Floyd  Martin

To whom it may concern:
Dwight -L.- Haight-
I have waited patiently for Floyd to kick through with some Floyd Martin history.  Nothing came.  I am rushed for time so in five minutes I will try to cover his life. He was born in O'Brien county Iowa in 1894.  He was kind of wild sort of young man.  But you know the saying- -"A wild colt makes a good horse." This has proven very true in Floyd's case.  He was full of pep and went to country school and then to Humbolt College at Humbolt IA.  It seems that some guy high in authority got his head shaved by some students-it also seems to me that Floyd decided to quit school about the same time.  The man that got his head shaved was the "Dean" Floyd Be that as it may he was a wrestler of no little ability.  Frank Gotch then worlds champion was one who he had training under and Gotch did not win all the falls.  Ralph Parcut another worlds champion wrestler was a neighbor boy and many a tussle they had.  And Floyd's brother Jo was as good or better than Floyd in this art of self-defense.

 Floyd left home shortly after fourteen and set out seeing the world of which he saw plenty and learned much.

He was in the 91 division all through world war one and saw a lot of active service.  Trained in Fort Lewis Wa. As did his brother Jo Martin and his cousin Burl Haight.

 It was due to folks like Floyd that the war was won.  They did not know the word-give up--- and as to hardships they grew up on that.

 After the war Floyd went to Washington State where he married a fine woman- - Minnie Brownle-and they made their home first in Everett Wa. And soon moved to Portland Oregon where he and his wife bought a business.

 It is a concrete pipe and tile company and after 25 or so years Floyd has a fine home- - money in the bank- money in the sock- good health-and has lived a very useful life.  He has played a large part in the growth of Portland. I know for I visited him twice in the past three years and no finer folks have I seen anywhere. And they will welcome any of you any time.

 The only place Floyd fell down is that he has no kids to leave all his hard-earned dough.  He may see the light and start spending some of it while he can yet enjoy it.

 Be that as it may for Floyd being an honest to goodness Scotsman is apt to go on piling it up and enjoying the more than the spending it.  Though it looks to me like he spends a heck of a lot while he is living to.
Above written in great Haste at last minute by; Dwight L. Haight

Erma (Martin) Rousch
I was born near Gaza Iowa- O'Brien county Iowa July 11-1897. I was the eleventh child in our family.  My parents Estella (Haight) Martin born in Ohio in 1861 and married Franklin Martin and they lived in Northwest Iowa all their lives.

 I went to a little old country school a half-mile north and a mile west of the old home place.  Most of my older and younger brothers went to the same school.  Need I say there was much work to be done before hand after school and on weekends.  I did my share.

We were a large but a very very happy family.  No one ever had a more understanding mother than we had.  And she was always in such good spirits and always so willing to help us kids.  And she had as much fun with us as we had ourselves.  Father Martin was a fine upstanding man also but was more of a stern mature.  He believe in law and order and when he was around he sometimes had it.  They left me go visit neighbors and more often my cousins twenty or so miles south around Alta- Aurelia- and Peterson Iowa.  I did the usual things young girls did those days.

 When I was about 24 years old Walter Rousch and I were married Feb, 25 1921.  He had been farming with his grandmother- (Mrs. Henriett Baker) whose place was a mile or so west of Peterson on the south side of the road. We started house keeping at this place.  My husband Walter Rousch was born Sept. 26-1895.  He was a full cousin of Elwin Martins wife.  Her name was Cora Scott and when Elwin married her; her folks lived in Ames Iowa.

 When our oldest was about a year old we left Iowa and move to Wis.  We lived on several farms around Rice Lake Wis.  For almost 15 years. In 1941 we moved into Rice Lake, Wis.
 Walter never had very good health ever since being in the service.  He has ulcers along with some other trouble.  He lost part of his left hand in a war several years ago.  He however has two industrious fingers left on his left hand.

 We have three children that we think are "tops".  Their names are  Wilbur Duane Rousch born Nov. 6 1923 near Gaza Iowa.  When he was a year old away we went back to the state my father- Frank Martin- came from, Namely Wisconsin. B  . 9/16/1852
There we had two more children.  Muraita Fae Rousch born May 24 1918. Next came Florence Elaine Rousch born April 13- - 1930.

 They are all grown and gone now all too soon. Lately I have been working six days a week at a job and doing my housework besides.  Walter helps when he can but his job takes him away much of the time.  He is on the road a lot.

