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Buena Vista County Marriages 1899
Storm Lake, Buena Vista Co. IA.

This list was compiled from handwritten records which were deciphered to the best of my ability. I apologize for any misspelled names-often the same name was spelled two different ways on the same certificate. The date given is the date the marriage was performed.  The records below indicate the date, names of the couple, and place they were married (if given).


1 Jan 1899
Kramer, Bernhard C. and Lina E. Sierke
home of the bride

4 Jan 1899
Goff, William Henry and Helen Elizabeth DilsworthStorm Lake
Grigsby, Edward and Anna ClancyStorm Lake

6 Jan 1899
Youngquist, F. L. and Annie M. FarbFairfield Twp.

7 Jan 1899
Main, Ira and Lina Ruebsamhome of the bride

12 Jan 1899
Johanneson, Helmer and Annie A. NelsonAlta

18 Jan 1899
Gillen, Charles D. and Myrtle MonsonStorm Lake
Hamilton, William L. and Eva A. SamselCrozier, Grant Twp.
Larson, Hans and Martina PetersenNewell
Sundblad, John and Lena YoungdahlMarathon

25 Jan 1899
Bladow, August and Emilie SplittgerberCoon Twp.

26 Jan 1899
Cave, James and Effie CoddingtonStorm Lake

1 Feb 1899
Reed, William J. and Alice PostNewell
Roblin, John W. and Mrs. Laura ShellenbergerStorm Lake
Shufelt, Arthur and Delta McKeeStorm Lake

8 Feb 1899
Kaufman, Frank and Clara KleyterStorm Lake
Saxerud, Peter A. and Annie Christina Olive OsmundsonSioux Rapids

9 Feb 1899
Ahntholz, Fred and Sophie OttemanCoon Twp.
Leitz, Albert and Martha GwemkeLutheran Church, Hanover
Strauss, Dietrich and Louise SieversCrozier, Grant Twp.

16 Feb 1899
Davis, Daniel D. and Anna Laura FreemanSioux Rapids
Moshell, Charley and Sophie KnuftLutheran church ?

22 Feb 1899
Benson, Nils P. and Maggie AndersonAlta
Milburn, George and Emma Holmeshome of the bride
Walsted, Albert and Augusta O. DalbergStorm Lake

23 Feb 1899
Evans, John and Ella I. CoatesCoon Twp.

27 Feb 1899
Nelson, Charles and Sena JohnsonAlta
Spooner, Charles and Cornelia HankeStorm Lake

28 Feb 1899
Chilgren, John J. and Christina Nelsonhome of the groom
Johanneson, Gustav and Carrie E. WhitingM. E. parsonage, Alta

1 Mar 1899
French, George and Alice C. WeaverStorm Lake
Schipull, Ferdinand and Emma M. BigginsStorm Lake

2 Mar 1899
Plopper, Raymond, and Alumna Dake home of the bride, 4 miles east of Peterson

13 Mar 1899
Holquist, Gust, and Danielson, AnnaFairfield Twp.

15 Mar 1899
Anderson, William F. and Rica BrostadLinn Grove
Coulson, Bert and Carrie McCartneynear Marathon
Davis, William G. and Corinna A. ParsonsNewell
Voltimer, William and Elisabeth SchmidtLutheran Church at Hanover

16 Mar 1899
Green, Herman and Adelheide HustedtLutheran Church at Hanover

18 Mar 1899
Gilbrandson, Gilbert and Nonie Thomashome of the bride, Poland Twp.

21 Mar 1899
Parker, Frank W. and Hesina SmithAlta

23 Mar 1899
Iverson, Soren and Maggie LarsonStorm Lake

2 Apr 1899
Farnsworth, E. F. and Effie C. ThompsonNewell

5 Apr 1899
Anderson, Gust F. and Malkina MonsonFairfield Twp.
Green, Loren and Etta EllisNewell
Johanneson, L. C. and Lizzie PetersenAlta
Lobner, Christian and Mary WintherNewell

? Apr 1899
Fras, George R. and Toney OlsonAlta

8 Apr 1899
Lawrence, Alfred and Susie ChapmanMarathon
Jacobson, Martin and Clara Andersonhome of the bride

15 Apr 1899
Willmering, Carl F. and Lillie C. Hagehome of the bride

25 Apr 1899
Mullin, John V. and Rose BradyStorm Lake

26 Apr 1899
Nelson, August and Sophie HyllestadAlta

2 May 1899
Lytle, Elmer and Margarette E. PorterAlta

3 May 1899
Halvorson, Levi J. and Anna ThorgesonSioux Rapids
Marks, Henry Michael and Halvorson, Clara A.Sioux Rapids
Mathurn, J. W. and Breyfogle, CoraStorm Lake

