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Subject: Re: Mannens-VerHelst geneology

Date: Mon, 14 May 2001 07:55:15 -0500

From: "Mark R Slade" <mslade@usd.edu

Posting my address or e-mail address would be fine!

Mark Slade

1000 N. West Ave, #400

Sioux Falls, SD 57104

Mark R Slade wrote:


I came across your e-mail address in a RootsWeb genealogy search of my great grandparents. Their names were Bertha Helen Louise Mannens and Ray Ver Helst. I would have to think that given the uniqueness of the surname and that it is a Mannens marrying a Ver Helst, there may be some connection to your listing of August Ver Helst and Mary Mannens. Bertha and Ray also lived in Mason City, Iowa. You show a grandchild of August and Mary (Nancy Lou Haight) as being born in Mason City.

There must be some connection...other information that I haveis that Bertha Mannens parents were Valentine Mannens and Elodia Moestart? Have not seen the Moestart surname in the US at all, but does appear to be Dutch when searching yahoo. Do you have any information prior to August or Mary concerning their parents, etc.? Either Mannens or Ver Helst would seem like they would probably overlap...Any information you could share would be greatly appreciated!


Mark Slade


Date: Mon, 7 May 2001 08:55:28 EDT

From: Merrywitt@aol.com




I live in Danville, KY, and I have been helping my best friend research some of her family.  She is the daughter of Chalmer Leo Cassiday, son of Albert Cassiday. Since your page was from Chalmer Leo on upward, would you like the info on his family?  If so, write and we will send it on to you.

Thank you,,,,Mary Stone,,,,Danville, KY.


Subject: Re: Cassiday Family

Date: Fri, 11 May 2001 06:26:20 EDT

From: Merrywitt@aol.com



Hello Sue,

Yes, I had received a reply from you and my friend that I'm helping said thank you.  She was so happy that I found the information that you had posted. Her brother will be coming home in mid-June, he lives in Kwajalin, (hope it is spelled correct) which is part of the Marshal Islands, and I wrote to him about your web page, so he was thrilled too.

Their Father was Chalmer Leo, and their Mother was Marcella Houp.

Their children were:

Thaddeus b.3/3/1952

Renee b. 3/24/1954

Brenda Gail b.3/15/1957

Marquita b. 12/17/1960


When Thaddeus gets here in June, I will send you some more information.....Thanks for being so kind and willing to share your information.....Have a great week end..

Mary Stone, Danville, KY


Subject: Re: Cassiday Family

Date: Fri, 25 May 2001 19:23:05 EDT

From: Merrywitt@aol.com


CC: cassiday@kmrmail.kmr.ll.mit.edu


Hello Sue,

Thanks for your response. I spoke with my friend Renee, (Cassiday) and she said it was definitely ok to post her family to your pages.

Chalmer Leo Cassiday b. 6/19/1905 d. 7/28/1970 (heart attack) m. Marcella Houp

Children of Chalmer Leo and Marcella:

Rhonda b. 3/4/1950 m. Jim Huffman - 1 daughter, Amber Huffman

Thaddeus b. 3/3/1952 m. Gloria Duran - 1 son, Kyle Cassiday

Renee b. 3/24/1954 m James C. Grasham, Jr.. (Jock ) - 1 son, Kalem Grasham

Brenda Gail b. 3/15/1957 m. Fred Short - 1 son, Lucas Short

Marquita b. 12/17/`960 m. Richard Long - 1 daughter, Gina Renee Long.

* * Chalmer Leo had two other children by his previous wife,

Chalmer Leo, Jr. and Suzanne Cassiday.


I do know that Chalmer Jr. is no longer living, but as far as our family knows, Suzanne is living, and we have heard that she lives around San Antonio, Texas. We think she married a Martin.  If you have any information about Suzanne, my friend Renee would really be happy to know about her as this is a half sister that she has never met, but would really like to find her someday.

Feel free to write anytime, Renee is usually at my house everyday, and I can relay any messages....

