Blackman Outline

These pages are the genealogy pages of Hiram Blackman whose daughter married William J. Haight.

The genealogy of Woods family whose daughter was married to Hiram Blackman.

The red pencil marks are the trail back.  Also enclosed is map of Blackman families in N.Y. about1780-1800.

Lloyd Haight


4526  N. E. 97th Ave.

Portland, Oregon 97220

June 14, 1974

Dear Cousin:

I am enclosing a genealogy prepared by our cousin Harold Blackman that traces the family line from John Blackman through four succeeding generations to the Hiram Blackman who married Rebecca Wood, and who is our mutual ancestor.

You will note that John Blackman's son Joseph married Mary Church, who was a descendant of Richard Warren, on of thepassengers of the Mayflower, and their son Abraham is our ancestor, giving us a bloodline to the Mayflower.

I am also enclosing a transcript from a reference book, which relates the early history of the Blackman family.  It only relates to us through (I) John and (II) Joseph.

There is also another reference Blackman and Allied Families complied for Nathan Lincoln Blackman by Alfred L. Holman, 1928, which asserts that all of the children of John Blackman wee by his second wife, Sarah.  This seems to be the one Harold chose to use.

I have a genealogy prepared by your father copied on 3-1/2X7 loose-leaf pages listing 13 children of Hiram Blackman and Rebecca Wood.  I believe you are descended through their daughter Rebecca and I am descended through their son Hiram (thence Truman Leroy, thence Harry Walter.)

According to the latest index that I have seen, the General Society of Mayflower Descendants have "proved" (or had proved to them) the descent of the line through Samuel (Sr.).  I understand that just this past year a
woman here in Portland proved the line through Samuel's son William, who would have been a brother to our Hiram.  She had in her possession a Bible, which belonged to that William.

I would appreciate receiving from you any information that would direct me to the source of birth or death records from Hiram and Rebecca Wood, Blackman on down, or marriage records, etc.  I don't have anything yet, even, that proves Hiram is Samuel's son.

My father died January 9, 1964.  My mother is in a nursing home.  She had a stroke in 1969, and she is not able to walk unassisted.  My maiden name was Laura Jeanne Blackmun. (It is changed to "mun" during Hiram Jr.'s generation.)

I hope to hear from you soon.


Jeanne Adams

Genealogical and Family History of the State of Conn., Vol. I

Published1911 N.Y., Leis Historical Pub. Co. Page 345



Three Pioneers named Blackman came to Massachusetts Bay Colony from England
before 1640.  Rev.  Adam  Blackman was minister of Scituate, Massachusetts,
and afterward of Stratford, Connecticut, where he died March 16,1665,
leaving children, John, Benjamin, Joseph, James, Samuel and Deliverance and
several daughters.  Rev.  Benjamin Blackman settled at Malden,
Massachusetts, graduate of Harvard College in 1663; married, April 1, 1675,
Sarah Scottow.  The third was John, mentioned below. According to tradition
they were brothers.  The same names occur in each family.  According to a
tradition mentioned by Elisha Blackman, or Hanover, Pennsylvania, the family
was wealthy in England, but the property descended to the elder branch,
after the law of the land, and the younger sons came to America.  The
Blackman family of London and the East Indies bears arms:  Ermine three
lions rampant within a bordure or crest:  A griffinermaine.  Another
Blackman armcrial: A demi-Moor in fetters crowned with an eastern coronet.
Another, probably very ancient:  A demi-griffin vert.

(I)   John Blackman, immigrant ancestor of this family, was born in England
about 1625,      died April 28, 1675,and the inventory of his estate is
dated May 28, 1675.  He was one of the one hundred and two petitioners to
the general court, October 9, 1664, to adhere to their original patent.  He
was admitted a freeman in 1665.  He married (first) about1650, Mary,
daughter of Robert Pond.  He married (second) about1669.  Sarah_______, who
survived him.  Children of first wife, born at Dorchester:  John, August 10,
1656, married March 26, 1685.  Jane Veeks:  Jonathan, January 1, 1656,
married in 1687.  Loah________: Sarah, baptized July 17,1659; Joseph,
mentioned below; Mary, baptized October 18, 1663: Benjamin, born December
31, 1665.  Children of second wife:  Adam, December 9,1670; Abraham,
February 8, 1674-75.

