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Buena Vista County Marriages 1898
Storm Lake, Buena Vista Co. IA.


This list was compiled from handwritten records which were deciphered to the best of my ability. I apologize for any misspelled names-often the same name was spelled two different ways on the same certificate. The date given is the date the marriage was performed.  The records below indicate the date, names of the couple, and place they were married (if given).


1 Jan 1898
Fox, Bert Wilson and Emily Van EatonMarathon
Laphain, Thomas E. S. and Florence E. SicklesSioux Rapids
McLean, William D. and Emma Theresa MarinerStorm Lake

6 Jan 1898
Hansen, H. C. and Lina RasmussenNewell

12 Jan 1898
Curtis, Charles F. and Anna L. ThorslyMarathon
Oleson, Ole and Emma Charlotte SkogMarathon

20 Jan 1898
Skeets,1 B. F. and Josephine CalleryStorm Lake

25 Jan 1898
Hess, William and Sadie JackNewell

26 Jan 1898
Hazlett, John B. and Lizzie B. CaseyStorm Lake

28 Jan 1898
Scott, Alpha and Mary E. MundellMarathon

31 Jan 1898
Burr, Charles H. and Susie M. GreenStorm Lake

2 Feb 1898
Ashley, Thomas and Ellen LillyStorm Lake

8 Feb 1898
Brooks, James M. and Mollie RedfieldNewell

14 Feb 1898
Johnson, John Emil and Mathilda LindquistMarathon

15 Feb 1898
Hays, Thomas and Bridget CareyStorm Lake

16 Feb 1898
Higgins, J. M. and Linda A. Brecherhome of the bride
Scofield, D. C. and Charlotta HolmesScott Twp.

17 Feb 1898
Clemons, William J. and Bessie M. WaittStorm Lake

21 Feb 1898
Payne, Watson and Anna ManleyStorm Lake

23 Feb 1898
Thomas, Harrison and Anna WallowStorm Lake
Thomas, Simon Watts and Leola June CliffordLee Twp.

24 Feb 1898
Huse, Herman and Anna LichtenbergLutheran Church, Hanover

26 Feb 1898
Hughes, Robert T. and Jennie LarsenLinn Grove

1 Mar 1898
Gleason, James Dexter and Iona Belle CollinsSioux Rapids

2 Mar 1898
Anderson, Jens and Mattie PetersonElk Twp.

7 Mar 1898
Angier, George S. and Anna S. Junkemeierno location given

16 Mar 1898
Brecher, Albert C. and Mary L. ConeStorm Lake
Ellis, Charles and Anna FreundrenNewell
Rodine, Albert and Nettie HolmesMarathon

18 Mar 1898
Egy, Edgar A. and Nora ShermanStorm Lake

24 Mar 1898
Ackley, George P. and Cina GallimoreSioux Rapids

28 Mar 1898
Christiansen, Christian G. and Marie C. OlsenNewell

6 Apr 1898
Carlson, Albin and Nellie PaulsonMarathon
Endreson, Hans and Gertie SwansonSioux Rapids
Larson, Suret O. and Melinda Olsonhome of the bride
Walstedt, Elmer J. and Eva GustafsonStorm Lake

7 Apr 1898
Mossengren, C. P. and Hilma OlsonPoland Twp.

8 Apr 1898
Fritz, Z. T. and Clara A. FritzStorm Lake

11 Apr 1898
Turner, William H. and Odella OdietStorm Lake

14 Apr 1898
Groom, Clarence E. and Edna A. HoweLincoln Twp.
Peterson, C. Axel and Jennie ThorsonAlta

27 Apr 1898
Herbert, John and Minnie A. FloreyStorm Lake

4 May 1898
Ledage, Henry W. and Lula M. Harlanno location given
Rutherford, Charles A. and Rosie YouckbetStorm Lake

5 May 1898
Baker, William and Maud CainStorm Lake

7 May 1898
Rinde, Mark and Allie May SnyderStorm Lake

11 May 1898
Mickleson, Christ and Beattie Gilbertsonhome of the bride

25 May 1898
Tollefson, Oliver and Ida Endresonno location given

25 May 1898
Olson, Nels A. and Hanna Eunice NelsonLinn Grove
Tollefson, Oliver and Ida Endresonno location given

? May 1898
Hammon, Fred and Annie M. Schumannno location given



1 Jun 1898
Nordstrom, S. G. and Nellie E. Burnhamno location given
Peterson, Charles and Huldah JohnsonFairfield Twp.
Post, Ben and Annie GriffelStorm Lake
Schoenhair, George J. and Mabel KinneStorm Lake
Thompson, Tobias and Julia Jacobsonhome of the bride

