James F. Haight


(2) James  F.  Haight.-1-4.
                                                 b. 12/20/1856

              Obituary of Jim Haight.

 Answers call Sunday June * * 17 - - 1928, was born in Ohio in 1856 - A
resident of Alta Iowa since 1918.

 Following an illness of only a short duration James Freemont Haight, pioneer resident of Buena Vista and Alta passed away at his home in the east part of town on Sunday of this week.  He had been in his usual good health until a short time before he passed away.  Everything possible was done, but in spite of the efforts he gradually grew weaker until the end.  Funeral services were held on Wed- afternoon of this week from the First Methodist church of Alta with Rev.  G.  W.  Eggleston in charge.  Burial was made in the Elk cemetery.

 James Freemont Haight, son of William and Rebecca (Blackman) Haight, was born in Groton Township, Erie county, Ohio, December 20, 1856 and died at his home in Alta Iowa Sunday, June 17, 1928 at 1:30 P. M. at the age of 71 years, 5 months and 28 days.

 When a small boy he came from Ohio to Iowa with his parents and for a time lived in Muscatine county in eastern Iowa, later moving to N. W. Iowa, so Buena Vista county with his parents again, where they settled on a homestead in Elk Twp. In 1869.

 On Dec. 30, 1875 he was united in marriage to Rosetta Newcomb who lived in the same community and in 1881 they established their home not far away in Brook Twp., where they continued to live 43 years before retiring from active farm life and moving to their present home in Alta Iowa.

 He was the father of six children; three sons, Bertie, Charles, and Jesse having proceeded there father to the home above during their childhood, Another son Clayton L. Haight resides on the farm home in Brook Twp.  Two daughters, Estella L. and Lettie J. Haight live at the home in east Alta who with the wife, Rosetta, mourn the passing of a kind and loving husband and father.

 He was the last survivor of a pioneer family of one sister and four brothers, but his memory will be revered by his 26 nieces and nephews who also mourn his loss.

 Always a genial good friend and neighbor, working with his fellow- men for the best interests and welfare of the community in which he lived, the influence of his life will live on in the hearts of friends who knew him best.

 Pall bearers were nephews;
Howard Haight .- - Wm.  Haight - - Trevor Haight - - Elgar Haight  - - Craig
Newcomb - Jessie Martin.
  b. 1891                 b. 1886              b. 1894               b. 1889
b. 1905                 b.1884.

Many friends and relatives from out of town attended the funeral.

  (2) Mrs. James Haight, LONG TIME RESIDENT, DIES. * Page-19
                                 b. 8/10/1856
                                d. 1/18/1942

Alta Iowa; - - Funeral services for one of Buena Vista county, Iowa earliest pioneers was held Wed.

 Many pioneer residents of Buena Vista county, community gathered Wednesday afternoon to pay their last respects to Mrs. James F. Haight, who had lived in Buena Vista county since 1869, when as a child of 13 years, she came from Poweshiek County, in eastern Iowa, with her mother, who was widowed by the Civil War, and her brother, the late W. C. Newcomb.  ( b. 9/14/1860 - d. 1/16/1927).

 For 73 years she lived in the community north of Alta and watched it converted into a cultivated countryside from a pioneer wilderness.  Slow plodding oxen furnished the motive power at that time and she and her husband drove to Alta with a yoke of oxen to take home the furnishings for their first home.

 Storm Lake, the county seat of Buena Vista county, had only one lonely frontier shack and Cherokee was an army post, while Alta was unknown.  When lumber was desired it was necessary to make the long trip to Mapleton and back.

 It was in the log cabin of her parents that on Nov. 30 1875 she was united in marriage to James Freemont Haight and went to live on a homestead in Elk Twp.

 After spending five years there, they then took up railroad land ten or so miles to the north in Brook Twp, Iowa.  This is the present home of their son Clayton L. Haight.  Mr. And Mrs. James Haight spent 37 years on this farm in Elk Twp.

 In 1918, with her husband and two daughters, she moved to Alta.  Six children were born to Mr. And Mrs.  Haight, of whom two are surviving, Clayton L. who lives on the home farm and Lettie June who lived with her mother in Alta.  Those who passed on before were Estella Luella, Charles, Bertie, and Jessie.

 Mrs. Etta Brinkman of Pecatonica, Ill who was raised as a daughter by Mrs. Newcomb is also considered as an immediate relative.  Mrs. Newcomb was Mrs. James Haights mother and Mrs. Etta Brinkman was Mrs. James Haights cousin.

