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Nain Danish Lutheran Church, Newell
Confirmations, 1893-1899

After two years of study, usually at age 14 or older, a baptized youth of the church can participate in the rite of confirmation

1893 1896 1898
Capion, Fanny Berthelene Christensen, Marie Katrine Petra Andreasen, Andreas Jens
Haahr, Jorgen Thorlund Hansen, Peter Christian Bodholdt, Carrie Elizabeth
Mikkelsen, Madsine Christine Holm, Dorthea Marie Grau, Alfred Jorgen
Mikkelsen, Mariane Christine Pedersen, Kristine Marie Haahr, Jorgen
Petersen, Anne Laurine Sophia Schyltz, Valdemar Jensen, Helene Marie
Petersen, Karen Sophie   Jensen, Inger Caroline
    Madsen, Christine Margrete
  1897 Madsen, Niels Peter
1894   Nielsen, Julie Rasmine
  Aaroe, Christian Ericksen Rus, Christine
Bodholdt, Hans Aaroe, Marie Christine Rus, Johanne Kristine
Christensen, Hedvig Catrine Andersen, Clara Christine Rus, Niels Skov
Christiansen, Anders Christopher Andersen, Mette Marie  
Jensen, Niels Peter Bodholdt, Emil Niclaus  
Larsen, Anna Grau, Karen Marie 1899
Larsen, Anton Peter Haahr, Maria Katrine  
Larsen, Jens Christoffer Haahr, Metha Andersen, Jens Jorgen
Larsen, Latrine Jensen, Jorgen Andersen, Peter Karl
Nielsen, Wilhelmina Mikkelsen, Mikkel Poulsen Christiansen, Hans Christian
Pedersen, Hans Christian Rasmussen, Rasmus Theodore Christiansen, Jens Peter
Rasmussen, Bolette Marie Sorensen, Mette Christine Mathiasen, Laurine Marie
    Mikkelsen, Mads Christian
Andersen, Walter    
Haahr, Catrine    
Haahr, Thorvald    
Hemmingsen, Carl    
Jensen, Alfred    
Larsen, Laura    
Larsen, Willie    
Lauridsen, Walter