Trevor Talmadge Haight

Pictured above reading from right to left are:

Trevor T. 3-3-1894 his wife Mrs. Ivy (Hunt) Haight 1-4-1895 their daughter-in-law Mrs. Lee (May) Haight 11-18-1920 their son Lee George Haight 11-17-1921.  The young man being held on the extreme left is Trevor and Ivy Haight's grandson.  Or the son of Lee George Haight.  His name is Robert Bruce Haight 8-2-1950.

I am sorry to have used such a tiny picture for these folks but again it is all I have.

Trevor and Ivy Haight rent their Iowa farm to their son Lee Haight.  In the summer they visit relatives and friends mostly in Iowa and on the east coast.  Winters they spend in Phoenix, Arizona where they own and operate a fruit farm.

Above written May 21-1959 By: Dwight L. Haight.

May 5, 1958
4934 East Thomas Road
Phoenix, Arizona

Trevor Talmadge Haight , Trevor grew up at Glen Alpine Home near Peterson and Ivy at Earlville, Iowa.
Met while working for their board in the College Cafeteria at Iowa State Teacher's College, Cedar Falls, in September, 1915. Trevor transferred to Iowa State College, Ames, in September, 1916, while Ivy graduated from T. C. in March, 1917, and finished the school year teaching in the 3rd & 4th grades at Earlville. In the fall changed to teaching mathematics and Latin in the high school for 3-1/2 years. Trevor left Iowa State in
October, 1917, to enter Y. M. service work at Camp Dodge. Enlisted in the Artillery, April, 1918, and was sent to Madison, Wisconsin, for electrical training. When the war ended he lacked one week of finishing Officer's Training at Louisville, Kentucky. Was given choice of finishing or getting mustered out at once. Chose the latter. Lived 8 years of married life at Glenn Alphine Home where the three children were born, then moved to Waterloo. After living there 20 years bought a trailer house and spent two winters in Texas, one in Florida
with the trailer and one in California with Bruce, the last five years in Arizona.  There are two interpretations in regard to the latter.  One is that Arizonians say they go to Iowa for their summer vacations while Iowans say they spend their winter vacation in Arizona.  Still others say they are money mad and hold down two jobs.  Take your

Trevor's hobbies are fishing in Canada and making new friends. He says Ivy's chief enjoyments in life are playing with the grandchildren and raising a garden.

Signed: Mr. and Mrs. Trevor Haight May 5, 1958.

Lee George Haight

(The following was written in the summer of 1958.)

Information about
Lee George Haight - Born: November 17, 1921, on a farm near Peterson, Buena Vista, Iowa.

Educated: Bennington Township Schools, Black Hawk County, Iowa.
Graduated:  Dunkerton H. S., Dunkerton, Iowa, 1939
Attended:  ASTP during service at University of Wisconsin

Enlisted: August 27, 1942, in Ordnance (truck maintenance, etc.) Stationed in about 6 different places in U.S.
Served also in England, France, Belgium, Philippines, & Korea.
Discharged: January 6, 1946, at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.
Serial Number: 17-111-686

Started Farming: March 1st, 1946.

Married: September 17, 1949, at Euclid Avenue Methodist Church, Oak Park, Illinois.
Marjorie Cecelia May Born: November 18, 1920, at Casey, Guthrie County, Iowa.

Educated: Oak Park, Illinois Elementary Schools.
Graduated: Oak Park, River Forest Township H. S., Oak Park, Illinois, in 1938.
Graduated: Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, Iowa, 1942.
Attended: Graduate School, University of Chicago, Summer of 1944

Taught School: Clarence, Iowa, 1942-1944.
Knoxville, Iowa, 1944-1946.
Teen-Age Director at YWCA, Waterloo, Iowa, 1947-1949.

Married to Lee Haight in 1949.

Robert Bruce Haight - Born Allen Hospital, Waterloo, Iowa, Aug. 2, 1950.
Marilyn Ruth Haight - Born Allen Hospital, Waterloo, IA., Oct. 11, 1952.
Richard Lee Haight - Born Allen Hospital, Waterloo, IA., Oct. 28, 1954.
Martha Ann Haight - Born Allen Hospital, Waterloo, IA., Sept. 23, 1956.

Treva Haight

Ivy and Trevor's second child:

Treva Haight Anderson
140 Oak St.
Wakefield, Mass

Aug. 7, 1958

Treva Belle Haight 6-20-1923 in Brook Twp., Buena Vista, Iowa married to Raymond Evans Anderson born 5-25-1923 only child of Harvey and Sophie Anderson.


Dale Kent 12-20-1949 Lawrence, Mass.
Eric Scott 4-24-1951 Pittsfield, Mass.
Sharon Kay 3-18-1953 Pittsfield, Mass.

