Buena Vista County, IA
IAGenWeb Project

Farmers Residing in Buena Vista County in 1960


This directory is a listing of everyone who either owned a farm or lived on one in Buena Vista County, in 1960. Town folks are not included in this listing. Some names may appear more than once--some people owned or rented more than one farm. Names appear to be misspelled throughout. I corrected the ones of which I had personal knowledge, and left the rest as is. After each name is the post office address--not necessarily in Buena Vista County.

Anderson Frank-- Newell

Jensen Viggo-- Newell

Ashby Grant-- Newell

Jensen Virgil-- Newell

Bak H. J.-- Newell

Jeppesen Ellsworth-- Newell

Barnes Leo-- Newell

Johnson Louis C.-- Newell

Barnes Obid-- Newell

Jorgensen Harold-- Newell

Bircher Fred-- Newell

Kies Harold-- Fonda

Blado Mrs. Amelia-- Newell

Kinney W. E. and Kenneth-- Newell

Bodholdt Albert-- Newell

Kjarsgaard Henry C.-- Newell

Bodholdt Clarence-- Newell

Kladstrup Chris-- Newell

Bonde Merlin-- Newell

Krogstad Alvin-- Newell

Carlson D.-- Newell

Larsen Chris-- Newell

Christensen Alfred-- Newell

Larsen Richard-- Newell

Christensen Milo-- Newell

Larson Ernest-- Newell

Christenson Chris-- Newell

Larson Louis-- Newell

Christiansen Dick-- Newell

Lenahan Robert-- Newell

Christiansen Louis-- Newell

Macky Henry-- Fonda

Christiansen Marcus-- Newell

McGowan John-- Newell

Christiansen-- Newell

Melohn Freddie-- Newell

Clark C. E.-- Newell

Melohn Luther-- Newell

Cline Ronald-- Newell

Nesheim N. K.-- Newell

Conant C. E.-- Newell

Nielsen Jens-- Newell

Crilly Edgar-- Newell

Noelte Leonard-- Newell

Doyen Raymond-- Newell

Olsen Clifford-- Newell

Echerman Mark-- Newell

Olsen Marvel-- Newell

Edwards Francis-- Newell

Paeper Glen-- Newell

Eickhoff Edgar-- Newell

Paulsen Sven A.-- Newell

Eisenhauer Thomas-- Newell

Paulson Orville-- Newell

Ellrich Bob-- Newell

Pedersen Gunnar-- Newell

Ellrich Homer-- Newell

Pedersen Gerald-- Newell

Falkner W. R.-- Newell

Peters Essie-- Fonda

Farrell James-- Newell

Petersen G.-- Newell

Fitchett Leroy-- Newell

Petersen Virgil-- Newell

Franzmeier George-- Newell

Peterson Engvert-- Newell

Galbraith Donald-- Newell

Peterson Jens P.-- Newell

Gerjets Enno-- Newell

Peterson Minnie-- Newell

Goettschius Glen-- Newell

Petty Mearle-- Newell

Grau Evan-- Newell

Petzoldt Leonard-- Newell

Grau J. C.-- Newell

Porath Alex C.-- Newell

Groth Ed-- Newell

Porath Mrs. E.-- Newell

Haahr Lowell-- Newell

Porath Ed H.-- Newell

Hansen Harding-- Newell

Porath Edna-- Newell

Harris Edwin-- Newell

Porath Ernest-- Newell

Harris Oscar-- Newell

Porath Harry-- Newell

Hartje Arnold-- Newell

Rasmussen Arnold-- Newell

Harvey Francis-- Newell

Rhinehart Grant-- Newell

Harvey Lloyd-- Newell

Rice Ehrman-- Newell

Hemmingsen Axel-- Newell

Russell Harlan-- Fonda

Hemmingsen James-- Newell

Samuelson S. A. -- Newell

Henrich Edward-- Newell

Smith Merlyn-- Newell

Henrich Marvin-- Newell

Snyder Frank-- Newell

Henrich William-- Newell

Tutt Earl-- Newell

Herron L. B.-- Newell

Tuttle Calvin-- Newell

Hines Lowell-- Newell

Van Cleave Earl-- Newell

Holtapp Edwin-- Fonda

Veerhusen George-- Newell

Householder Mrs. Geraldine-- Newell

Westergaard Curtis-- Newell

Hout Henry-- Newell

Wiese Harm-- Newell

Hustedt Jens-- Newell

Wilkens Walter-- Newell

Jensen Aage-- Newell

Wise Donald-- Newell

Jensen Albert-- Newell

Witzke Catherine-- Newell

Jensen Axel-- Newell

Witzke Wilbur-- Newell

Jensen Einer-- Newell

Zenke Charles-- Newell

Jensen Elmer-- Newell


Contributed by Sheryl McClure for the Buena Vista County IAGenWeb