(II)      Joseph, son of John Blackman, was born June 27, 1661.  He removed
to Little Compton, Rhode Island, about 1709 removed to
Freetown, Massachusetts, and in 1717 to Lebanon, Connecticut.  He was one of
the organizer of the church at Little Compton in 1704 and at Freetown in
1710.  He bought of Jonathan Metcalf one hundred and twenty acres of land in
Lebanon, August 15, 1717, for six hundred pounds.  He diedat Lebanon and
his widow, Elizabeth and son Elisha and Jonathan Metcalf administered the
estate.  Inventory one thousand and ninety seven pounds, nine shillings
sixpence, dated July 15, 1720.  He married, November 12,1685.  Elizabeth,
daughter of Joseph Church, brother of the famous Captain Benjamin Church, of
King Philip's war.  The Church family also lived in Dorchester and little
Compton.  Children:  1.  Benjamin, born about1686, died young.  2.
Ichabod, March 8, 1691-93.  3.  Sarah, January 1,1694-95. 4.  Rebecca, June
5, 1696; married, January 1722, Benjamin Brewster. 5. Elisha, September 23,
1699; married, January 1, 1723-24.  Susanna, daughter of Captain John and
Hannah (Drake)- Higley and sister of Hannah Higley, who married Captain
Joseph Trumbull, father of Governor Jonathan Trumbull, of Connecticut,  6.
Benjamin, mentioned below 7.  Mary, February, 1703-04;married September 17,
1724, Caleb Hyde.  8.  Abraham, July 11, 1705. 9.  Elizabeth, September,
1707, married June 2, 1724, Stephen Powell.

(II) Benjamin, (son of Joseph Blackman, was born, November 12,1701;
At Little Compton.  He married, December- 17, 1730, Sarah Phelphs.
Text continued with descendants of Benjamin Blackman).

JOHN BLACKMAN- Born 162_ in England: of Dorchester, Mass., in1640: m (1st)
Mary Pound: m (2) Sarah _____?__: John d in Dorchester Apr 28,1675.
Children of John & Sarah, all born in Dorchester: Sarah- John- Jonathan-
Joseph b June 27, 1661- Mary - Benjamin - Adam - Abraham.

JOSEPH BLACKMAN-  B June 27, 1661; d May 20, 1720 in Lebanon, Conn.: m
Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph & Mary (Tucker) Church. (Joseph Church was
probably born at Plymouth, Mass., about 1638 and married MaryT ucker at
Hingham, Mass., Dec 30, 1660: he died at Little Compton, R. I., in 1711;
they had 10 children.  Joseph Church was one of 12 children born to Richard
& Elizabeth (Warren) Church.  Richard Church was b in England about 1608 and
died at Dedham, Mass., in 1668; he was of the Mass., Bay Colony in 1630; he
removed to Plymouth before 1632: he m Elizabeth, (daughter of Richard &
Elizabeth ( Warren)  who died at Hingham, Mar 4, 1670. Richard Warren was a
passenger on the historic  (Mayflower); his wife Elizabeth and their 5
daughters came to Plymouth on the ship "Ann" in1623.  Richard died in
Plymouth in 1628; Elizabeth died in Plymouth Oct 1673; they had 7children
.)  JOSEPH BLACKMAN removed from Dorchester to Little Compton, R.  I., where
he resided until sometime previous to 1710 when he removed to Freetown.
About 1717 he removed to Lebanon, Conn., and remained there until his death.
Children of Joseph & Elizabeth (Church) Blackman, probably born in Little

 Benjamin     -  d.  between Nov 3,1700 & Nov 12, 1701
 Ichabod        -  b. Mar. 8, 1692, he may have been killed in Queen Anne's
 Sarah           -  b. Jan. 1, 1695
 Rebecca       -   b. June 5, 1696: m Dec. 21, 1722, Benjamin Brewster
 Elisha         -    b. Sep. 23, 1699; m. Jan. 2, 1724, Susanna, daughter of
Capt. John
                          And Sarah (Strong) Higley.
 Benjamin    -    b Nov 12,1701; m Sarah, daughter of Joseph & Sarah
    Phelps in Lebanon, Conn.
 Mary       -    b Feb 12, 1704; m Sept 1724 Capt. Caleb, son of Samuel &
   Elizabeth (Caulkins) Hyde.
 ABRAHAM - b July 11, 1705.
 Elizabeth      -  b Sept 11,1707; m Stephen Powell.
 Leah            -  b Aug 10, 1710

ABRAHAM BLACKMAN  - b Jul 11, 1705 in Little Compton, R.  I. ; m (1st)
    Whitaker; m (2nd) Abigail, daughter of John& Martha (Brown) Sims;
Abraham died in
    Hebron, Conn., Mar 11, 1788 ( will dated Feb19, 1788).  He went with
his family to
    Newton in 1710- to Lebanon in 1717 - to Hebron in 1736.  Children of
Abraham and
    Elizabeth & Abigail ( It is not known when Elizabeth died).

 Abraham     -  b  Apr 3, 1734 at Lebanon; m Sarah Loomis; he died Apr 3,
   At Partridgefield (Peru), Mass.
 SAMUEL   -   b Nov 23, 1736.
 Elizabeth     -   b  Mar31, 1738, d Oct 23, 1739.