A few facts

I was born on the old home place near Peterson, Iowa.  When I was about five dad moved his family to a farm near Waterloo, Iowa.

1-8 Bennington Twp., Black Hawk Co., Iowa Except for 3 years I was the only one in my grade.
9-12 Dunkerton Consolidated School, Dunkerton, Iowa.
College 1942-1946 Iowa State College, Ames, Iowa.  I majored in Household Equipment.
I followed up my major by acquiring the most important piece of household equipment soon after graduation, namely a husband.

Interesting Jobs

Beating egg whites day after day for a man working on his doctor's degree. He was trying to discover the best way to freeze or dry egg whites.  Candling eggs by the hundreds and turning them in the incubator.  Feeding white mice and counting the babies. Working at a summer resort in Conn. one summer.


I met Raymond (I call him Andy) when he was attending Iowa State College, Ames, Iowa under the Navy's V-12 program.  He served in the Pacific theater before and after attending V-12.  He was discharged in the spring of 1946.  In June of 1946 he returned to ISC to continue his studies, getting a degree in Forestry in 1949.
The wedding took place Sept. 5, 1946 on the lawn beside the formal gardens at Iowa State College, Ames, Iowa.  The ceremony was performed by Rev. J. Harold Gamble, a Baptist minister.  We had purchased a second hand Model A Ford so we could honeymoon at his cottage on a lake in Minn.  We spent part of the time on
typical husband and wife fishing expeditions around the lake.  He fished and I rowed.

Not a Record but almost

Upon Raymond's graduation we move to New England.  His work leg us to make a home in 3 placed in New Hampshire, 7 in Mass., 3 in Conn., 1 in West Virginia., and 1 in New York.  We have also lived in 3 place in Iowa and 1 in Idaho.  No it is not a record but not being married until he was out of the service we think we have lived quite a few places.

Present Status

In Jan., 1955 Raymond started working for the Boy Scouts of America which brought us to our present location.  His title now is District Scout Executive.  Most of his work is with adult volunteer leaders with the exception of when he goes to summer camp where he work's directly with the boys.  We are getting to be quite a scouting
family.. Raymond is a Professional.  Dale is a Cub Scout.  I became a Den Mother in Sept. Next April Eric
will become a Cub Scout.  Sharon is county the years until she can become a Brownie.

Signed: Treva Haight-Anderson

Bruce Haight

Bruce Haight (Trevor & Ivy's son)

Dear Uncle Dwight,

A little prodding and we got the information you want--we hope.

Bruce Rodney Haight 9-23-1924 in Brook Twp., Buena Vista County, Iowa. Married to Mildred La Vern Clark Haight born 4-17-1924  R. F. D. Everly, Iowa.

We were married Feb., 25, 1947 in the Methodist Church in Spencer, Iowa. Very small wedding. (Couldn't afford a big one)  Drove to Waterloo, Iowa.  Stayed a couple of days then started in Caldwell, New Jersey to make our first home.  (One room, had to share bath and kitchen with four others.)


Janet Lee 9-12-1948 Glen Ridge, New Jersey (living yet in Caldwell, New Jersey though we had moved to a three room attic apartment)
Jo Maire 9-10-1950 Glen Ridge, New Jersey (living now in Clifton, New Jersey now living in a four room apartment)
Christi Jeanne 11-4-1952 Downey, California (living now in Downey.  New job, new 5 room house new baby election day)

Service Record

Bruce Rodney Haight 11-30-1943 entered US Navy.  Serial # 859-90-98.
Release date July 15, 1946.  Boot training 12-6-1943 to Feb. 1944.  Company 1066 at USNTS
Farragut, Idaho.  Feb. 1944- Nov. 1945 V-12 training at Iowa State College, Ames, Iowa.
Commissioned Ensign AC L USNR Serial 478681 at NAS Glenview, Ill.  Nov. 16, 1945.
Date of rank Nov. 12, 1945.
Naval Auxiliary Air Station Cuddiby Field NATB Corpus Christi, Texas Nov. 28, 1945 to June 18, 1945 (Aircraft Repair Officer). Detached June 18, 1946 at Camp Wallace Texas and released to inactive reserve July 15, 1946.
Appointed Lieutenant JG, inactive reserve on May 16, 1950.  Resigned Comm. on Sept. 30, 1955.


1-8-1930-1938 Bennington Twp., Black Hawk County, Iowa.  (Paul Burk only classmate for the whole eight years.)

9-12-1938-1942 Dunkerton Consolidated H. S., Dunkerton, Iowa. (Valedictorian)

College 1942-1945 Iowa State College, Ames, Iowa.  B.S. Aeronautical Engineering. Graduated highest in Engineering division.

Night School 1948-1951 Stevens Institute of Technology Hoboken, New Jersey.  M. S. Management Engineering July 1951.  Many a night he studied with a baby asleep on his shoulder like lots of other men of that period.  It was a bit rough, but well worth it.  We had lots of fun to and gained some wonderful friends.


