James Alford Family History

Richard Alford, Greenwood, Indiana.

The photo above is a copy of a copied "tin-type" original of the James Alford family taken sometime before June 20. 1884.

When James Alford (the older male figure to the far left in this image) died presumably in or near Newell, Buena Vista County, Iowa.  Where he had lived at the time, owning a city-lot and house I would assume, along with his wife (the older female figure seated on the right).

It is not known to the descendants of James Alford where he was buried or how his remains were disposed.

James Alford was born December 18, 1822, in Waterford Twp., Erie County, Pennsylvania.  James Alford was married twice, the second time to the female in this photo, Mary Jane (née, Borman).

Alford (born September 27, 1837,in Ohio; and died January 14, 1933, in Roann, Wabash County, Indiana, --then named, after later remarriage following death of James Alford, "Mary J. Gay, Mrs. Samuel Benjamin Gay").  Mr. Gay was a Civil War soldier [Union] from the state of Indiana.

James Alford, Mary J. Alford, and their daughter (pictured standing to the rear in this photo), Mary "Ellen" Alford (born February 27, 1871, in Blanchard Twp., Putnam County, Ohio; died May 22, 1941, in Roann, Wabash County, Indiana -- then named "Mary "Ellen" Titus, Mrs. Asa Hill Titus) -- all were enumerated in the 1880 U.S. Census for Putnam County, Ohio, under the misspelled surname of ALFRED.

Sometime after that census of 1880 they moved to Newell, Buena Vista County, Iowa.  James Albert Alford, the male child seated on the lap of Mary J. Alford in this photo, was born on March 5, 1881, in Newell, Buena Vista County, Iowa; and died on September 24, 1943, in Ft. Wayne, Allen County, Indiana.

I have no idea, nor does any one of the still living descendants of the people depicted in this photo, where the original "tin-type" was taken or who the photographer was who took and developed the "tin-type".