Buena Vista County, IA
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  Iowa State Gazetteer and Business Directory 1884-5, Vol. III

Copyright, R. L. Polk and Co. 1885

Buena Vista County Entries

Storm Lake

A stirring incorporated city on lake of same name, an on the I. div. I. C. R. R., in Buena Vista County, of which it is the judicial seat, 57 miles southeast of LeMars, and 134 northwest of Des Moines. First settled in 1870, it now contains 3 banks, 7 churches, representing as many denominations, public schools, a skating rink, flour and feed mills, good hotels, a creamery, grain elevators, and the usual number of special and general stores, blacksmith shops, etc., for a place of its size. It is surrounded by a fertile and productive farming country, and improved land is worth from $15 to $45 per acre. Live stock, grain, flour, hay and produce are shipped. Stages daily to Spencer and twi-weekly to Blaine. Telephone communication with Alta and Sioux Rapids. Tel., W. U. Exp., Am. Population 2,000. Mail, daily. Warner L. Vestal, postmaster.

Arnet Joshua B, clothing.
Avenue Hotel, George H Bartlett Proprietor; $1 Per Day.
Bailie Arthur D, lawyer.
Ballou Loyal E, loans.
Barber Charles F, carriages.
Bartlett George H, Propr Avenue Hotel.
Beede S E, prin public school.
Brown Bros (George W and Freeman A), general store.
Brown Daniel D, jeweler.
Brown & Mason (Charles L Brown, Albert J Mason), hardware.
Brubracher Alva, baker.
Buena Vista County Bank, John R Lemon Banker; Oldest Bank in the Place; Collections a Specialty.
Buena Vista Creamery, Joseph Sampson pres, W B Cromwel supt, T A Thompson treas.
Central House, Mrs James Steel propr.
City Hotel, B Pratt Propr.
Clark & Small (Joseph F Clark, E A Small), bakers.
Clegg Wm T, cigars.
Connor Charles J, supt schools.
Corbett T A, sewing machines.
Cotton String Band.
Cowles Edson C, grain and flax seed.
Cowles & Eadie (Edson C Cowles, Samuel D Eadie), lumber and coal.
Cox George C, lawyer and insurance.
Crowell Wm W, insurance.
Cushman Frank E, grocer.
Cutts Humphrey C, grocer.
Danaher John, wagonmaker.
Daul Alexander, tailor.
Dean Joseph A, pres Iona Land and Investment Co.
DeGraff Abram A, live stock.
Elliott C W, sewing machines.
Espe George G, county treas.
Farmers’ Loan & Trust Co (Capital, $150,000), Joseph H Hooper Pres, James F Toy Treas.
Fikes & Ullery (David Fikes, Wm Ullery), hardware.
First National Bank (capital $50,000), Joseph Sampson pres, George H Eastman cashier).
Fisk Charles H, saloon.
Ford George E & bro (George E and Frank C), dry goods.
Foster & Moore (W F Foster, Charles W Moore), music and sewing machines.
Fox Frank, drugs and jewelry.
Fries & Jones (Christian P Fries, Lansford C Jones), grocers.
Gearicks Frank, blacksmith.
Goodell Miss Carrie, dressmaker.
Gregory Frank B, lawyer.
Guilford Wm & Co (Wm Emmet and H Guilford), furniture.
Hackett & Bardrick (Wm C Hackett, Fred Bardrick), marble.
Hines Fred A, county surveyor.
Harris Wm, drugs.
Hay Lawrence E, lawyers and justice.
Hazen L S, painter.
Henckle J C, feed mill.
Henne Louis, harness.
Henrichs Rev C A (German Methodist).
Higgs Thomas D, lawyer.
Hobbs Samuel W, Real Estate, Loans and Abstracts; Agent Iowa Railroad Land Co.
Hoopes Bros & Benson, farm impts.
Hurd Miss Lillie, teacher.
Hutchinson Mrs Emma, milliner.
Iowa Land & Loan Co (capital $50,000), J A Dean pres, C H Booth sec, J Simpson mngr.
Irwin & Kerlin (Charles A Irwin, George B Kerlin), lawyers.