Thanks again,,,,,,,,,Mary Stone Danville. KY.

***** I do not know the marriage dates of Chalmer's children, nor do I have the birthdates of their children, but I can obtain these from my friend Renee, and send them later. I am sending a copy of this letter to Renee's brother Thaddeus, as he is trying to research some of this also. I am sure he would appreciate anything that you have that you are willing to share. This is his address if you should wish to write to him, and he can provide his wife's maiden name's correct spelling, as we were unsure of the spelling, and his son Kyle's birth date.

I will continue to help Renee, and if we uncover anything new,I will be more than happy to send it to you.

Renee's address is: reneeg54@yahoo.com

Thaddeus's address is: cassiday@kmrmail.kmr.ll.mit.edu


Subject: [Fwd: Cassiday Family]

Date: Sat, 26 May 2001 13:30:51 +1200

From: "Thaddeus Cassiday"<cassiday@kmrmail.kmr.ll.mit.edu>

Organization: Raytheon

To: "family tree"


Hi my name is Thaddeus Cassiday and I wanted to add and correct some information to what was sent to you. Merry has done a great deal of work on researching our family tree. I am really excited about all the information that is starting to flow. Thank you for anything and everything on the information that you may supply or have supplied concerning the Cassiday Family Tree.  Looking forward to sharing information with you. Please feel free to contact via e-mail any time that you would like. What is the address to the site of your web page?

My birth year is 1953 not 1952

I am married to Gloria Duran born in El Paso Texas and her birth date is 13 August 1956.

Our son Kyle Cassiday born on Kwajalein, Kwajalein Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands on 6 January 1993.

Thaddeus Cassiday


Subject: Descendants of Urias Dillon Thompson

Date: Sat, 26 May 2001 14:02:21 -0400

From: "Warren and Sande Smith"<warren08@forsythcable.com>

To: sande_lee@hotmail.com



Surfing World Connect and found the Haight Tree. I am Sandra Lee THOMPSON Smith, Urias Dillon Thompson is my great grandfather. I have information regarding his children; Lewis E. Thompson is my grandfather.  I have information pertaining to Lewis' first marriage and his three children from that marriage; as well as his second marriage to my grandmother, Edith Elizabeth Hudiburgh Winn.

Do you have any information regarding Urias' parents, John W. Thompson and Rachel Hall.  They were married in Knox Co, OH 2 Dec1848.

Are you related to Burl Haight? Are you continuing the work he started? I have photocopies of parts of his book from the Salt Lake City Library. Are there any copies of the original book available. I would like to have a copy.

I am very excited to find someone else who is researching the THOMPSON/CASSIDAY line.  Hope we can share information. BFN, Sande Smith

EMAIL: sande_lee@hotmail.com


Subject: Re: Descendants of Urias Dillon Thompson HAIGHT/CASSIDAY

Date: Wed, 30 May 2001 06:44:15 -0400

From: "Warren and Sande Smith"<warren08@forsythcable.com>

To: "Miller" , sande_lee@hotmail.com


Up early this morning and found your email. I found the Burl Haight book many years ago and also communicated with a Mrs. E. Brown. She sent me copies of some family group sheets.

I found the site. Did not download a gedcom, yet. Please add my inquiry to the site.  I would be very happy to share any information to bring the Urias Dillon portion up-to-date. I am trying to find the parents of John W. Thompson and Rachel Hall, who were the parents of Urias Dillon Thompson. Also looking for information regarding the brothers and sisters to Urias.  I have clues but no real evidence.

I submitted what little information I had on John W. THOMPSON and Rachel Hall to World Connect after I found your site on there.  I will be happy to hear from Lloyd and the others. Please use my email address: sande_lee@hotmail.com




For those who are interested in the Descendants of David and Rachel (Meek) Cassiday, I have just completed a book on their children with emphasis on John Cassiday and his children with Sarah McGee and Elizabeth McKeever.
The Title is The Ancestors of Rose Ann Cassiday. Rose Ann was my father's grandmother, her father was William R. Cassiday and her grandfather was John Cassiday.  This book is based on Burl J. Haight's research, my research,and the contributions of many Cassiday researchers.