 Besides the near relatives there are many more remote relatives and friends who mourn her loss.

 Death came early Sunday morning Jan. 18, 1942 at the age of 85 years 5 months and 8 days.  She had been coverted at the age of 16 years, and while not a member, she has affiliated herself with the Methodist church here in Alta, to which she has given many years of service.

 The funeral was held Wednesday from the William Funeral home with the Rev. F. F. Robinson and Rev. J. W. Morrison with Mrs. F. F. Robinson as accompanist.  Pall Bearers ere Nephews of the deceased.  She was laid to rest beside her husband in the Elk Cemetery.

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(3) Clayton L. Haight
b. 10/9/1876
d: 5/31/1952

Funeral services were held at the First Methodist church Tuesday at two P. M. for Clayton L. Haight.  The Rev. Newton M. Coughanour was in charge of the services.  Gerald Christensen and Murray Jimmerson sang "In the Shadow of the Cross" and "Beyond the Sunset".  Mr.  Murray Jimmerson also sang "Going Home" with Mrs. Coughanour as the accompanist.

 Clayton L. Haight, son of James and Rosetta Haight, was born in Elk Twp. Iowa October 9 1876.  At the age of four years he moved with his parents from Elk Twp- to Brook Twp.  About ten miles from where they lived and both about ten miles from Alta, his future home.

 On August 21, 1918 he was married to Mary Dworak and they lived on the home place, made vacant by his parents moving to Alta.  He continued to live on the home place until their retirement in 1943.  They moved into and lived beside his parents in their home in east Alta.  Clayton Haight's home and his father James F. Haight were both large and were in the same block.

 Clayton Haight had been a patient in the Alta Memorial hospital most of the time since December 1951.  He recently returned to his home where he passed away at the age of 75 years 7 months and 22 days.  Mr. Haight was a member of the First Methodist church.

 Survivors are his wife, Mary; his sister, Lettie Haight both of Alta and an Aunt Mrs. Lulu Newcomb (b. 1866 IA.) Of Aurelia Iowa in Elk Twp.  Mr. Haight's parents and three brothers and one sister preceded him in death.

 Interment was made in the family plot beside his parents, brothers andsister in Elk Cemetery north of Alta six miles.

The pall bearers were all cousins of the deceased; they were:  Howard
Haight - - Harry Haight - - Elgar Haight - -
                                                   b. 1891
b. 1888             b. 1884

Trevor Haight - - Kenneth Martin - - Jessie Martin
  b. 1894               b. 1886                 b. 1884

  Mrs.  Clayton  Haight - - History; * * Page.- - 20

Dwight L. Haight
                                                     March- -18-1958
Great Falls Montana                                                 3616- F.

Dear Sir;

I am writing this letter for my wife's Aunt- - Mrs. Clayton L. Haight, known more often as just plain - Mary.
                   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
*   *   *   *   *   *

Mary Dworak was born at Howell's Neb. Jan. 31-1877.  She had a son Emil Dworak born Feb. 16 1895.  Mary Haight (Mrs. Clayton Haight) has a brother still living at Howell's Neb.  And he is 83 years old and Mary has not seen him for 60 years.  She will try and see him this Summer.  Mary also has a sister who lives right next door to us here in Omaha Neb.
                    -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -    -    -    -   -   -
   -   -

Mary Haight, my wife's Aunt, said to tell you all "Hello".  And that she was feeling good and that her eyes are not as bad as they were.  She was almost blind at times before she came to Omaha from Alta Iowa last year.  The Doctor says there is nothing that he can do.  Some one needs to be around most of the time, which we can do.

 Mary was a born farmer and a good worker.  Well she is still going strong at 81 years of age.  We cant keep her from working as she is always finding something to do around the house.

 Mary (Dworak) Haight don't seem to know to much about your Uncle Lafe Haights past nor about his parents.  Mary b. 1864 - - d. 1927 used to keep house for your Uncle Lafe Haight for several years before she married his nephew and your cousin- - Clayton L. Haight.  Mary remembers that Uncle Lafe Haight took a lot of stuff to his sister- your Aunt Stella (Haight) Martin.  Mary says that Lafe never did know who his grandparents were, or if he did he never said.  That would be the parents of William J. Haight (Born 1826- Ohio).  Both his sister and her husband or Mr. And Mrs. Frank Martin belonged to William and Rebecca Haight (1) Mary does not know the first names or anything about Lafe Haight's grand-parents.- - - Sorry.

