Buena Vista County, IA
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Farmers Residing in Buena Vista County in 1960


This directory is a listing of everyone who either owned a farm or lived on one in Buena Vista County, in 1960. Town folks are not included in this listing. Some names may appear more than once--some people owned or rented more than one farm. Names appear to be misspelled throughout. I corrected the ones of which I had personal knowledge, and left the rest as is. After each name is the post office address--not necessarily in Buena Vista County.

Contributed by Sheryl McClure

Buena Vista Counmty IAGenWeb

Demers Albert-- Rembrandt

Kramer Walter H.-- Alta

Anderson Ernest J.-- Alta

Kruckman Orville-- Rembrandt

Anderson Leroy-- Rembrandt

Larson Oscar-- Rembrandt

Anderson Nathan-- Alta

Liebsch Loyal-- Rembrandt

Baker Herman-- Rembrandt

Lullman Dick-- Storm Lake

Binder Calvin-- Rembrandt

Madsen Andrew-- Rembrandt

Binder Donald-- Storm Lake

Mangold Mrs. E. and Lowell-- Linn Grove

Binder Floyd-- Rembrandt

McGarry Lawrence-- Storm Lake

Binder Mrs. Lawrence-- Rembrandt

McKale Don-- Storm Lake

Bonnichson M.-- Alta

McKibben Clarence-- Rembrandt

Brake Edwin-- Rembrandt

Messeck Art-- Rembrandt

Brazel Leo-- Rembrandt

Meyer Bros.-- Rembrandt

Breckenfelder Ed-- Alta

Meyers Clifford-- Rembrandt

Buckendahl Harvey-- Storm Lake

Mosbach Frank-- Storm Lake

Carlson Roy J.-- Alta

Mudge Earl C.-- Rembrandt

Chindlund Bill-- Rembrandt

Mudge Wallace-- Storm Lake

Conrad Matlin-- Rembrandt

Nielson Oswald-- Rembrandt

Cress Don-- Storm Lake

Nyden Ruben-- Storm Lake

Demers Bros.-- Rembrandt

Obman John-- Rembrandt

Dorr Carl-- Rembrandt

O'Donnell James-- Alta

Eastman Earl-- Rembrandt

O'Leary Lawrence-- Storm Lake

Edwards Kenneth-- Storm Lake

Olsen Nellie-- Rembrandt

Enderson Carl-- Rembrandt

Olsen Oliver-- Rembrandt

Engleman George-- Storm Lake

Olson Olga-- Rembrandt

Fjordback Dale-- Rembrandt

Pederson Murray-- Alta

Fredrick Denver-- Storm Lake

Peterson Arthur E.-- Alta

Fritz Earl-- Storm Lake

Peterson Clarence G.-- Alta

Galvin Paul-- Alta

Peterson David-- Alta

Graeber Glen G.-- Rembrandt

Peterson Edv.-- Alta

Green Clifford L.-- Rembrandt

Peterson Elmer-- Rembrandt

Green Nolan-- Rembrandt

Peterson Oscar E.-- Storm Lake

Gregersen Adolph-- Alta

Phillips Odell-- Rembrandt

Gulling John-- Storm Lake

Plagman Vern-- Storm Lake

Gustafson B. W.-- Alta

Pretice L. S.-- Rembrandt

Hagan Hugh-- Storm Lake

Quirin Neal-- Alta

Halverson Harold-- Alta

Rath Walter-- Alta

Halverson Myron-- Storm Lake

Rehnstrom Eldon-- Alta

Halvorson Olive-- Storm Lake

Rehnstrom Elin-- Linn Grove

Hansen Edwin-- Alta

Rehnstorm Enoch-- Storm Lake

Hansen J. C.-- Alta

Rehnstrom Everett-- Storm Lake

Hansen Lowell-- Alta

Rhenstrom Robert-- Alta

Hatten Conrad-- Rembrandt

Saathoff Clifford-- Rembrandt

Heinsohn Gordon-- Rembrandt

Saathoff Harrison-- Rembrandt

Helle Roy-- Rembrandt

Scott Edgar-- Alta

Heschke John-- Rembrandt

Sievers F. H.-- Rembrandt

Hoover Henry-- Rembrandt

Sievers Fred-- Rembrandt

Hoye Tom-- Rembrandt

Sievers Roger-- Rembrandt

Iehl Everette-- Rembrandt

Small Wendle-- Rembrandt

Ingram Kenneth-- Rembrandt

Sorbe Eldon-- Rembrandt

Jensen Ire-- Alta

Sorenson Dale-- Alta

Johnson Currie-- Alta

Struve Bob-- Rembrandt

Johnson Elmer-- Rembrandt

Tedemanson H. T.-- Rembrandt

Kacmorycski Matt-- Rembrandt

Tedemanson Norman-- Rembrandt

Kay Harold-- Rembrandt

Trimble Frank-- Rembrandt

Kent Carrie-- Storm Lake

Waldstein Art-- Rembrandt

Klahs Elmer-- Storm Lake

Weir Merlin-- Rembrandt

Kolpin Leonard-- Rembrandt

Willmes Mrs. Vera-- Alta

Contributed by Sheryl McClure for the Buena Vista County IAGenWeb