Buena Vista County, IA
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Farmers Residing in Buena Vista County in 1960


This directory is a listing of everyone who either owned a farm or lived on one in Buena Vista County, in 1960. Town folks are not included in this listing. Some names may appear more than once--some people owned or rented more than one farm. Names appear to be misspelled throughout. I corrected the ones of which I had personal knowledge, and left the rest as is. After each name is the post office address--not necessarily in Buena Vista County.

Anderson Richard-- Alta

Kraemer Walter-- Alta

Anderson Wilmer-- Alta

Kruse Carl A.-- Alta

Becker John-- Alta

Langlet Orville-- Alta

Bengston Wesley-- Alta

Larsen A. W.-- Alta

Begmann Henry-- Alta

Lenz Albert-- Alta

Bibler Harold-- Alta

Lenz Martin-- Alta

Bibler Norman-- Alta

Lundberg Harold-- Alta

Blackwell Edgar-- Alta

Mahn Leroy-- Alta

Boettcher Loyd-- Alta

Mattson L. W.-- Aurelia

Booth John-- Alta

Mattson W. and W.-- Aurelia

Braunschweig Paul-- Alta

McCabe William F.-- Alta

Brown Mark-- Alta

Meyer Kenneth-- Alta

Cameron Paul-- Alta

Meyer Ronald-- Alta

Carlson Carlen-- Alta

Neilsen August-- Alta

Carlson Clifford-- Alta

Nelson Arlo-- Alta

Center Thomas J.-- Aurelia

Nelson Sherm-- Alta

Christensen O. A.-- Alta

Nielsen Gust-- Alta

Christensen Carvel-- Alta

Nielson Nels-- Alta

Christiansen Clifford-- Alta

Otto Will-- Alta

Clausen Glenn-- Alta

Parrott Claire N.-- Alta

Cline Par-- Aurelia

Peters Orville-- Alta

Coombs Noel-- Alta

Petersen Ernest-- Alta

Ehrhardt Karl-- Aurelia

Peterson Alvin-- Alta

Enderson Lloyd-- Alta

Peterson Frank-- Alta

Faust Lynn-- Alta

Peterson Melvin-- Alta

Faust Raymond-- Alta

Peterson Oscar H.-- Alta

Fredericksen Dale-- Alta

Petlon Orbert-- Aurelia

Fredrickson S.F.-- Alta

Petlon J. V.-- Aurelia

Fredrickson Stanley-- Alta

Pingel Don-- Aurelia

Fritz William-- Alta

Pitts James-- Alta

Galvin Charles-- Alta

Prath Walter-- Alta

Galvin Robert-- Alta

Rehnstrom B.-- Alta

Grienke Carl-- Alta

Rehnstrom O. and Bill-- Alta

Grienke Paul-- Alta

Resene Merlin-- Alta

Grigsby Roy-- Aurelia

Robbins M. L.-- Alta

Groth Chris-- Alta

Rydstrom Art-- Alta

Haight Henry-- Aurelia

Rydstrom Edward-- Alta

Haight Merlin-- Aurelia

Rydstrom Lyle-- Alta

Hill Marvin-- Alta

Sansen Carroll- Alta

Heske Darrel-- Alta

Sansen H. T.-- Alta

Hill Mrs. Marvin-- Alta

Schultz Edmund-- Alta

Hollenbeck Bernard-- Alta

Schultz Merlyn-- Alta

Honsbruch Adrian-- Aurelia

Sennert Carl-- Linn Grove

Irwin E.-- Alta

Sievers Harry-- Alta

Jacobsen James-- Alta

Smith Rev. Lester-- Alta

Jenson Antone-- Alta

Sorbe Fred-- Alta

Johnson Carroll-- Alta

Steif Albert-- Aurelia

Johnson Gunnar E.-- Aurelia

Steif John-- Aurelia

Johnson Jack-- Aurelia

Stief John-- Aurelia

Johnson Leonard C.-- Alta

Vandeweerd Clarence-- Alta

Johnson Norman-- Alta

Viing Ray-- Aurelia

Johnson Victor O.-- Alta

Weise Dean-- Alta

Kjolhede Cyril-- Alta

West Ray-- Alta

Klug Felix-- Alta

Westpahl Henry-- Alta

Kluge William-- Alta


Contributed by Sheryl McClure for the Buena Vista County IAGenWeb