Aug. 1946 In Yokern, California, Rocket Testing.
Nov. 1946-Jan. 1947 Rexair Salesman, Waterloo, Iowa.
Jan. 1947-Mar. 1947 Zierath Builders and Supply co., Waterloo, Iowa Construction Engineer.

March 1947-Feb. 1951 Curtis Wright Propeller Div. Caldwell, N.J. Rocket Dept. Engineer in charge of design and testing of rocket engines.  Worked on engine used in X-2 research plane which was first plane to pass 2,000 miles per hour.

Feb. 1951-April 1952 Bendix Aviation Teterboro, New Jersey Flight testing small missiles.

Feb. 1952 Present job with North American Aviation.  One year in what is now Rockedyne Div. as engineer on rocket engines, later used in Redstonen Thor, Navaho missiles including first U.S. satellite.  We got to see the first Explorer take off (Such a thrill) and we see lots of missiles take off.  One just before I sat down to type this.  I still break my neck getting out the back door to watch.  We sometimes go to the beach.  Oh yes, we are what they call confirmed-Birdwatchers.

Five years in Flight testing for Navaho long range missiles at Downey, California and AFMTC, Florida.  Bruce is presently Supervisor and loves his job.


1.) Girls
2.) Basketball
3.) Ladies
4.) Hi-Fi
5.) Women
6.) Handyman
7.) Girl Dancers


Only man to pull a 34-24-34 woman out of the Grand Canyon with a rope 12 miles.  His parents were working at the Phantom ranch in the bottom when I had an attack of pleurisy (I thought it was something else) and his mother, Mrs. Trevor Haight came the 12 miles to the top with us and she turned around and walked the 12 miles back to the bottom  (24 miles in all) after a glass of orange juice.  (and she in her sixties)


Flat tire at 2 A. M. in a snowstorm the evening of our wedding day.  We woke Bruce's folks at 3:30 to tell them we were married.

(I Dwight Haight throw in this remark: 2 A.M.  until 3:30 A.M. to fix a flat.  ???  Wedding day????) And to think in the Indianapolis 500 mile race they change three tires in 30 seconds.  But that is not on their wedding day, may make a difference.)

"Wifely Remarks"

From what I hear Bruce is quite a bit a "Haight".  His is a horrible tease. He is a good father and loves his daughters.  A wonderful husband and I would not improve him a bit. A homebody who is happiest when building something.  Never complains about the food, and is a good cook himself.  Lends a willing hand whenever someone in the family is ill. He has a wicked sense of humor, the patience of a saint, and when I loose my temper he usually puts his hand on the top of my head and says "Now don't lets get carried away". Why shouldn't I, for I think he is the greatest man alive.  I like his parents too.  I could not have had better In-laws if they were hand picked.  His parents have been wonderful to me and I like them very much.  I feel so fortunate to have married into such a nice family.

I think Treva sent a snap shot of us but will send a couple more.

(Notes: By Sue, 2001 I did not find these)

If this information isn't adequate let us know and I will do better.

Signed Mildred
Bruce Haight's wife (Mildred Clark-Haight)

Trevor Talmadge Haight 3-4-1893 at Glenn Alphine Home in Brook Twp., Buena Vista County, Iowa married 12-25-1920 to Ivy Elsie Hunt at Earlville, Iowa she was born 1-4-1895 at Earlville, Iowa.

Lee George 11-17-1921 at G. A. H. Peterson, Iowa. married 9-17-1949 to Marjorie Ceclia May at Oak Park, Ill. she was born 11-18-1920 at Casey, Iowa.
Robert Bruce 8-2-1950 Waterloo, Iowa
Marilyn Ruth 10-11-1952 Waterloo, Iowa
Richard Lee 10-28-1954 Waterloo, Iowa
Martha Ann 9-23-1956 Waterloo, Iowa

Treva Bella Haight 6-20-1923 G. A. H. Buena Vista County, Iowa.  Married 9-5-1946  to Raymond Evans Anderson at Ames, Iowa.  He was born 5-25-1923 at Merrimac, Mass.
Dale Kent 12-20-1949 Lawrence, Mass.
Eric Scott 4-24-1951 Pittsfield, Mass.
Sharon Kay 3-18-1953 Pittsfield, Mass.

Bruce Rodney Haight 9-23-1924 G. A. H. Buena Vista County, Iowa. Married 2-25-1947 to Mildred La Vern Clark at Spencer, Iowa.  She was born 4-17-1924 R. F. D., Everly, Iowa.
Janet Lee 9-12-1948 Glen Ridge, New Jersey
Jo Marie 9-10-1950 Glen Ridge, New Jersey
Christi Jeanne 11-4-1952 Downey, California.

Haight Family Photo Album