 He has drove school bus much of the time.  He has delivered to towns all over Wisconsin at other times.  We have spent a happy life even if we have slaved much of the time. 
Erma (Martin) Rousch.
(Written- Aug. 4-1956)
Erma Lorena Martin was born 7-11-1897 near Gaza, O' Brien County, Iowa married 2-15-1921 to Walter E. Rousch of Peterson, Iowa. He was born 9-26-1895 at Masquaketa, Jackson County, Iowa.
Wilbur Duane Rousch was born 11-6-1923 Near Gaza, Iowa and married 12-7-1952 to Lorraine J. Taubam at Shell Lake, Wisc. she was born 6-2-1929 at Sarona, Wisc.
Graig Duane 8-29-1953 Milwaukee, Wisc
Susan Gail 4-18-1955 Milwaukee, Wisc.
(It could be twins or triplets you know)
Dwight L. Haight
Mureita Fae Rousch was born 5-24-1928 at Rice Lake, Wisc she married 6-16-1949 to Thomas N. Bedner at Haugen, Wisc.
Thomas Anthony Bedner 6-27-1953 Akron, Ohio
Dale Bernard Bedner 6-27-1953 Akron, Ohio
Amy Colette Bodner 3-17-1956 Akron, Ohio
Florence Elaine Rousch was born 4-13-1930 at Rice Lake, Iowa.

Wilbur Duane Rousch
Dear Dwight,
 I am sending a history of myself and also a letter on the order of the ones that you sent- as samples.  Its sure a big job to get everybody to cooperate I'll bet.  I am interested in family history, also I have records of the Martin family and some other stuff but there is a lot of work that I could do yet.

 I would be very much interested in obtaining a copy of the "Haight Family History" if it becomes available.  All I have on the Haights is my grandmother Estella (Haights) Martins brothers and sisters.

 I am also sending to mother's sister- Alpha Martin- the information she requested.  Of course the big effort on my part if I ever get the chance is to delve into the Rousch history.  I have done some work on it and made some progress with more time to devote to it there is a lot I could do.

 I will see to it that my sisters send you their records.  Flo lives here in Milwaukee and is engaged to be married.  So she may wait until afterwards to send hers to you.

 I will see that you get the additional information on our expected arrival so that it can be included.

 Any time I may be of help in this work especially pertaining to our family just let me know and I will try to supply you with what you need.

 One of these years we are going to make a trip to the west coast and it would be great if we could include the "Haight" re-union when we do.

 O hope to hear from you directly again in the near future.

Signed- Wilbur D. Rousch b. 1923

Wilbur  Duane  Rousch. -b. 11/6/1923
Lorraine is oldest of five children. Her family are all wonderful. Lorraines (my Wife) parents are living.  I am the oldest of three children and the only boy.  I am the son of Erma (Martin) Rousch and the grandson of Stella (Haight) Martin.

I was born in Iowa near Gaza in O'Brien country.  I moved with my parents before my first birthday to Wisconsin.  We lived on several farms near Rice Lake Wisconsin until 1941 at which time we moved into the town of Rice Lake.

 On Dec. 7- 1952 I married Lorraine June Taubam. (she tired of saying no after four years.) We have lived in Milwaukee Wisconsin ever since.

 We have two children- a son- - and a daughter- -  and are expecting another this October- -1958.  The son Craig is nearly five and starts to school this fall.  The girl, Susan, is three and a half.

 Loraine June Taubman was born at- Wasburn Co. Wisc.  June -2- 1929. Lorraine went to school at Oak Grove and East Sarona elementary schools. Then to Shell Lake high school at Shell Lake.  She also worked at the Spooner State bank, Spooner Wisc.

 I attended rural schools until I finally graduated and then went to the High School at Cameron Wis.

 Have been attending the school of "Hard Knocks" ever since but do not expect to graduate for some time. ( I should have applied myself more when I took typing) - -( So should I- Dwight

Service Record
Drafted into the U.S.N.R. on April 21 1942.  Trained at U.S.N.T.C. Farrago Idaho.  Radar operators school at Point Loma, San Diego, California. Transferred to Philadelphia, Pa. Until assigned to the U.S.S. Swift (AM 122) Fleet Minsweep.  Commissioned Dec. 28 1942 and served aboard in the Atlantic.  Took part in the invasion of Northern France and Southern France in the Med.  Also served in the Pacific near Okinawa, Formosa, and Japan from July 1945 until January 1946.  Discharged at Great Lakes on Jan 25, 1946.

