Buena Vista County, IA
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Farmers Residing in Buena Vista County in 1960


This directory is a listing of everyone who either owned a farm or lived on one in Buena Vista County, in 1960. Town folks are not included in this listing. Some names may appear more than once--some people owned or rented more than one farm. Names appear to be misspelled throughout. I corrected the ones of which I had personal knowledge, and left the rest as is. After each name is the post office address--not necessarily in Buena Vista County.

Bertness Merlin-- Linn Grove

Mohror Emmet-- Peterson

Braunsweig Gladwin-- Aurelia

Molgaard Peter-- Peterson

Brown Gale-- Aurelia

More Clyde-- Linn Grove

Bumann Orrin-- Peterson

Morris Lew-- Linn Grove

Burgenson Glen-- Peterson

Morris Lewis Jr.-- Linn Grove

Carpenter Don-- Peterson

Mueller Darrell-- Peterson

Christensen Mrs. Lena-- Linn Grove

Mueller Erwin-- Peterson

Discher Fred-- Alta

Nelson Bernard-- Alta

Donahoo Bob-- Alta

Nielson Erling-- Alta

Donahue R. F.-- Peterson

Otten Harold-- Linn Grove

Drzycimski Jack-- Alta

Patterson Stanley-- Linn Grove

Drzycimski Jerry-- Alta

Peterson Carl-- Linn Grove

Drzycimski Kenneth-- Alta

Peterson Carol-- Alta

Ducommon Clair-- Peterson

Peterson Roy-- Aurelia

Fairchild Bernard-- Linn Grove

Pingel Ralph-- Peterson

Fassler Harold-- Linn Grove

Plagman Alfred-- Aurelia

Fassler Julius-- Linn Grove

Plagman Art-- Plagmaneterson

Fassler Malvin-- Linn Grove

Plagman Charles-- Alta

Fastenow Jess W.-- Peterson

Plagman Franklin-- Aurelia

Fracis E. C.-- Linn Grove

Plagman Gerald-- Aurelia

Fuhrman Carl-- Aurelia

Plagman Paul-- Peterson

Gunnarson Ed and Charles-- Peterson

Plagman Ralph-- Aurelia

Halverson Philip-- Alta

Plagman Walter-- Peterson

Hanson Everett-- Alta

Raveling Gerald-- Peterson

Jensen Everett-- Peterson

Rock Joseph-- Linn Grove

Johnson Art-- Peterson

Rupp Guy-- Aurelia

Johnson Bud-- Peterson

Schultz L. D.-- Peterson

Johnson keneth-- Alta

Schunecht Delbert-- Peterson

Kaiser Darrel-- Peterson

Sennert Richard-- Alta

Klockow A. E.-- Aurelia

Stabelfield John F.-- Aurelia

Knudtson Orville-- Linn Grove

Stoner John-- Alta

Kracht George-- Peterson

Swanson George-- Aurelia

Kracht Herb-- Peterson

Theeler Louis-- Alta

Kracht John-- Peterson

Tibbetts Delbert-- Peterson

Kracht Richard-- Peterson

Tigges Chester-- Peterson

Kracht Willard-- Peterson

Walters Ed-- Peterson

Larson Joe-- Linn Grove

Warkingten Jake-- Linn Grove

Laursen Alvin--Peterson

Weiland Frank-- Alta

Miller Elson-- Linn Grove

Wetherell Ray-- Aurelia

Miller Herman-- Peterson

Wilbur John-- Peterson

Mohror Mrs. David-- Peterson


Contributed by Sheryl McClure for the Buena Vista County IAGenWeb