Buena Vista County, IA
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History of the
United Methodist Church
(First Methodist Episcopal Church)
Newell, Buena Vista County, Iowa


Any definite data concerning the early history of the Methodist church is unobtainable, as the early records of its organization cannot be found.  It is very probable, however, that the church was organized just a few years after the Congregational church, as up to 1877 the Methodist society used the Congregational church building.  A man named White was preaching for the Methodists at that time, living on a farm a short way from town.  In 1877 they built their first church, and in 1903 this was enlarged and remodeled, making the present structure.  The church was incorporated at the same time they built their church in 1877, and the board of trustees at that time were John Van Cleve, J. J. Parker, E. W. Foy, J. J. Allee, S. V. Moore, J. W. Doxsee, and S. Bogenrief.


Prior to 1883 there is no record of the ministers who served, except Revs. White, Richards, Shesler and Franchier, whose names were obtained from memory. From 1883 the following men have served as pastors: F. M. Anderson, George E. Stump, J. W. Mills, J. W. Spangler, W. H. Montgomery, H. H. Crim, T. S. Basset, J. A. Lory, A. R. Archibald, V. C. Thomas, G. W. Shideler, I. M. Hargett, and E. C. Richards, the present minister.


The present officers of the church are Trustees S. A. Beason, G. L. Ellison, A. J. Davie, C. J. Robinson, James Rogers, Wm. Huxable, N. M. Layman.


Stewards: Mrs. A. J. Davie, Mrs. C. J. Robinson, Mrs. James Rogers, Mrs. Frank Point, H. M. Shook, J. R. Holtz, John Williams, C. A. Allison.


The enrollment of the church is one hundred and thirty-six.


The Sunday school, with an enrollment of one hundred and eight, has the following officers:  S. A. Beason, superintendent; Mary Holtz, secretary; Homer Ellison, treasurer.


Following are the officers of the Epworth League:  President, Jeanne Ellis; secretary, John Rogers; treasurer, Lyle Smith.  The enrollment is about thirty.


The ladies of the church have a Ladies' Aid society, with Mrs. Wm. Huxtable, president; Mrs. C. J. Robinson, secretary; and Mrs. J. C. Layman, treasurer.


The Methodist charge in Newell includes the Galbraith church appointment in the country.  The present trustees of this church are G. F. Peck, R. J. Paeper and F. J. Buss.


The stewards are:  Mrs. D. J. Marple, Mrs. Clara Miller, Mrs. F. J. Buss, R. J. Paeper, and G. F. Peck.


They have a Sunday school with an enrollment of seventy-five. R. J. Paeper is the superintendent, and Miss Bessie Bright the secretary.


Miss Opal Miner is president of the Epworth League, and Mrs. Clara Minier the president of the Ladies' Aid Society.


The enrollment of the church in town is one hundred and thirty-six, and that of the Galbraith church is about fifty-six.


Extracted from:  Wegerslev, C. H. and Thomas Walpole.  "Newell."  Past and Present of Buena Vista County, Iowa.  Chicago:  S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., 1909, p. 172.