I worked for awhile in Minneapolis before entering the service.  Afterwards I worked in a Sport Shop, then I worked for the City, and then in a dairy plant on a route delivering ice cream.  I drove a gravel truck and various other jobs until coming to Milwaukee Wis.  Where I have worked for Allis Chalmers Mfg. Co. for seven and one half years as an Automatic Welder and an arc welder.  Work nights which leaves little time for outside activities.  I am a member of the Trinity Lutheran Church.

Home life
In 1956 we moved into a new house, after several assorted apartments.  It is a wonderful feeling to move into a new home of your own.

Lucky we have none to report.  Wilbur - D. Rousch.
        b. 1923

Mildred (Martin) Phipps
I was born June 17, 1902 on my parents farm two miles S. E. of Gaza Iowa in O' Brien County.  I attended country school about one mile N. W. of our home.  There was much work to be done at home before and after school hours. Our family was large and times not so good so life was pretty interesting for all of us.  In my time all children did a large part of the "Chores" around the farm home.  After country school I attended the business college at Humbolt IA.  I did quite a bit of work as a Sec. And book keeper.

 I was married Dec. 24- 1927 to Don Phipps of Cherokee IA.  Don is a son of Frank N. Phipps of Cherokee IA.  Donald has two sisters and one brother. The Phipps family originally came from the Milford Colony in Mass.  They came to Cherokee county in 1856.  Donald Phipps-grandfathers farm is the site of the "Old White Mill" here in Cherokee.  The house still stands and is in use now as the original "Hotel of Old Cherokee".

 I will go back a bit to before my marriage.  In 1923 after the death of my parents I went and spent some time with my sister Mrs. Faye(Martin) Kruger at Lake Park Minn.  Then in Jan. Of 1924 I came to Cherokee Iowa accepting a position as bookkeeper and stenographer for the Caswell Mfg. Co.  They manufactured things for farm machinery and all kinds of tractors.

 After being married we did various things, and lived various places.  Times were not to good in those days.  Then in Jan. 1933 we bought a diary farm which was owned by Donald's mother.  Don's father died Dec. 25- 1932.  We sold the dairy in 1935 and went to Calif. With the intention of making Calif. Our home.  Did not like it and came back to Cherokee IA.  Don started with the police force here in Cherokee in 1936.  He latter ran for and was elected Sheriff of Cherokee county holding this office for many years.

 We continued to live on a ten A. place at the edge of town, keeping a cow -some pigs- chickens-etc. Etc.

 After quitting politics we bough and operated a cab company here in Cherokee.

 Now in 1958 we are in the construction game and also farming.  Have some sheep. Hope this is about what you want.

   Signed; Mildred (Martin) Phipps.

Mildred Lois Martin was born 1-17-1902 near Gaza, Iowa married 12-24-1927 to Donald F. Phipps at Cherokee, Iowa he was born 11-5-1908 at Cherokee, Iowa.
Donna Lou Phipps was born 4-24-1930 at Cherokee, Iowa and married 7-4-1952 to Richard L. Cannon at A.F. B. Denver, Colo. He was born 8-7-1930 at Cherokee, Iowa.
Cynthia Lee Cannon 10-17-1950 AFB Denver, Colo.
Timothy Lind Cannon 4-24-1958
Robert Dean Phipps was born 3-24-1938 and died the same day.

Samuel Albert Martin
Obituary of Samuel Albert Martin.


Sam Martin 31, formerly a Cherokee IA., resident, but more recently an employee of the Windcharger Corporation in Sioux City IA., was fatally injured Dec. 13  1935 in a fall from a 60 ft, tower in Laurens.  He and  a fellow worker were engaged in installing a wind charger at the time the accident occurred.

 The victim received compound fractures of both arms, several broken vertebrae and internal injuries.  He lived for five hours however, receiving one blood transfusion.  He was conscious much of the time and made arrangements for his burial.

 The son of Mr. And Mrs. F. W. Martin, he was born near Gaza IA. Nov. 15 1904.  The death of his parents when he was 18 years old left him to provide for him and complete his education unaided.  He was graduated from the Cherokee high school in 1924 and was employed by the Holden Monument company.

 Sam Martin was married Sept. 9 1924 to Miss Helen Novenski of Cherokee.  He then entered Iowa State Collage at Ames IA. and was an electrical engineer student for two years.  He spent six months with his family in Seattle and then was employed by the Holden monument company in Cherokee from the time he left school until he acquired the position with the Windcharger company in Nov of this year.