James James D, harness.
James & Hanks (Orville James, George S Hanks), livery.
Johnson Herbert, insurance.
Johnston Lindsey M, physician.
Jones Halleck, barber.
Keith Lester A, carpenter.
Kerr Wm H, physician.
Kingsley Herbert E, painter.
Kruger Wm F, flour mill.
Lamb Mrs Martha, dressmaker.
Lamar Samuel H, lawyer.
Lauder Mrs L C, teacher.
Longfit Rev O T (Presbyterian).
Lee George W, physician.
Lemon John R, Banker.
Lynch Sisters (Julia and Katie), milliner.
McLarnan Joel E, barber.
McManis Rev C A (Baptist).
Mack Edgar E, Clerk of the Courts; Abstracter and Examiner of Titles; Real Estate.
Magoun Rev F H (Congregational).
Marshall George, hardware.
Maxwell John E, saloon.
Miller Wm, confectioner.
Miller & Smiley, grain and live stock.
Morey James P, drugs and books.
Muma C, photographer.
Neeff Edward, propr Farmers’ Home.
Newton Bros (Avery and Ward B), publishers Storm Lake Pilot.
Okey & Farnsworth (Louis Okey, Ebenezer Farnsworth), livery.
O’Neill E F & Co, organs.
Peck Gustav, machinist.
Peters Goodwin E, physician.
Planalp J W, grain.
Pratt Barney, Propr City Hotel.
Prentis Augustus B, dentist.
Randall Bros, sewing machines.
Randall Frank, taxidermist.
Raven & Friis (Wm Raven, Christian Friis), meats.
Rawson Charles E, insurance.
Rawson Mrs Millia L, restaurant.
Rawson & Co (Mrs M L Rawson, Frederick R Lindley), skating rink.
Ray James F, blacksmith.
Rickelfs R, blacksmith.
Robinson Robert B, general store.
Robinson & Milchrist (Gifford S Robinson, Wm Milchrist), lawyers.
Russell Charles E, meats.
Russell Ira W, carpenter.
Russell Jay M, carpenter.
Rutherford Walter, lawyer.
St John J Ada, physician.
St John Philo D, physician.
Sampson & French (Joseph Sampson, J C French), real estate agents.
Sanders Miss Carrie, teacher.
Santee George W, auctioneer.
Scheler John, meats.
Scholl Frederick, wagonmaker.
Schwarz F M & Co (F M Schwarz, S J Powell), marble.
Seidel C W & Co (Carles W Seidel), lumber and coal.
Sherman Josiah H, dentist.
Sickels George, brickyard.
Sickels George L, loans.
Siebens, George, gunsmith.
Skeels John Y, blacksmith.
Slattery Rev David (Catholic).
Smith Daniel, County Recorder, Abstracter, Real Estate and Tax Paying Agent.
Smith H H, railroad and express agent.
Smylie Rev Robert (Methodist).
Springer Charles H, shoemaker.
Steele Mrs James, propr Central House.
Steffen Bros (Wm F and Herman H), boots and shoes.
Steig Bros (George and Henry), meats.
Storm Lake Cornet Band, F R Lindley leader.
Storm Lake Pilot, Newton Bros publishers.
Storm Lake Tribune, Sutfin & perkins proprs.
Sutfin & Perkins (Edward I Sutfin, Marc G Perkins), proprs Storm Lake Tribune.
Sweetser & Currier (George N Sweetser, George Currier, Washington Brubacker), lumber and coal.
Thomas Lot, lawyer.
Titus Stephen S, jeweler.
Tolle Mansel, grocer.
Toy James F, Ice.
Toy & McGregor (James F Toy, John J McGregor), real estate.
Tullar Alonzo J, livery.
Van Alstyn A T & Co (Albert T Van Alstyn), general store.
Waite Rev Charles L (Universalist).
Warren James W, county auditor.
Watkins M D & Co (Milo D and Frederick E Watkins), general store.
Wattocks Miss Marion, teacher.
Weddington, W C, sheriff.
Welch John R, general store.
West Bros, livery.
Wetmore J D, physician.
Whitney Herbert, milk peddler.
Wilcox Charles, physician.
Williams Amzy L, lawyer and justice.
Willoughby Miss Rilla, music teacher.
Wirick M E, propr Park House.
Witter George, furniture.

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