 Abigail       -   b  Jan 30, 1741/42; m. ___________ Balding?
 William       -   b. Oct 30, 1745; m Apr 13, 1786 Martha Babcock, of
    Ct.; both are buried at Lancaster, N. Y. (Blackmon on
 Eliezar         -   b Aug 6, 1750; m Persis Davis; he died Mar 19, 1772
and is
   Buried in Andover, Conn; had daughter Abigail (Nabby)
 Elizabeth    -   b Jan 5, 1753, m________ Harris ( daughter of Abraham &
   Conn VR.)
 Dan           -   about 1758; mentioned in father's will.
 Martha       -  _________ . "    "    "    "; m. Jonathan Loomis, brother
of Sarah
            Loomis (above).

SAMUEL BLACKMAN - b Nov 23, 1736 in Hebron, Conn.; m (1st)Mehitabel, b
Coventry, Conn.,
Oct 28, 1739, daughter of Silas 4   (Joseph 3 - Thomas2 - Joseph 1) & Lidia
(Evarts) Long; m (2nd) Phebe
(Babcock-Thayer).  Samuel purchased a house and 40 acres in Lebanon, Conn.,
in 1761; sold the
   house and 11-3/4 acres in 1770; and the remaining28-1/4 acres in 1772
"when he was of Partridgefield
  (Peru), Mass."  On Dec 27, 1777 he purchased 150acres of Lot #48 in
Partridgefield for 31 pounds.
  On Sept 9, 1788 Samuel & Mehitabel sold this property to Samuel Jr.
Josiah Blackman was a witness
   to this deed.

Children of Samuel & Mehitabel: -

Samuel Jr.  -   b Nov 4, 1762; m Jerusha BabcockMar 7, 1791.  Children:
Mary C - Sylvester -
Hiram -Eliza - Betsy - Almira - Almanzo - Milow - William - Delia Ann.

Josiah        -   B Apr 9, 1764; m Tryphenia Smith, b Oct 29, 1770; m(2nd)
Feb 10, 1820 Jemina
Laylin, widow of John Laylin & daughter of Abraham Powers; Josiah d Sept 9,
Tryphenia d Oct 15, 1819; both are buried in Cable Road Cemetery, Florence,
Erie Co., Ohio.  Children of Josiah & Tryphenia: Clarissa - Allen - Ansel -
Harvey - Ira - Chester - Simeon - Joel - Hiram - Sarah.

One child whose name is not known to me at this time.

Anna          -   b Dec 31, 1767 in Conn (1850 Census) d Oct 20, 1854&
buried in Columbus,
  Chenango Co., N.Y.; m. Samuel Whittemore - b. Sept 24,1769 in Conn.;
  d. Dec 9, 1855

Abigail        -   b Aug 13, 1772 in Partridgefield, Mass.; d May 9,1854;
m William Carter,
   b  Sept 18, 1771 I Chesterfield, N. H.; he died July 19, 1853; both are
buried in
   Florence Twp. Erie Co. Ohio, Birmingham Cemetery.

William        -   b1775 in Mass. (1850 census); m Philenda   ?  who died
Sept 23, 1850 and is
   buried at Barretts Corners, near New London, Huron Co., Ohio (BlackMUN on
    gravestone); William is buried at Birmingham, Erie Co., Ohio.  Children:
Almira -
   Clarissa - Philenda - Marinda - Daniel - Albert -Jerome - Charles.

HIRAM        -   b Feb 15, 1777 in Mass. (1850 census); m Rebecca Wood b
May 7, 1790 in
   Mass. (1850 census); Hiram d Nov 9, 1851; Rebecca d. Nov 11, 1858, and
   are buried in Sandhill Cemetery near Sandusky, Erie Co., Ohio.  Children:
   b Aug 27, 1804 * Betsy b April 2, 1806 in Penn. (probably Springfield
   Erie Co., Penn.) - Lucinda b Oct 1, 1809 - Asenath b. Feb 1, 1812 - HIRAM
   July 22, 1814 - Joel b Nov 26, 1817 - Ruel b. Jan. 28,1819 - William b Apr
   1821 - Almira b. Jan. 29, 1823 - Samuel b. Sept. 9, 1825- Ira b Sept 9,
   Rebecca b Mar 22, 1829 (William J. Haight's wife m1846 - Sandusky,
Ohio) -
    Sophie b May or Aug 14, 1831.  All butthe first two were born in Erie
Co., Ohio.

Samuel & Phebe (Babcock) Blackman had a child Martha, b in Partridgefield
Feb 26, 1793; a son John born in Mass. (1850 census) in 1798; and it is
believed that they had a total of 5 children.  Samuel died at Sauquoit,
Oneida Co., N.Y. in 1820.

Note:- Compiled by Harold Blackmun, 2371 Yankee St., Niles, Michigan
(grandson of Ruel) from:
Blackman & Allied Families by Holman, 1924 - Bacon &Allied Families by J.
D. & D. F. Bacon, 1958 - Deeds & Wills of Conn., & Mass., - Various Township
& County Histories - Family & Tombstone records - Federal census - Etc., -
Dated 1963.



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