 Besides his widow he is survived by three children; Joan, 7; Franklin, 5; and Teresa Ann, 16 months.  There are several brothers and sisters who survive him.

 Funeral services were held Dec. 16 from Immaculate Conception Church, requiem mass being read by the Rev.  Thomas Parle.  Burial was in Calvary cemetery.

 Pallbearers were, Vincent Eilers, George Perrin, Frank Phipps, Gill Quinn, John Albers and Ted Arndt.

 Those attending the funeral from distant places were Andrew and Thomas Cleary, Mrs. John Cleary and daughter,  Mrs. Edna Colna of Sioux City IA.; Mr. Mrs. Joseph Mullen of Des Moines IA.  Mrs. Walter Rousch of Rice Lake Wis.; Mrs. Paul Kruger of Haywood Minn.; and Mr. And Mrs.  Elwin Martin and C. O. Fisch of Gaza Iowa.
I, Dwight copied the obituary as printed.  However I am sure there was four children.  Mary two years older than Joan or about eight.  In Teresa Haight Martin history are list in 1958 as Mary age 32.  Married Jose Terry lives in Lima Peru South America.  Children of Mary and Jose Terry are;--Pedro Alberto-Maria Teresa-Jose Antonio-Eva Maria-Francisco Xavier and Thomas Fernando.

(Mary her husband and children are listed with the rest of Helen and Sam Martin children but are so near margin may be hard to make out.  Hence the reason for listing Mary here and to call attention to error in obituary.)
 Dwight L. Haight.

  Theresa Martin
:is now, Sister Mary Helen of Jesus    
St. Patrick's Convent
5008 N. Lacey St.
Spokane Washington
June 15 1958

Dear Dwight;

 It was very nice to hear from you and to learn about my ancestors on my grandmother's side of the family.  I had been under the impression that "Haight" was a German name, so I was interested to find out that it is English.  It is quite remarkable that you are able to trace back to 1629.

 I hope that the account I am sending is satisfactory.  It is surprising how little a person knows about one's own family when it comes to writing about it.  We were always a well united family but not to talkative.  When Dad Jo Martin my stepfather a brother of my real father Sam Martin) died, I learned things about him I had never heard before.  He just did not talk about himself.

 As you will read in the other letter, Joan is at mothers at Cedar Falls Washington for a visit.  She came up from South America.  I was able to spend four days visiting her and the family at the same time in Washington. She is fine and is as lovable as ever.

 I'm sorry that I do not have a picture of myself that is suitable.  The only one I have is with a crowd of other sisters.

 Tomorrow I will be going over to Holy Names College for Summer school.  I hope to take Spanish along with my music courses.

 Goodbye for this time and God Bless you and your work.
Lovingly in Jesus and Mary.
(Signed)  Sister Mary Helen of Jesus.
Sept. 8 1958
Above is letter that came from Teresa Martin.  She included a very nice history of her family.  As stated above she was the daughter of Sam and Helen Martin.  Her father died when she was a baby and later her mother Helen married her father's (Sam Martin) brother.

One Branch of Haight- Martin Family Tree
Theresa Martin
William Haight

Stella Haight - Married Franklin Martin                            Fred

(3) Sam Martin -Married Helen Novenski
      (died in 1936)

(4) Mary (age32) Married Jose Terry Mary lives in Lima Peru
              Pedro Alberto
              Maria Teresa
              Jose Antonio
   Eva Maria
              Francisco Xavier
              Thomas Fernando

(4) Joan (age 30) Married Edger Herrera   - Lima, Peru

    Jose Carlos
               Maria Teresa
               Franklin Edgar
               Carmen Rita

(4) Frank (age 28)  Attends the University of Washington- studying law.

(4) Teresa (age 24) Became a Sister of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary-
teaches music
      at St.  Patrick's Grade school in Spokane, Wash.

(3) Jo V. Martin- Married Helen (Novenski) Martin
      (Died in 1953)

      Jo Jr. (age 17) Will be a senior at Mt. Sj High at Snoqualmie,
                                          Elected student body president for
the coming year.
      Helen (age13) Will be in the 8th gr.  Plays the saxophone and drums in

Jo V. Martin
Obituary Notice of

 Masonic funeral services for Jo V. Martin, 62, of Cedar Falls, an engineer for the Seattle Water Department, will be held at 1 o'clock tomorrow in the Butterworth Chapel. Burial will be in Washelli. Mr. Martin died yesterday.  He came here in 1922 from North Dakota.  He worked with a contracting firm in Seattle before he went to Cedar Falls about 20 years ago.
 Mr. Martin, was born in Sutherland, Iowa, was graduated in business administration from Humbolt College, Humbolt, Iowa, and later was dean of that department.  After service in the Army during the First World War, he went to Iowa State College and was graduated in civil engineering.

