Lake
Woolsey, Andre W. and Minnie McCartneyStorm Lake

14 Jun 1900
Hyllested, William and Roselia Gilbertsonhome of the bride
Miller, George and Louisa ZwemkeLutheran Church at Hanover
Vanwagner, John and Nellie C. MachStorm Lake

20 Jun 1900
DeLay, Victor S. and Anna M. HaddenAlta

21 Jun 1900
Kepler, Charles O. and Effie A. SweetSioux Rapids

27 Jun 1900
Holtz, Fred and Jennie SargentNewell

Brandvold, Oliver and Clara Berger-home of the bride

18 Jul 1900
Wilkens, Louis A. and Ida A. BiggensHayes Twp.

28 Jul 1900
Lundgren, Knut Albert F. and Emelia BognerStorm Lake

29 Jul 1900
Downing, J. M. and Lila BarnettStorm Lake

30 Jul 1900
Sterger, Guy D. and Myrtle E. RoyerStorm Lake

2 Aug 1900
Storm, John W. and Lena ReikelfsAlta
Thompson, John F. and Guida Petersonhome of the bride

15 Aug 1900
Poulsen, Anders and Helga A. WilsonAlta

22 Aug 1900
Natress, Joseph and Cora R. BethardsHome of the bride, Storm Lake

28 Aug 1900
Neville, Isaac M. and Clara M. ShaikStorm Lake

29 Aug 1900
Foster, George D. and Lilly M. HersomStorm Lake

31 Aug 1900
Relyea, Carl S. and Ellen WalpoleStorm Lake

5 Sep 1900
Anderson, Martin and Jette Marie Mogsterhome of the bride

11 Sep 1900
Coddington, William S. and Edith CaveSioux Rapids
Larson, Peder and Annie Keithhome of the bride, Alta
Moritz, George J.

19 Sep 1900
Pratt, Alden and Sarah E. MasonNewell
Stillman, Wayne D. and Caroline R. FoellStorm Lake

20 Sep 1900
Pember, Charles W. D. and Jean L. MankeyNewell

3 Oct 1900
Larsen, Eddie and Hilda M. JohnsonAlta

4 Oct 1900
Grieme, Henry and Mary HayesLutheran church, Storm Lake

5 Oct 1900
Meyer, Henry and Hanna L. PostCrozier, Grant Twp

10 Oct 1900
Bellows, Alanson M. and Emma Soethhome of the bride
Foley, Guy William and Cora Helen WalrodStorm Lake
Hobbs, James W. and Anna M. JohnsonElk Twp.

22 Oct 1900
Hockett, James and Lena PaulsonStorm Lake

25 Oct 1900
Tullar, Guy and Della M. HillsStorm Lake

28 Oct 1900
Witter, August F. and Mary HamanNewell

1 Nov 1900
Bellows, Orson F. and Frances F. SchultzGrant Twp.
Frier, August and Emma PetersHanover
Haarup, Carl H. and Emma H. NelsonStorm Lake
Richter, John C. F. and Augusta C. B. GrunewaldGrant Twp.

8 Nov 1900
Cory, Henry D. and Viola C. McKinStorm Lake

9 Nov 1900
Patrick, Willis and Hulda McGuireStorm Lake

10 Nov 1900
Snyder, Asa and Josephine BurrSioux Rapids

14 Nov 1900
Anderson, John Alfred and Emma Nelsonresidence of August E. Nelson
Bisbey, Charley A. and Bertha R. Phillipshome of the bride near Marathon
Mossengren, Gustav and Ida C. OlsenPoland Twp.

20 Nov 1900
Christensen, Carl and Johanna HansenNewell

28 Nov 1900
Foley, Fred C. and Caddie ManskyNewell
Rutan, William and Minnie E. EllisStorm Lake
Rutledge, Robert T. and Myrtle L. BabcockStorm Lake

3 Dec 1900
Espe, Paul A. and Helen E. RockefellerStorm Lake

5 Dec 1900
Johnson, Peter A. and Ella W. SansenStorm Lake
Markham, Fred Stanley and Clara Isabel GrueSioux Rapids

8 Dec 1900
Flynn, F. J. and Jennie V. Schaffer StrawnStorm Lake

12 Dec 1900
Boughey, Adison and Martha Nentwighome of the bride
Smith, William A. and Minnie J. PrestonStorm Lake

16 Dec 1900
Grosshauser, Fred and Emma BockelmannStorm Lake

18 Dec 1900
Waterman, G. L. and Emily EricksonNewell

19 Dec 1900
Allison, Charles A. and Julia Faye SmithNewell
McDaniel, Clarence J. and Edith ScottSioux Rapids
Riley, G. Edward and Anna Bennetthome of the bride

22 Dec 1900
Sinnott, James and Kate LarsenStorm Lake

23 Dec 1900
Thompson, Herva H. and Emma PointNewell

24 Dec 1900
Cunningham, William R. and Blanche B. InmanStorm Lake
Preston, J. E. and May DouvieStorm Lake

25 Dec 1900
Lyon, Fred D. and Nellie ConnStorm Lake

26 Dec 1900
Wegerslev, John H. and Hattie TincknellAlta

27 Dec 1900
Fakes, John W. and Lettie RasmussenStorm Lake
McFarland, W. H. and Mira Rogersresidence of John Stoner
Schliff, Charles G. C. and Nora E. ClemonsStorm Lake

29 Dec 1900
Leland, Mattia and Emma MudreaSioux Rapids

Transcribed and contributed by Sheryl McClure