Buena Vista County, IA
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Farmers Residing in Buena Vista County in 1960


This directory is a listing of everyone who either owned a farm or lived on one in Buena Vista County, in 1960. Town folks are not included in this listing. Some names may appear more than once--some people owned or rented more than one farm. Names appear to be misspelled throughout. I corrected the ones of which I had personal knowledge, and left the rest as is. After each name is the post office address--not necessarily in Buena Vista County.

Adams H. M.-- Sioux Rapids

Mogster R. L.-- Sioux Rapids

Anderson Mrs. Earl --Linn Grove

Mosbo Alton-- Rembrandt

Anderson George T.-- Rembrandt

Mosbo Ingolf-- Rembrandt

Anderson L.--Linn Grove

Movick Ben-- Linn Grove

Anderson. Oscar G.--Rembrandt

Myrtue Soren-- Linn Grove

Anderson Robert --Linn Grove

Nelson A. T.-- Linn Grove

Boettcher Robert-- Rembrandt

Nelson Edwin-- Linn Grove

Bright Floyd-- Sioux Rapids

Nelson Nelvin-- Linn Grove

Bright William-- Sioux Rapids

Nelson Noland-- Linn Grove

Christian Luther-- Linn Grove

Ness Adolf-- Rembrandt

Colby Carl-- Sioux Rapids

Ness Harold-- Rembrandt

Copka R.-- Linn Grove

Oder Glenn-- Rembrandt

Cuthbert Theo.-- Sioux Rapids

Olsen C. O.--Linn Grove

Dallman Ed--Linn Grove

Olson Magus-- Rembrandt

Ehlers John-- Sioux Rapids

Otten Harold-- Linn Grove

Ericksen Floyd F.-- Sioux Rapids

Parris Francis-- Linn Grove

Fairchild F. Jared-- Sioux Rapids

Peters Elmer-- Rembrandt

Findley R.-- Linn Grove

Peterson A.-- Linn Grove

Fredericks Kermit P.-- Sioux Rapids

Peterson Eorge-- Linn Grove

Fredericks Phil-- Sioux Rapids

Peterson Tom-- Rembrandt

Fries C.-- Sioux Rapids

Plagman L.-- Sioux Rapids

Frog Eddie-- Linn Grove

Plagman Lloyd-- Sioux Rapids

Gehrens N.-- Linn Grove

Porter Glenn-- Rembrandt

Genson Harlan-- Linn Grove

Ramsey John-- Linn Grove

Gidley Jack-- Sioux Rapids

Raveling Roy-- Linn Grove

Grodahl Eugene-- Sioux Rapids

Rehnstrom A. R.-- Linn Grove

Grodahl Magnus and John-- Linn Grove

Rehnstrom. Merle-- Linn Grove

Hagedorn Dean-- Linn Grove

Remillard Vernon-- Linn Grove

Halvorson B. P.-- Linn Grove

Risvold Gordon-- Linn Grove

Halvorson Donald-- Linn Grove

Risvold Stanley-- Linn Grove

Halvorson Herman--Linn Grove

Rogne Wayne-- Linn Grove

Hanson K.-- Linn Grove

Rokkan S. E.-- Linn Grove

Hanson LeRoy-- Linn Grove.

Rydstrom Dale-- Linn Grove

Haroldson Eddie-- Linn Grove

Schertz C.-- Rembrandt

Haroldson Helmer-- Linn Grove

Sewalson Oswald-- Linn Grove

Haroldson Hinda-- Rembrandt

Shertz Carl-- Rembrandt

Haroldson Paul-- Linn Grove

Siekman Dean-- Linn Grove

Haroldson Ruben-- Rembrandt

Siekman Lewis-- Linn Grove

Holler Ewalt-- Linn Grove

Simeno Art-- Linn Grove

Hoppa R. -- Linn Grove

Simon George-- Sioux Rapids

Huckelberry Guy-- Linn Grove

Simon Paul-- Sioux Rapids

Huen J.-- Linn Grove

Simonsen Martin-- Sioux Rapids

Hughes Owen-- Linn Grove

Simonson Maynard-- Sioux Rapids

James. Chester-- Linn Grove

Smith C.-- Sioux Rapids

Jensen Theodore-- Sioux Rapids

Sorenson Sigurd-- Linn Grove

Jenson Russell-- Linn Grove

Stone Earl-- Rembrandt

Johnson Dennis-- Sioux Rapids

Sundberg Ernest J.-- Linn Grove

Johnson D. W.-- Linn Grove

Sundberg John-- Linn Grove

King O. J.-- Sioux Rapids

Sundberg Nels-- Linn Grove

Kline Berger-- Rembrandt

Swanson Eric-- Linn Grove

Knutson Floyd-- Linn Grove

Thomas A. J.-- Linn Grove

Kolstedt Bill-- Sioux Rapids

Thomas Sam-- Linn Grove

Larson Gordon-- Rembrandt

Thompson Earl-- Sioux Rapids

Lehigh E.-- Sioux Rapids

Thompson Floyd-- Sioux Rapids

Lindlief R.-- Sioux Rapids

Thompson Ivan-- Linn Grove

Lorenzen Clifford-- Linn Grove

Trimble A. W.-- Sioux Rapids

Madsen Glen-- Linn Grove

Turnquist Dale-- Sioux Rapids

Mangold Floyd-- Linn Grove

Van Houten Arnold-- Sioux Rapids

McClatchet Jim-- Linn Grove

Waggoner Ronnie-- Linn Grove

McGee C.-- Linn Grove

Wellmering Claire-- Sioux Rapids

McKibben Bruce D.-- Rembrandt

Wellmering Donald-- Rembrandt

Miller Clyde-- Sioux Rapids

Wortz Melvin-- Linn Grove

Contributed by Sheryl McClure for the Buena Vista County IAGenWeb