William Esmond Haight


  (Obituary - of "Uncle Will Haight".)

W. E. Haight Laid To Rest.

 The funeral of William E. Haight, early settler of N. W. Iowa, who settled on a homestead near Aurelia in 1809 was held at 1:00 o'clock Sunday afternoon from the family home in Pilot Twp. five miles south of Cherokee.  W.  H.  Lease of the Methodist church conducted the service.  Interment was made in the Elk Cemetery in Elk Twp., Buena Vista, Iowa.

 Mr. Haight was the oldest son of William and Rebecca Haight and was born near Sandusky City, Erie, Ohio, 2/22/1848.  He came with his parents to Muscatine county in eastern Iowa in 1862 and to N. W. Iowa, Buena Vista county, Iowa, in 1869.  He settled on a homestead in Elk Twp.  He lived on this homestead until 1913 when he bought and moved some 20 or so miles S. W. from Buena Vista county to Pilot Twp. five or so miles south of Cherokee, Iowa.  He had bought this farm the year previous and after moving onto this
farm in Pilot Twp. Continued to live there until hid death 1/21/1925.

 He was married to Minnie Stevens 1/15/1879 and he lived to complete the forty-sixth wedding anniversary of their wedded life.  To this union were born nine children - five sons- Clarence and Howard living on their fathers farm in Elk Twp., Buena Vista county- a son William living in Diamond Twp.- - a son Harry farming the home place in Pilot Twp. - and Homer living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  The four daughters are - Mrs. Ida Steward of Auburn, Washington; - Mrs. Myrtle Mann of Pilot Twp. - Deceased- ; A daughter Pearl who died
when she was eight years old; - - and Dorothy who lived at home with her parents at the time of her fathers death.

 There are two brothers surviving,- James Haight of Alta, Iowa, and Alvin L. Haight of Cherokee, Iowa.

 William E. Haight was a charter member of the Eldordo lodge.  Knights of Pythias, at Aurelia, and some years ago received his jewel for 25 years membership in that lodge.

 He was a conscientious, honorable, man, respected and trusted by all that knew him.

 He was laid to rest in the  same Elk cemetery where both his parents, his daughter,  and a brother, besides other friends are laid to rest.
The above copied by clipping loaned to me by Howard G.  Haight 1-1-6 who was one of William E. Haights sons.  Dated .. this day; 11/27/1958

 (copy of letter written by
Minnie (Stevens) Haight
in the "Haight" cousin letter by her in 1939. )
Aurelia, Iowa
March, 27, 1939.

Dear Nieces and Nephews
Also Sons and Daughter;
One and all, both large and small.

 I have received the circulating letter and as my name is on the list I will write a sheet also.  I am no longer able to write with a pen.

 I was born 1/28/1858 in Iowa.  I will begin with the time I started out in the world as that is when my own life history began.  This was April 1st, 1874, which day I went to the post office in Iowa City, Iowa, where I was in school.  I got a letter- - took it and showed it to my mother and told her I was going to Toledo, Iowa, and get me a school, and I would teach school.  I was then sixteen years old.  I went to Tama county and got a teachers certificate in that place and then got a country school eight miles in the country.  Taught the three-month term there.  I then went to Buena Vista county Iowa a hundred fifty or so miles W. W. where I lived with my Aunt for five years.  I taught school and worked for my Aunt for my board and room. After a time my Aunt became sick with cancer.

 The winter of 1879 I married William Eastman Haight. B. 2/22/1848.  We went to live on his homestead which was in Elk Twp. Joining his father's William J. Haight) b. 1826. homestead on the east.  We had a real nice life on this farm where we lived as long as he was living.  We raised our own eight children and raised some orphans.  These were the happiest years of my life.  After my husband died I kept house for my son Harry- south of
Cherokee- until Harry married.  I then went to visit a younger son Homer and his wife and little family in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  From then on I have been a rover, but now I am to old to do much roving and am just waiting for my call to the unknown world.  I have 22 grand children , two great grandchildren and lots of nieces and nephews.  All are very nice to me and I have one brother, no sisters,- all the rest are -in-laws.  I have seven living children.  I love Aunt Rosie ( Rosie (Newcomb) Haight) as I would love a sister if I had one.
Yours, with love to all you boys and girls,
Aunt Minnie Haight

Age 81 years the 28th of Jan. Just passed

Clarence Haight
Oldest child of William and Minnie Haight

 I am writing this for my cousin Dwight L. Haight.  I was born on the homestead of my father William E. Haight (b. 1848) in Elk Twp., Buena Vista county, Iowa.  I grew up doing the usual things a young boy does in strenuous times in a new country.