 Mr. Martin was a past master of Unity Lodge No. 198, F.&A.N., North Bend, a member of the Nile Temple of the Shrine, and the Royal Arch Masons.  He was past commander of the Benton Pickering Post No. 79, American Legion.

 Surviving Mr. Martin are his wife, Helen E., four daughters, Helen Carol Martin, Cedar Falls, Sister Mary Helen of Jesus, Berryhurst, Ore., and Mrs. Mary Terry and Mrs. Joan Herrera, both of Lima, Peru; two sons, Corp. Franklin Wood Martin, Fort Lewis, and Joseph James Martin, Cedar Falls; four sisters, Mrs. Alpha Lea, Minn., and Mrs. Mildred Phipps, Cherokee, Joan; four brothers, Jesse A. and Elwin B., both of Sutherland; Kenneth Saratoga, Calif., and Floyd L. Martin, Portland, Oregon, and five grandchildren. (Soon it will be twelve).


 I was born in Cherokee, Iowa on July 17, 1934, the fourth child of Sam Martin and Helen Novenski.   When I was about two years old, Dad was killed in an accident on a farm.  Mother then moved out to Settle, where we lived about four years.  Uncle Joe used to visit us each week since he lived at Cedar Falls, which is 36 miles from Seattle.  Uncle Joe became Daddy Joe when he married Mother.  We were all very happy to have such a wonderful Father as he was.  We moved to Cedar Falls where I started the first grade in the nearby country school.  After completing my Freshman year at Mt. Sj. High school, I became a boarder at Holy Names Academy in Seattle, where I graduated in 1952.  The kindness of the sisters and interest in the education of children, were factors in my desire to become a sister, I entered the Novitiate at Marylimrst, Oregon, the July after graduation.  It is situated along the Willamette River and has a beautiful view of Mt. Hood on clear days.  After making first vows, I taught for two years at Sacred Heart Academy, Salem, Oregon.  My next mission was St. Patrick's  in Spokane where I am now teaching.  I teach piano, singing classes in the grade school, but play the organ for the children's choir.

Mrs. Helen I. Martin      Mrs.  Barry Martin de  Tovery        Mrs. Joan Martin
Cedar Falls    Jose Galvon 605   Beckerman  439,
Washington    Kiraflores,    ____________
     Lima, Peru    Alma Peru

Sister Mary Helen of Jesus Frank, Joe, and Helen Martin
St. Patrick's Convent  Cedar Falls
5008 N. Lacey St.  Washington
Spokane 26, Washington

    Items of Interest

Mary met her husband, Jose, at the University of Washington, and they were married at blessed Sacrament Church on Seattle when I  was in the Fifth Grade.  They went to Lima that same year where they have been happy ever since.  Their fourth child, Javier, had polio before he was a year old.  His legs are paralyzed quite badly so it is doubtful that he will ever walk without braces and crutches.  However, they take it well since they know God is watching over them.  Javiar is lucky to have brothers and sisters to entertain him.  He is three years old now and one of their best looking children. Joan went to visit Mary in 1948 and met her husband there.  They were married in Lima and went on their honeymoon in Chile and Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Their home in Lima is just six blocks from Mary's so that they can see each other frequently.
Joan arrived home for a visit on May 19, having left Loma by plane on May 17.  We were all thrilled to see her after so many years.  She looks just the same but has a slight Spanish accent.  I was able to spend four days visiting with her in Seattle and Cedar Falls.  You can imagine how happy we were to see each other.  She enjoys being home but is lonesome for her husband and children.  Mother hopes to go there to live as soon as she can afford to make the trip.  We have some property near North Bend that we would like to sell.  The money exchange is 24  Peruvian dollars to one of ours, so Mother will be able to live comfortably on her pension.  She wants to take Helen and Joe with her.  They would be able to attend American Schools down there.  Joan's little girl attends Villa Maria which is taught by Immaculate Heart Sisters from Philadelphia.  Her little boy attends a British school where he will receive a strict classical education. The children are given a lot of homework but it is good for them.


Haight Family Photo Album