7 May 1899
Griffel, Henry and Mary BremmerGrant Twp.

13 May 1899
Vreeland, F. M. and Edna May GleasonStorm Lake

24 May 1899
Miller, Will F. and Kittie F. StantonStorm Lake

4 Jun 1899
Hughes, Ralph E. and Susannah KibbleSioux Rapids

8 Jun 1899
Brummer, Will and Lena GarberdingGrant Twp.

11 Jun 1899
Cone, Roy L and Clara L. BrecherHayes

21 Jun 1899
De Grisilles, E. V. and Mrs. Louisa Weberhome of Joe Marco
Peterson, Chris and Ida CrouseMarathon

24 Jun 1899
Williams, I. B. and Martha L. MalcolmStorm Lake

28 Jun 1899
Davenport, Golman and Lizzie ChristensenStorm Lake

4 Jul 1899
Carter, H. C. and Nellie J. MoodyNewell

12 Jul 1899
Peterson, P. C. and Mayme StevensSioux Rapids

16 Jul 1899
Pettit, Mark and Mary JohnsonAlta

19 Jul 1899
Nelson, Olaf and Karoline DanielsonFairfield Twp.

22 Jul 1899
Clausen, Andrew and Hulda LundquistStorm Lake

26 Jul 1899
Peterson, Peter N. and Nellie A. H. LeanderAlta

1 Aug 1899
Newell, Samuel and Mary DistelStorm Lake

5 Aug 1899
Bennett, J. A. and Maggie M. IvesStorm Lake

6 Aug 1899
Schuker, Edward and Emelia Fellwoch Sulphur Springs
Smith, Roy and Amy Gibson-- Storm Lake

21 Aug 1899
Marical, W. M. and Helma NyreenStorm Lake

28 Aug 1899
Addyman, J. L. and Cynthia MackStorm Lake

31 Aug 1899
Palm, H. B. and Eva N. LawrenceAlta

5 Sep 1899
Youngdahl, Oscar and Hilda EricksonMarathon

6 Sep 1899
Oldrich, Henry and Lizzie WehrenbergLincoln Twp.

10 Sep 1899
Brothers, Frederick and Ella PondSioux Rapids

13 Sep 1899
Jensen, Marinus S. and Mary PetersenNewell

15 Sep 1899
Grapenthen, William and Mary PlagmanBrooke Twp.

27 Sep 1899
Benjamin, Edward S. and Cora E. LounsberryStorm Lake

29 Sep 1899
Straub, F. A. and Addie M. RutherfordStorm Lake

4 Oct 1899
Abbot, Charles R. and Alice V. Van Buskirkhome of W. S. VanBuskirk

10 Oct 1899
Peterson, O. E. and Christina PetersonLee Twp.

11 Oct 1899
Compton, Elvin J. and Rosa Belle AndersonNewell

12 Oct 1899
Lauridson, Gravers and Annie MadsonAlta

17 Oct 1899
Olson, Alfred and Matilda J. JohnsonAlta

22 Oct 1899
Meddicott, Marvin W. and Effie R. SmithStorm Lake

26 Oct 1899
Dickerson, W. A. and Georgie M. BrownStorm Lake
Sievers, John and Dora BehrensCrozier, Grant Twp.

31 Oct 1899
Phelps, Edwin Arthur and Emma CawleyStorm Lake

1 Nov 1899
Samuels, Horace C. and Vadna E. GoffNewell

2 Nov 1899
Mallory, Volney and Florence RatcliffAlta

6 Nov 1899
Bell, J. A. and Grace HiattStorm Lake

8 Nov 1899
Wegerslev, Christian H. and Anna May TicknellAlta

17 Nov 1899
Lillequist, Carl O. and Annie J. JohnsonMarathon

22 Nov 1899
Dodge, Fred M. and Lillian JackNewell
Waldron, Charles and Selma AndersonStorm Lake

30 Nov 1899
Holmes, George M. and Minnie Florina Hucketthome of the bride, Alta

Daniels, George and Maud MalboneStorm Lake

Kaufman, Sebastian and Matilda KlayterStorm Lake

McGowan, S. V. and Iva M. JonesAlta

Samsel, C. J. and Ella E. MahnAlta

Keller, Charles and Emma Stapleshome of James Staples, Maple Valley Twp.

Goranson, D. N. and Hannah PetersonMarathon

Transcribed and contributed by Sheryl McClure