Mary said she did not think she would ever go back to Alta Iowa to live as she likes it here.  Her sister lives right next door to us- her sister is 86 years old.  My wife is Aunt Mary's niece and they were always close to each other.  It is pretty quiet here as there is only my wife and myself left. You may have met my wife at Alta Iowa- her name is Lafe's,  I will close hoping to hear from you folks.
    Yours- Truly- - Fred Harnat-

3616-F. St.

Omaha- - Neb.

(Not sure of that spelling) HARNOT ?

Mary Dworak was married to Clayton Haight August 21- 1918 and they lived on the farm north of Alta for 25 years or until her husband  Clayton died May-31-1952.  She lived about five years alone in Alta before- coming here to Omaha Neb.

    ( Obituary )

(3) Estella  Luella  Haight- 1-4-2.
b. 10/10/1878


 Estella Luella Haight, the eldest daughter of Rosetta (Newcomb) and James F. Haight was born in Elk Twp.  October 10,- 1878 and died at her home in Alta Iowa Jan. 24 1933 at the age of 54 years 4 months and 14 days.

 When a child her parents moved to Brook Twp. From Elk Twp. Where she was born.  She grew to womanhood there and in the fall of 1918 they all moved from the farm to their present home in Alta.

 Stella was a lovable sunny disposition person and a devoted daughter and sister, as well as a loyal friend.  She will not soon be forgotten by those who knew her best.

 The deceased leaves to mourn her passing, her mother, one brother, C. L. Haight who lives on the farm in Brook Twp., and one sister, Lettie Haight who lives at home with her mother here in Alta.  She leaves many cousins and other relatives as well as many friends.

 The services were held in the home being conducted by Rev. G. A. Osborn., of the Methodist Episcopal church, of which the deceased was a member.  The remains were laid to rest beside her father and three brothers, who pre-ceded her in death, in the Elk Cemetery north of Alta Iowa.

 Music was furnished by the ladies quartet, and a solo by Mrs. Baulson.

 The pallbearers were all cousins of the deceased.

William  Haight - Harry Haight - Howard Haight - (All sons of Wm. E.)  -Sam
Martin - Elwin Martin - and John Watterson.
 b. 1886               b. 1888           b. 1891
b. 1904          b. 1889

 Many attended the funeral among which several were from some distance.  Mr. Mrs. Otto Brinkman close friends and relative came from Pecantonica Ill.  As did others.

3) Lettie - June Haight. 1-4-4. (b. 6/21/1889) Dated- - - - Sept. 21-1958

In the following I shall try to tell a little about myself, my brothers and my sister.  The enclosed obituaries will tell more about my folks and something about my brother Clayton and my sister Stella, all who have passed away.

 My brother Charley Haight (b 8/28/1883- d June 1893) died at the age of almost ten with Scarlet Fever.  Another brother, Bertie died at the age of three months Sept. 7 1891.  Another brother, Jessie B. Haight died at the age of three months and 7 days on Sept. 10 1893.

 Now a little about myself in this year of 1958.  I was born on June 21 1889 on the farm in Brook Twp. Eleven miles straight north of Alta Iowa.  This was the only place I ever lived until we moved to Alta Iowa (My folks, my sister Stella and I ) October 2- 1918.  I have lived in the same home here ever since and still do.  Forty years ago.  I really do not do anything special except keep, the house work up as well as the garden and flowers and lawn.  That is a full time job at this place.

 At present I am chairman of our Mission Society and I do quite a lot of church work.

 I am not sure why the folks bought land in Brook Twp. But guess just because he liked it there and could buy it cheap.  It was railroad land and I doubt they paid much over five dollars per Acre for it.  Maybe less.

 Father had a lot of cattle and many heard yards for the cattle when he first moved up there.  He kept a lot of men to help with the cattle business.  When we moved there the trees were real small and you could see for miles and miles.  Now in 1958 it is a regular forest all around on the hills.

 If I could get my thoughts together I could write more out right now cant think of much of importance.

 If you, Dwight, will ask questions as to what you want to know I will try to answer them.

