Wood Family Genealogy

Lewis WOOD
  b. Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England
  d. 15 Apr 1626, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England
& Margaret (Alice) HOLMES
  b. Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England
  d. 29 Oct 1598
  m. 29 Jul 1593, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England

Elizabeth WOOD
b. 1595, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England

Robert WOOD
b. 1597, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England
d. 5 Jun 1597

Edward WOOD
b. 1598, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England
d. 27 Nov 1642, Charlestown, MA
& Ruth LEE
b. Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England
d. 29 Aug 1642, Charlestown, MA

Elizabeth Wood
b. 1620, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England
d. 1 Nov 1688, Charlestown, MA
& Solomon PHIPPS
m. 15 May 1642

 Ann Wood
b. 1623, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England
d. 1625, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England

Obadiah Wood
b. abt. Oct 1625, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England
d. Nov 1694, Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts
& (1) Margaret SPARKE
d. 5 Jul 1667, Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts
m. 1646, Charlestown, MA

Obadiah Wood
b. abt. Oct 1625, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England
d. Nov 1694, Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts
& (2) Martha BIGELOW
b. Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts

Josiah Wood
b. 1629, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England
d. 24 Sep 1691, Charlestown, MA
& Lydia BACON
b. 1638, Woburn, Ireland
 d. 25 Nov 1712, Charlestown, MA
m. 28 Oct 1657, Charlestown, MA

Thomas WOOD
b. 12 Sep 1633, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England
d. abt 12 Sep 1687, Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts
& Ann TODD
b. 1637
d. 29 Dec 1714, Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts
m. 7 Jun 1654, Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts
Mary Wood
b. Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts
& James CHUTE
b. abt 1649, Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts
d. aft 12 Jun 1724
m. 10 Nov 1673, Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts

John Wood
b. 2 Nov 1657, Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts
d. bef. 26 Dec 1738, Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts
& Isabel HAZEN
b. 21 Jul 1662, Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts
d. aft. 28 Sep 1726
m. 16 Jan 1680, Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts

Thomas Wood
b. 10 Aug 1658, Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts
d. 1 Dec 1702, Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts
& Mary HUNT
b. 28 Sep 1664, Concord, Middlesex Co., MA
d. 7 Nov 1754, Mansfield, Tolland Co., MA
m. 26 Jun 1683, Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts

Ann Wood
b. 8 Aug 1660, Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts
d. Byfield, MA
& Benjamin PLUMMER
b. 23 Oct 1656, Newbury, MA
d. 8 Jul 1724, Byfield, MA
m. Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts

Ruth Wood
b. 21 Jul 1662, Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts
& Joseph JEWETT Jr.

Josiah WOOD
b. 5 Sep 1664, Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts
d. Concord, Middlesex Co., MA
& Margaret HOPKINS
m. 23 Dec 1686, Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts

Benjamin WOOD
b. 22 Sep 1689, Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts
& Elenor DAVIS
b. Haverhill, MA
m. 15 Nov 1712, Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts

Joseph WOOD
b. 12 Apr 1714, Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts

Nathan Wood
b. 25 Apr 1753, Brookfield, Worchester Co., MA
d. abt 1818, Bloomingville, Huron, Ohio
m. 1777

Ruel Wood
b. abt 1777
d. abt 2 Mar 1814
m. abt 1800

Standish Wood
b. abt 1779
d. 1811, Huron, Ohio
& Hannah "Abby" Harrington
m. Ohio

Lucinda Wood
b. abt 1781, MA
d. abt. 1845, Groton, Erie, Ohio
& Dr. Waitstill HASTINGS
m. abt 1797, German Flatts, Herkimer, New York

Jasper Wood
b. 18 Jan 1776 Lenox, MA
d. 24 Jul 1821 Bloomingville, Huron, Ohio
& Elizabeth Boylston

Rebecca Wood
b. 7 May 1790 (?), Berkshire Co., MA
d. 11 Nov 1858, Groton, Erie, Ohio
m. abt 1803, Springfield, Erie, Pennsylvania

Lansford Wood
b. abt 1792
& Mariah Lull (2)
______ Wood
b. abt 1788

Margaret Wood
b. 14 Feb 1692
Marcy Wood
b. 27 Nov 1695

Josiah Wood
b. 31 Dec 1697

Sarah Wood
b. 31 Jan 1700

Jacob Wood
b. 7 Apr 1703

Elizabeth Wood
b. 5 Sep 1664, Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts
 d. 31 Jul 1675, Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts

Samuel Wood
b. 26 Dec 1666, Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts
d. 25 Nov 1690
& Margaret ELITHORPE
m. 21 Jan 1689

Ebenezer Wood
b. 29 Dec 1671, Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts
d. abt 1736, Mendon, Worcester Co., ME
& Rachel NICHOLS
m. 5 Apr 1695, Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts

James Wood
b. 22 Jun 1674, Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts
d. 18 Oct 1694, Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts

Ruth Wood
b. abt 1636, Malden, Middlesex Co., MA
& Phineas UPHAM
b. 1635, Weymouth, Suffolk Co., MA
d. Oct 1676, Boston, MA
m. 14 Apr 1658, Malden, Middlesex Co., MA

Tabitha Wood
b. 1641, Charlestown, MA
d. 29 Aug 1642, Charlestown, MA

This information is based on these sources:

1. The "Wood Manuscript," by Bonnie Pattok, 1997.

2. "Early Settlers of Rowley, Massachusetts," by Blodgett & Jewett, 1933.

3. "The English Origins and Descendants To The Fourth Generation of Edward Wood of Charlestown, Massachusetts," by Janet Ireland Delorey. Published in The Genealogist, V. 9, No., Spring 1988.

4. Research by Carl Wilson.

Gee Lloyd, you didn't have to go all the way to Chile to find Rebecca Blackman.  Her first cousin, Lansford Warren Hastings, did settle some Ex-Confederate officers in Brazil.

Did you know there was such a notorious fellow in your tree?  Check out my Hastings web page for information on my husband's g-g-g uncle Lansford Warren Hastings of Donner Party "fame".  Lansford was named for his mother's (and your Rebecca's mother's) brother Lansford Wood.

Welcome to the family!
Louise Hastings

P.S. here is something I received in 1998 regarding Rebecca Wood, Blackman.  I don't know if Ken Shute is still out there, but you could try his e-mail address to see:

quote:  Here are my findings on Hiram and Rebecca BLACKMAN:

1.) History of the Fire Lands, Comprising Huron and Erie Counties, Ohio, by W. W. Williams. Page 454 in Section on Groton Township, Erie County. "Among other early setlers (ca 1809-1811) may be named the following: Hiram Blackman."

I could find no reference to Hiram and Rebecca in our Huron County, Ohio, publications.

2.) Erie County, Ohio Cemetery Census before 1909.  Published by Erie County Cemetery Project Volunteers, 1989.  p. 106, Sand Hill Cemetery, Groton Township.

Asenath L. Blackman D: Sept 31 (?) 1813 or 1819-8 yrs, 6m, 16d
Careline A. Blackman D: April 10, 1856 d/o H. & S. Blackman (the S. s/b R)
Hiram Blackman D: Nov. 9, 1851 74y, 8m, 24d h/o Rebecca Blackman
Ira Blackman D: Feb. 16, 1846 18y, 5m, 7d s/o Hiram & Rebecca Blackman
Mary E. Blackmon or Blackman D: Mar., 3, 1813 or 1819 8m, 13d
Rebecca Blackman w/o Hiram Blackman (no dates given)
William A. Blackman D: Sept. 25, 1852 s/o J. & L. Blackman

Ken Shute, Silver Spring, MD