If you are interested in ordering a copy of the book, please email me direct at: sande_lee@hotmail.com



Oh yes, I'm from Mason City, Iowa, also, and my dad is Roger Ver Helst, son of Henry Ver Helst. I believe Ray Ver Helst was Henry's brother or cousin.  We lived out in the country near Keith Haight's family, who I believe is my dad's cousin once removed or second cousin.  I was always told that our line of the Ver Helsts are Flemish Belgian, though there are lots of Verhelsts (no capital h that are Dutch.)

Sincerely, Lynn VerHelst 


        Cassiday information
        Sun, 29 Jul 200100:39:00 -0400
        "Warren and Sande Smith" <
Sue Miller, Sande Lee Smith      
     Do you have a valid email address for Lloyd Haight?  The one I found bounced when I tried to use it.
     Found the following information on the California Death Records on Rootsweb:
Mabel Cassiday Kimball, d. 7/12/1948, Los Angeles Co, CA.  Jessie Buckles Cassiday (wife of Benjamin Franklin Cassiday) b. 8/7/1868, Indiana; mother's maiden name was Conn; father Buckles; d.11/13/1957, Monterey Co, CA.   Minabel Cassiday, b. 5/2/1875, Salinas, Monterey, CA; d. 10/13/1957, Alameda Co, CA.  

If you are interested in my GEDCOM for the Cassiday family, please let me know and I will send it right back by email.  I downloaded your GEDCOM from World Connect and find that you do not have allot of what I have.   

BFN, Sande THOMPSON Smith great grand daughter of Rose Ann Cassiday Thompson    


My niece sent me your tree.  Philo and Jane were my great grandparents.  Conrad Newsom was born near Asbury, Greenbriar Co. WV 24 July 1801.  Philo b. 8 Feb. 1819Rochester, Ontario Co. NY.  I have Jane's birth date as April Jeff.
City, MO.  Jane and Philo lived on a farm 1/2 mile NE of Garrison.  Their graves were moved to Carnahan Cemetery south of Oldsburg.  I have been to the cemetery, but haven't seen the farm, although my parents did.  Philo and Jane were married at Plymouth.  Nice to meet another cousin.

From: "Debbie" DB_28@hotmail.com Niece
To: "Cyndy"
cyndy1@hotmail.com Author



From: "Mark R Slade" mslade@usd.edu
Sent: Friday, April 19, 2002 8:26 AM
Subject: Re: ver helst


Here is what I have so far on Mannens-VerHelst...
----- Original Message -----
Date: Friday, April 19, 2002 0:44 am
Subject: ver helst

Mark Slade,

I would be happy to have the information and add it to the site. 

Haight Photo Album
Thanks for the offer.


Link: http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=msmiller&id=I138

 Name:  Mark Slade

I think I have the parents of August Ver Helst and Mary Erma Mannens as well as the grandparents on the Mannens side.  Please let me know if this would be of interest to you!



Some months ago, there was a Haight family genealogy and history page on your website. 

It contained the fascinating information that my late father had married one of the daughters. 

Since we didn't know about this, it came as a bit of a surprise. 

I bookmarked the page, but when I came back to it, the link to it was no longer working.

Any idea where this came from?

Thank you.

Spencer S. Swinton

Wilmington, NC sswinton@ec.rr.com



From: "Mark Brown" <brownesq@hotmail.com>
Sent: Tuesday, June 11, 2002 3:37 AM
Subject: Homer Haight


Is your Homer Haight the father of H. Thomas Haight of Saginaw, MI.  If so, I am related to Thomas through his mother Anna C. Burns.

If it is the same Homer Haight, please contact me as I would be interested if you have any information on the Burns line of the family or in speaking to someone from that branch of the Haight family to see what they might have.

Mark Brown