   (3)- - Signed- Lettie June Haight
                                        Sept. 21- -1958

Copy of letters from Lettie Haight- Alta IA.  to Burl J. Haight
                   Written in 1927 and 1931.
             ( Copied in 1958  from original)
         Alta Iowa
Dear Cousin Burl and Family:
 Received your letter and we were sure glad to hear from you.  We are well but father (James Haight) gets pretty tired staying to home but it wont be long before we can get the car out and take him up town as the three blocks is to far for him to walk.  He can only walk about two blocks.  ( He suffered a stroke about ten years before this time).  He gets lots of enjoyment out of the radio.
 You wanted to know about getting grandpa William J.  Haight well I don't know if we can tell you much or not.  Grandpa Haight was born in Orange county N. Y. and came to Ohio in 1841.  His name was William J. Haight and he was born in 1826.  My father (James Haight) says he don't know anything about Grandpa William J. Haights gather and as far as he knows he was an orphan.  It seems grandpa did not have a record of himself but we may be able to find out more and if so will let you know.
 I suppose you heard about Uncle Willie Newcombs death ?  He seemed to be in perfect health but died suddenly of cancer about a month ago.  He was first operated on in Alta and then it started to grow again and they took him to Sioux City where he died.  Aunt Lulu and Craig are living on the farm in Elk Twp.  Buena Vista county Iowa. ( I, Dwight Haight am copying this in 1958 * 31 years later and Aunt Lulu still lives at age of around 90 at Aurelia IA. )
 Uncle Lafe ( brother of fathers) is as well as usual.  Clayton and his wife Mary (my brother and sister-in-law) try to get down from the farm most every Sunday.  We have not been out to the farm since last fall, as we don't drive the car much in the winter.  We sure would live to see you folks.  Will Close
                                                            Signed- Lettie
                   Alta - Iowa.                      Nov. 30- - -1931.
Dear Cousin Burl and family;
 We tried to fill out the blank as best as we could but we do not know grandfather William J. Haights parents names.  We never knew much about his people.  He came from N. Y. to Ohio when he was 15.  Grandfather William J. Haight mother died when he was young and his father married again and it seems after that he did not stay home much and lost track of his people.
 We are all well and we had a nice snow Thanksgiving day.  Faye Fraser's husband died about a month ago.  He had been sick a long time. ( Fay Fraser was Fay or Fae Newcomb daughter of Lulu and Willie Newcomb.  Now in 1958 Fae and Lulu live to-gether in Aurelia Iowa.  Fae about 70 and her mother over 90. )  ( Rosie Haight and Willie Newcomb were brother and sister)
    Signed Lettie Haight
                                   Daughter of James and Rosie Haight
   (2) - - Alvia Lafe Haight -1-7. (b. 5/19/1864-Iowa) Page- - -35.

Alvin Lafe Haight was the youngest son of William and Rebecca Haight, being born on a farm about five miles out of West Liberty Iowa.  This was in eastern Iowa not far from the Mississippi River.  He was known all through his life as "Lafe" Haight.

Lafe was six years old when he went with his mother in 1870 to N. W. Iowa where his father had gone the year previous to file on a homestead.

Lafe attended the "Haight" school a mile east of the homestead.  Lafe Haight never married.  He lived at home and helped with the farm work.  After the death of his father in 1897 he lived with his mother Rebecca (Blackman) Haight on this same homestead until his mother died in 1909.  Lafe continued on for a time batching and farming the old home place.

 Not having good health and tiring of batching he sold old and moved to various near by towns.  Lived for a time near Gaza IA.  It was while there he had a very capable housekeeper-a Mrs.  Dovark  who he let slip through his fingers and become the wife of his nephew Clayton Haight.  Both  Mrs. Mr. And Mrs. Clayton Haight thought a lot of Uncle Lafe and he spent many weeks at their home.

 Lafe was a quite conscientious man who did nothing that was wrong if he knew it.  He was very thrifty and his income was small yet when he passed away in Alta Iowa 3/10/1927- he for those times left quite a bit of property to his nieces and nephews, as he had no wife or children.

 Uncle Lafe as I knew him was a very very fine man.  I being much younger did not know him when he was young.  My older brothers did and if time permitted I would get one of them to write their remembrances of his life.

 He- - Lafe Haight - - is laid to rest in the Elk Cemetery in which his parents are buried.  This cemetery is located six or so miles due north of Alta Iowa and about four or so miles due east of the Old William J. Haight. Homestead,  All his brothers - Fred* Jim and William E. (Jr.) Haight are there as well as many of his-in-laws- nieces and nephews etc.  Much more could be said but time and space do not permit.

The above written by Dwight L. Haight in 1959.
Lafe Haight had one brother- Charles Haight born 1854 in Ohio and died in 1855 and is buried in Sandhill cemetery near Sandusky Ohio near his sister Mary also a sister of  Lafe Haight's born 1/22/1860 in Ohio died 2/10/1860- Both buried in Sandhill Cemetery near Sandusky Ohio.  Charles and Mary Children of William J. and Rebecca Haight as in life.

  Signed Dwight L. Haight    (b-1900)