7 Jun 1898
Farquahar, Ralph E. and Luella WilliamsStorm Lake

8 Jun 1898
Cushman, Frank and Myrtle BarnesStorm Lake
Rockwell, G. D. and L. Isadora BethardsStorm Lake

15 Jun 1898
Christenson, Hans and Katie HaahrAlta

16 Jun 1898
Halvorson. Helge and Anna GustafsonStorm Lake

21 Jun 1898
Reese, Hans and Mina PetersonAlta

22 Jun 1898
Anderson, Ove O. and Olivia OsmundsonSioux Rapids
Shapcott, Evan and Mrs. Alice BeardSioux Rapids

28 Jul 1898
Bushman, Lowell and Alice HemplemanStorm Lake

11 Aug 1898
Peterson, Samuel L. and Mrs. Sophie GunersonLinn Grove

17 Aug 1898
Flaherty, William and Margaret CalleryStorm Lake

18 Aug 1898
Webster, Leslie C. and Jennie M. LovelaceAlta

31 Aug 1898
Beall, Clifford Scott and Lorena Mae BurrowsStorm Lake
Galbraith, Francis E. and Etta E. SmithNewell

6 Sep 1898
Pettit, Luke H. and Kate M. GillespieStorm Lake

7 Sep 1898
Pierce, Henry L. and Ella A. EvansLinn Grove

21 Sep 1898
White, L. A. and Maggie CosgroveNewell

28 Sep 1898
Emerson, Francis R. and Helige AndersonLee Twp.
Hoskins, Charles A. and Eleanor HoffmanStorm Lake

29 Sep 1898
Deaglund, Jacob and Aslang OlsonLee Twp.

3 Oct 1898
McChristy, Arthur and Alice J. HolmesScott Twp.

4 Oct 1898
Guffey, William E. and Bertha ConnStorm Lake

5 Oct 1898
Taylor, James F. and Ida May Petersonhome of the bride

10 Oct 1898
Crowell, William I. And Effie T. SweetLincoln Twp.

11 Oct 1898
Foster, Fred and Maggie BurnsStorm Lake
Zinser, Edward W. and Bertha M. RobinsonScott Twp.

19 Oct 1898
Klinger, John F. and Florence Moonno location given

20 Oct 1898
Moeller, William D. and Carrie LangBrooke Twp.
Nelson, Ned and Jennie ToddAlta

21 Nov 1898
Madsen, Peter and Dora WehrenbergCoon Twp.

23 Nov 1898
Patrick, J. R. and Mary GillespieStorm Lake

24 Nov 1898
Mullins, Sam and Selma DonaldsonStorm Lake

26 Nov 1898
Ingvold, Hafson and Ida Barstadhome of the bride

1 Dec 1898
Lookingbill, William C. and Ida L. McDermottNewell
Nelson, Frank and Amelia NelsonFairfield Twp.

2 Dec 1898
Main, Otis and Lissa TimmonsStorm Lake

? Dec 1898
Loutham, Gilbert and Hanna L. LloydStorm Lake

6 Dec 1898
Marical, Albert and Maggie Moserhome of the bride

7 Dec 1898
Buland, J. E. and Hilda J. DanielsonStorm Lake
Burnett, William Wallace and Minnie RenanderMarathon

15 Dec 1898
Betsworth, Emery S. and Katie Wegerslevhome of the bride, Alta

21 Dec 1898
Nelson, Elof and Jennie JohnsenAlta

22 Dec 1898
Tool, Eugene and Ada DeMuthAlta

24 Dec 1898
Fredenburg, George L. and Edith MillsNewell

27 Dec 1898
Moffat, Frank and Maud HillsAlta
Tompkins, William and Millie Belle Van BuskirkAlta

28 Dec 1898
Lewis, S. Herbert and Carrie WarmeStorm Lake
Thompson, James and Ella GoffStorm Lake

Transcribed and contributed by Sheryl McClure

1Hello, My name is Susan Brooks, I have ancestors who lived in Buena Vista County, specifically my great grandfather Benjamin F. Skeels.  I saw in the Buena Vista County Online Records under Vital Records 1898 Marriages, his second marriage to Callery, Josephine.  However his last name is misspelled, which happens a lot.  It is listed as B.F. SkeeTs, the correct spelling is SkeeLs.  After doing a lot of research myself, I know the handwriting leaves a lot to be desired and everyone does the very best they can.  Thought you might want the correct spelling and can make the correction in your records.  Your website is wonderful and has been a fantastic source of information about my other Buena Vista ancestors, the Brandvolds, we visited in June and spent a lot of time around Rembrandt where they began farming in 1868. Thank you all for your hard work.  Susan M. Brooks, MMC City Clerk, City of Golden,  911 10th Street Golden, CO 80401.   303.384.8014 phone 303.384.8001 fax (updated 10-1-05)