 That was working hard doing chores, helping with any and all work when I was needed.  I went to school when and if there was nothing rushing to do. At an early age I learned to "Punch the header" cutting wheat for my father. In the early days in N. W. Iowa there was much wheat raised as it was thought it was to far north and west to raise corn.  The season must be to short they thought.
Mother and My Father was good and good farmer.  He was always kind to us kids.  I never heard him say anything about his life when he was young.  I mean my grandfather William J. Haight. (b. 1826), said nothing about his early life. You asked about my girl friends in my life.  Dwight.  All I can say is that "I had to many girl friends".  I never did marry though for which I do not know if I am sorry or glad.

 I stayed at home until I was past 21 and then my cousin Herbert Haight and myself decided to go west.  We went to Colorado, where I worked from 1910 until a year or two later.  I fell under a train and got my leg cut off.  It was quite a handicap but it could have been worse.  I have made out pretty well. Had an artificial leg made but I usually preferred wearing just a plain old Peg Leg strapped on with my knee bent back.  I raised chickens- farmed and got around about as well if not better than most folks with two good legs did.

 I farmed with my brothers, first Billy, then Harry and later Howard on the old William E. Haight homestead.  In 1940 I quit the farm al-together and went into the garage business about ten twelve miles east of here in our county east town of Storm Lake, Iowa.  I did pretty well but quit that and came to Des Moines Iowa to live a few years back where I live now at,
the-present-at: 933- 8th St., Des Moines, Iowa.

P.S. I have seen  many changes in my life.  I wish I could tell you more but it is not easy for me to write about things that I have no record off. Later and things are not so easy to remember.  As I said before both my Mother and My Father were very fine to all of us, children and they were good honest hard working people. 
Signed this year of 1958.
                    Clarence Haight.

Ida (Haight)  Stewart

( Below is a copy of Ida Haights letter in the : "Cousin letter" as of 1930.)

Dear Cousins and relatives;
I will have to go back so far it makes me feel old, and maybe I am at that but so are some of the rest of you.

I was born on my fathers farm in Elk Twp., Buena Vista, Iowa, and grew up there mush the same as all children grew up in those days.  That was working hard helping my parents and going to school when there was nothing else to do.

I was married to Lester A.  Steward on Jan. ? 1904 at Walnut Grove stock farm (My fathers ) in Elk Twp., Buena  Vista, Iowa, where the iron throwing "Haights " resided.  After being married we lived in Buena Vista and Cherokee counties for about five years.  Then we went to North Dakota and talk about hard times - - just potatoes and milk gravy - -  but we took it on the chin and no one complained.

Then in 1924 we came to Auburn, Washington, which is just outside Seattle, where we resided for about five years or until 1930.  In 1929 I decided to row my boat alone- for when tow people cannot row together they always upset.  I came to Seattle in 1930 and have worked at numerous things since - - collected bad bills. . hotel maid - - assistant manager of a hotel- - etc.  Since 1934 I have had three small rooms which I rent out living in another one.  I just sold two and still live in the rest.  I manage to make my own living and that is about all one gets out of this old world anyway.
I have two children,- Juanita (Steward)  Kroll, (b. 10/19/1904) 1848 Grace St., Chicago, Illinois.  And Clarence Claude Steward (b. 4/7/1906) Cherokee Iowa who lives on a stock known as the Sioux Dale sock farm.  He is doing well considering he started from scratch.  I have no grand children.

Burl, tell Ivy Sutton I would like to hear from her if she can find time to write.
Wishing you all a prosperous and Happy New Year.
     Signed- - Ida Haight Steward

919 Pine St.
Seattle, Washington
Ida Haight ran a filling station with her son and worked hard at various jobs, dying in a rest home in Tacoma, Washington. 4/4/1956   D/L. H.

