Ancestors of Alan Lindy Danielson

Compiled By: Janice Danielson

1.    Great-grandfather: Andreas Persson Pantzar, b 13 Sept 1820 in Kushult, Odeshog, Ostergotland, Sweden, d 7 May 1900 in Albert City, Buena Vista Co, IA.

HISTORY: Taken from Our Savior’s Lutheran Church 40th anniversary booklet done in 1923—the following is taken from that booklet. “The three above mentioned families who first settled here were Andreas Pansar, O. B. Anderson, and Sven Bengtson. They arrived in the spring of 1870. In July of that year, three more families arrived, namely C. E. Anderson, August Anderson, and F. T. Bergling. These latter had gone by oxen from Fort Dodge in the first part of May, west to Cedar County, Nebraska to take homesteads. They were not satisfied out there but turned back and journeyed to these parts. They thought at first that they would stay with the Andreas Pansars. But when they arrived there, they beheld the sad sight that the house (10 x 14) had been destroyed by fire the night before. The women folks of the family were sitting by the ruins and weeping, because they as well as the arriving company were homeless. Shortly before the fire they had laid flooring in the house so it should be more presentable for the company. Mr. Pansar later built a somewhat larger house (12 x 14). This, like the first, was built of unplanned boards, and with single walls. C. E. Anderson, one of the families that had returned from Nebraska, built a house (10 x 14) and 7 feet high with unplaned boards and single walls. Three families lived there for some time until the others were able to build. When the houses were completed enough to somewhat hold out the rain, it became necessary for the men to leave to try to find some kind of work, which at that time was rather difficult to get. Usually the men had to go far from home to earn a little in order to obtain for his family, and for himself, the most necessary needs to keep alive, since money was a very scarce article. In the fall of the same year (1870) two bachelors arrived, namely D. A. Danielson and C. A. Ekman. The little community was increased the following year by the Olof Johnson family, and a lone man by the name of Erik Edbom. The latter, however, lived only a short time. He died in the fall of 1872 and was buried in the cemetery in Sioux Rapids. That was the first death to occur among the pioneers. Edbom was married but the family was still in Helsingland, Sweden. The intention was that the family was to come here to the husband and father, but they stayed in Sweden. Edbom’s homestead was the NE of Section 22, later the A. Monson farm. The charter members were the following families: Andreas Pansar, August Anderson, Anders Monson, C. E. Anderson, C. A. Pansar, C. A. Eckman, D. A. Danielson, F. T. Bergling, John Petterson, Olof Johnson, O. B. Anderson, C. F. Erickson, A. G. Englund, and Nils Benna. Student Peterson was chairman and August Anderson secretary at this meeting. The name, Ljunghed, was chosen as most of the families were from Ljung parish in Sweden. The congregation was accepted into the synod the same year. On the 5th of January 1884 the congregation decided to change the name to Fairfield, but this action was ignored by the synod so the original name remained until in 1946 when the name was changed to Our Savior’s Evangelical Lutheran. The first Augustana pastor to visit this parish was Pastor Damstrom in September 1873. The second such visit was made May 8, 1874 by Pastor M. C. Ranseen.”

Alta Advertiser, 18 May 1900
Andrew Ponsor died at his home in Fairfield Twp on Monday after an illness of several months, at a ripe old age, he being nearly 80 years of age at the time of his death. Mr. Ponsor settled in Fairfield Twp in the early days and was one of the hardy pioneers who bore the brunt of the strife of the early settlements. The funeral occurred from the Swedish Lutheran Church in Fairfield Twp, a large number of sorrowing relatives and friends following his remains to their resting place in the Fairfield Cemetery.

Iowa WPA Cemetery Records, Fairfield Cemetery, Albert City, IA, page 211:
Andreas Ponsar, b 13 Sept 1820 d 7 May 1900
Mrs. Anna Ponsar, b 6 Sept 1823 d 15 April 1913
Axel Ponsar, b 20 March 1856 d 1 Dec 1928
Carl A. Ponsar, b 20 Nov 1848 d 8 April 1926
Victoria A. M. Ponsar, b 20 July 1891 d 28 July 1905
Mathilda Ponsar, b 18 Jan 1854 d 28 May 1912
Augusta Ponsor, b 6 Aug 1842 d 27 Dec 1932
Ellen Ponsor, b 24 March 1877 d 20 Nov 1927
Jenne Constance Ponsor, b 19 May 1884 d 4 March 1932

Probate packet held in the Buena Vista Co Genealogical Society Library in Storm Lake, IA:
“Decedent—Andrew Ponsor, Fairfield Twp, Buena Vista Co, IA, death date 7 May 1900, intestate, administrator, Anna Ponsor, widow, Albert City, IA, Chas. A. Ponsor, son (the administrator) Henry Ponsor died about 2 years ago; Rubert Ponsor, Queada, TN, grandson, heir of Henry; ----- Ponsor, Queada, TN, granddaughter, heir of Henry; Albert Ponsor, son, supposed to have died without issue having not heard from him for 26 years; Axel Ponsor, son, Albert City; Takla Anderson, daughter, Albert City, IA.”

a. Carl Johan Pantzar, b 20 Nov 1848 in Stora Aby, Ostergotland, Sweden, d 8 April 1926 in Albert City, IA.
b. August Herman Pantzar, b 22 June 1850 in Stora Aby, Ostergotland, Sweden.
c. Albin (Albert) Pantzar, b 18 Nov 1852 in Stora Aby, Ostergotland, Sweden.
d. Anders Viktor Pantzar, b 19 Nov 1854 in Stora Aby, Ostergotland, Sweden.
e. Axel Teodor Pantzar, b 20 March 1856 in Odeshog, Ostergotland, Sweden, d 1 Dec 1928 in Albert City, Buena Vista Co, IA.
f. Albertina Josefina Pantzar, b 6 Dec 1858 in Sunneryd, Odeshog, Ostergotland, Sweden.
g. Thekla Olivia Pantzar, b 13 June 1861 in Odeshog, Ostergotland, Sweden, d 1945 in Fairfield Twp, Buena Vista Co, IA.
h. Elin Teresia Pantzar, b 8 April 1866 in Sunneryd, Odeshog, Ostergotland, Sweden.

1885 Iowa Census, film 1021447, volume 155, page 108, Fairfield Twp, Buena Vista Co, T92 R35 Sec 20 West NE
Andrew Poncar, age 64, male, b Sweden, married
Anastine Poncar, age 61, female, b Sweden, married
Axel Poncar, age 27, male, b Sweden
Tellda Poncar, age 29, female, b Sweden
Anna Poncar, age 0, female, b Buena Vista Co, IA

1895 Iowa Census
Andreas Ponsar, age 74, marr, b Sweden, retired, Lutheran Church
Anna S. Ponsar, age 71, marr, b Sweden, Lutheran Church
Alfred Danielson, age 50, single, b Sweden, farmer, Lutheran Church
Gustaf Engdahl, age 15, single, b Sweden, farmer, Lutheran Church

Homestead records: Sec 20 T92 R92, 160 acres to Andrew Pancer, June 2, 1875, receipt 2052, patent November 30, 1875, volume 5, page 256.

2.    Great-grandmother:
Anna Christina Andersdotter, b 16 Sept 1823 in Stora Aby, Ostergotland, Sweden, d 15 April 1913 in Albert City, Buena Vista Co, IA. Married 25 Feb 1848 in Stora Aby, Ostergotland, Sweden.

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