Ida Haight born 1-6-1882 Elk Twp., Buena Vista County, Iowa died 4-4-1956 Tacoma or Seattle Washington. Buried?
She married 1--1904 to Lester Steward at Elk Twp., Iowa. He was born 1879 ? At? Living 1957 at Everett, Washington.
Juanita Steward was born 10-19-1904 Cherokee County, Iowa. She married first Spencer Swinton. She married second Clarence H. Krohl. 7555 N. Tripp, Skokie, Illinois.
No living children.
Claude Steward born 4-7-1906 Cherokee, Iowa. Married 2-14-1934 he was born Evelyn Miller (Divorced) at Storm Lake, Iowa.
Second---a girl at Lewistown, Montana. (Divorced)

William "Billy" Haight
This branch of the "Haight" history is being written because my cousin Dwight L. Haight asked for it.
Grandfather, William J. Haight ( b. 1826) was a religious man and was always a good honest man.   My Mother, Minnie Haight, Always said his name should have been, love.  He always asked the blessing before every single meal.  He offered to give land to the Elk Twp.  Methodist church to build a church on but there were more people who wanted it over east so it was built over east a few miles.

As to him driving a band of sheep from Ohio, I do not know but he did I now have a lot of sheep and started my father William E. Haight or his son.  One and the same in sheep when he was married.  Father did not keep them to long for he went into the cattle raising business.  Grandpa Haight always had sheep until his death.

Grandma Haight always smoked a clay pipe after every meal and sure enjoyed it.  Grandfather did not use tobacco.  She learned to smoke because of lighting her fathers pipe with a hot coal from the cook stove.

Their youngest son Alvin Haight always lived with them and he never married.  He was always playing jokes on us kids.  One day when we kids were down to Grandpa Haights place, which was just a quarter of a mile west of where I lived, we got the sheep into the pen and the Buck got after us and we climbed the fence in a hurry.  It was such fun that we kept it up for a long time.  Then that night when Uncle Lafe came home and went to feed them with a basket of corn on his shoulder, the buck took him from behind an awful hard wallop nearly flooring him.  He said he did not see why he did it as he never had bunted him before.  Believe me, we never told him what we had been doing.

They hauled the lumber from Fort Dodge about eighty miles east of hare for grandpa Haights house.  This was in 1870 I think and the house still stand now in 1958 as sturdy as when it was built.  Father's homestead joined Grandpa's on the east and father lived in a cove on his homestead for awhile, afterwards building a frame house out of lumber sawed up near Peterson on the Little Sioux River.  Later they added three more rooms in which we were all born.

We were all except one, brother into this world by Grandma Booth a neighbor lady who lived nearby.  The youngest, Dorothy, had a Mrs. Watson when she was born.  No doctor thought necessary in those days.

As to Clarence, my oldest brother, he stayed home one year after he was 21 then him and Herbert went to Grand Junction Colorado and Clarence worked for the Longacre family for a few years.  After that he worked for a contractor on the "Moffat"  railroad who went broke.  Clarence was a foreman and stayed on the job and lost some money in the deal.  In 1911 he fell from a train and got one leg cut off.  He came back from Colorado to our house here in Iowa and took care of the Chickens for mother.  Later going into the chicken business for himself.  In 1916 I let him have 10 A. to farm for himself. Later my younger brother who married and lived on the home places farmed with Clarence as a partner did.  In 1940 Clarence quit farming and went to the county seat east of here, Storm Lake, Iowa and ran a garage.  His cousin Herbert Haight who went to Colorado with him stayed in Colorado and worked his way through college.

I started farming in 1911 on Mrs. Burton Haugen 160 A. farm and also farmed a forty A. that was owned at that time by my Uncle, Fred F.  Haight.  I moved to the old home place in 1913 and framed brother Harry Haight until the spring of 1917.  Then we moved to my father-in-laws (Williams) place not far away where we farmed for 23 years.  We then moved to the Henry Brasch from the spring of 1940 and farmed there until the spring of 1948.  Ruth, my wife, passed away Feb. 11, 1948, and I had a sale Feb. 22, 1948 and quit

Then in December, 1949, ( It may be 1950, I can't tell) (Dwight) I married a Mrs. Maude Chestnut, and we have lived in and around Waterloo, Iowa, ever since.  It is a hundred or so miles east of where my father and my grandfather homesteaded eighty or so years ago.

There are some dates and thing I don't seem to have but I will try to get them and send to you later.

My present or I should say.  Our present address is:
Mr.  & Mrs. - - William Haight
60- 7'th Ave. N. W/
Waverly, Iowa.
Signed this year 1958
Billy Haight

Descendants of William Esterman Haight

The Fourth Child of William and Minnie Haight.

Billy b 1886

William Haight born 7-24-1886 Elk Twp., Buena Vista, Iowa, married
2-18-1914 to Ruth Williams of Le Mars, Iowa.  She was born 5-27-1894 she
died 2-11-1948.

Descendants of Billy and Ruth

Marguerette Irene Haight 10-11-1917 married on 7-16-1939 to Harry Hibert.

Descendants of Marguerette and Harry Hibert

Karon 7-23-1940
Billy 3-23-1943
Don 2-23-1946
Ricky 2-8-1949

Dean Haight was born 5-3-1919 he married on 5-?-1940 to Dorothy Brenman
their children:

Rodney 10-31-1941
Barbara 11-8-1946
Dona 11-11-1951

Mary Elaine Haight was born 9-19-1923 she married 6-16-1946 to Langdon
Gene 1949
Randall 1957
Karol ?

William Haight (Billy) married second 12-30-1949 to Mrs. Maude Chestnut born
?  No children as of 1958.

Harry Marvin Haight 11-9-1888 in Buena Vista County, Iowa, married 9-30-1926
to Elise Robinson at Nashua, Iowa, (Little Brown Church).  She was born
9-7-1898 at Cherokee, Iowa.

Children of Harry and Elsie Haight
Barbara Gladys Haight 9-5-1927 at Cherokee, Iowa married 12-26-1953 to John E. Stammer at Cherokee, Iowa.,  He was born 11-19-1924 at Wisner, Nebraska.

Descendants of Barbara and John Stammer
Russell Dean 4-29-1957 Ft. Dodge, Webster, Iowa

Marilyn Faye Haight 4-19-1932 at Cherokee, Iowa.

Howard G. Haight 7-6-1891 Buena Vista County, Iowa. Married Elsie Corrington at ?? She was born 4-4-1892 at Cherokee, Iowa.

Descendants of Howard and Elsie Haight

William Henry Haight 1-10-1917 at Cherokee, Iowa married 1-7-1937 to Myrtle E. Swanson at ?? she was born 8-14-1916 at ??

Jerry Keith 5-8-1945
Linda Joy 4-23-1945

Elsie May Haight 5-24-1922 Buena Vista County, Iowa.

Annabelle Jeanne Haight 1-8-1926 Buena Vista County, Iowa, married 9-30-1945 to Donald G. Farquhar at Aurelia, Iowa.  He was born 4-8-1924 at Chicago, Illinois.
Their Children:
Susan Lynn 12-8-1946
Donna Jean 5-15-1949
John Howard 7-18-1950
Robert Bruce 3-2-1952
Steven George 1-8-1955
Ann 10-10-1958

Murlan Glen Haight 11-13-1928 Buena Vista County, Iowa, married 12-23-1950 to Harriet Olson.  She was born 3-19-1930.

Douglas 2-15-1956
Scott 7-29-1957

Edward G. Haight who is a son of William E. Haight and a grandson of William J. Haight.

Alice Ruth Haight 11-19-1932 Buena Vista County, Iowa, married 2-16-1951 to John F. Diischer.  He was born 12-12-1930.

John Byron 3-12-1952
Brenda Eileen 2-14-1953
Howard Russell 4-1-1954
Michael Lee 3-17-1955
Clayton Dean 8-17-1956

Rose Ella Haight born 12-7-1933 daughter of Howard and Elsie Corrington Haight was born Buena Vista County, Iowa.  She married 9-11-1954 to Donald Louis Subbert at M. E. Church Aurelia, Iowa. He was born 1-8-1931 at Carroll, Carroll, Iowa.
(Note: Don Subbert is in my line. Sue 2001).

Grant Murlan born 9-8-1959 at Cherokee, Iowa.

September 19, 1959

In my History of the William E. Haight family I left out one of his grandchildren.

This was Rose Ella Haight named above and the sixth child of Howard Haight and his wife Elsie (Corrington) Haight.

I am very sorry about this.

Of their lives I know very little.  She may have been the schoolteacher who taught in Alaska.  She may not.

At any rate they are seeing the descendants of William J. Haight do not "peter-out".  More power to them and others of the same Haight family.  They were in the past and will I hope, continue to be a Healthy, Hardy Pioneer Family in Iowa, Montana, New York State, in fact all over the good old U.S.A.

Please pardon my error and others and just put this in with the William E. Haight and Howard Haight family history where it should have been in the first place.

Dwight L. Haight

Homer Alvin Haight 12-1-1896 Elk Twp., Iowa married 3-19-1919 to Vera Mohan
he died 4-19-1952 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Their Children:

Helen 9-17-1920 married 12-13-1941 Stanley Panzer
Nancy Panzer 8-21-1945
Doris Panzer 3-8-1948

Jack Homer 4-29-1922 married Ruth Laverack.
Jack Jr. 6-29-1946

Homer Alvin Jr. 4-9-1930 married 12-26-1953 to Joan Curren.
Kathy 7-22-1956
Joan 3-18-1958

Clarence James 7-13-1932 married Cherry Thomson.
Clarence James Jr. 3-19-1958

Homer Haight born December 1, 1896 in Elk Twp., Buena Vista, Iowa.
Attended the Haight School mile east of his father's home.  In July 1918
he joined the Navy serving in WWI until December, 1919.
He was married that year in Philadelphia and went the first summer to Iowa.
Going back to Pennsylvania in 1920 and for 14 years or until 1934 worked at various
jobs.  In 1934 he got a government job which he held until his death in
1952.  He and his family like all the rest went trough many hard times and
came though with flying colors.

(Written by Dwight L. Haight 1-10-1959 his first cousin.)

Dorothy Haight

I, Dwight L. Haight shall try to briefly tell a bit about the above Dorothy
(Haight) Crites.  She being about my age and my cousin.

Not finding what little information she sent me and quoting from memory I
hope I am forgiving for my errors.

Dorothy Haight was born the ninth child of Minnie and William E. Haight
October 28, 1899 on their Iowa homestead six miles north of Aurelia, Iowa.

She attended the Haight School a half miles east of this home.  As was the
custom in those days she did much hard work around the farm home inside and

After getting out of the eight grade I don't know just what happened.
Perhaps helped at home and worked out and maybe went to high school.

Some how and in some way she found a very good man or he found her (so he
thinks) and they were married in California, December 8, 1928.  They made
their home in California for several years.  Two children were born there.

William Norman 3-24-1930
Joseph Duane 6-1-1931

Not to long after this we moved to Cle Ulm, Washington state, where we have
made our home ever since.  We are a long way from our friends and relatives
and do not see or hear form them as much as we would like to.  Dwight Haight
stopped once and we used to go to Seattle to see my sister Ida and my cousin
Jo Martin but both now have crossed the Great Divide, so we go no more.

We did live in town but now live on a small farm or ranch and work on a job
and farm besides.  Life has been good to us and we enjoy life here in the
Great N. W.

Our son Joseph Duane married Mary Coleman at the Jig Harbor Methodist Church
August 23, 1958.  They are a very happy couple as are all newly weds.

They are both teaching so should prosper if only they have time to raise a
family so we can be proud grandma and grandpa.  They will.

This about wraps us this brief sketch of myself.  Times flies and it seems
like only a short time ago I used to visit my Uncle Fred Haight in the
hills.  And not so long ago I used to try to swim in a small stream that ran
close to Walnut Grove Farm.  I think it must have been a foot deep and two
feet wide.  When it has highest.

Happy Days,

Dorothy (Haight) Crites 1959
Cle Ulm, Washington

William E. and Minnie Haight had a daughter Pearl born in Iowa 3-18-1894.
Pearl passed away 2-20-1902 and us buried in Elk Cemetery near the old
Haight homestead.

Myrtle Haight 1-10-1884 Iowa married 2-2-1904 to William Mann he was born
1879 she died 10-1-1922 in Iowa.


Violet 3-9-1905 married Robert Graham
Duane Graham born ????

William Marvin Mann was born 1916.

Please overlook this not being in the place it should.  The above Myrtle
Haight should have been placed after Ida.

Haight Family Photo Album