Buena Vista County, IA
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Alta United Methodist Church
Baptisms, 1881-1900

Transcribed by Sheryl McClure

Phillips, Viola Ethel born 9/29/1879 baptized 12/21/1881 d/o Wm. R. and E. J. Phillips

Phillips, Mary Edith born 10/16/ 1875 baptized 1/7/1882 d/o Richard and Alvina Phillips

Phillips, Anna Irena born 9/6/1877 baptized 1/7/1882 d/o Richard and Alvina Phillips

Phillips, Gertrude born 9/28/1877 baptized 1/7/1882 d/o Richard and Alvina Phillips

DeWitt, Milton (adult) baptized 1/8/1882

Milburn, Mary Ethel baptized 6/11/1882 d/o Wm. and Elizabeth Milburn

Kelly, Harry Stephen born 8/13/1882 baptized 11/16/1882 s/o G. and C. Kelly

Phillips, Bertha R. baptized 11/27/1883 d/o Wm. R. and E. J. Phillips

Phillips, Olive E. baptized 11/27/1883 d/o Wm. R. and E. J. Phillips

Foster, Mable L. baptized 6/2/1884 d/o Wm. and Lydia Foster

Preston, Rose A. born 6/25/1884 baptized 9/21/1884 d/o Wm. and Julia Preston

Ellen M. and Ester L. Christopherson, baptized 9/21/1884 daughters of Harald and Marie Christopherson

Tottman. Andrew B. (adult) baptized 11/29/1884

Morley, Dr. Herbert (adult) baptized 12/28/1884

Sultzer, Emma (adult) baptized 12/28/1884

Tutt, Anna B. born 10/6/1879 baptized 5/10/1885 d/o Theophilus and E. A. Tutt

Tutt, Sarah J. born 1/31/1882 baptized 5/10/1885 d/o Theophilus and E. A. Tutt

Reese, Mary A. (adult) baptized 9/20/1885

Reese, Emma (adult) baptized 9/20/1885

Maggs, Florence A. (adult) baptized 9/20/1885

Maggs, Dora J. (adult) baptized 9/20/1885

Darnell, Ida R. (adult) baptized 9/20/1885

Darnell, Minnie J. (adult) baptized 9/20/1885

Parker, Lillian E. (adult) baptized 9/20/1885

Porter, Harrison L. baptized 9/20/1885 son of Henry and Mary Porter

Saberson, Annie C. (adult) baptized 11/22/1885

Anderson, Walter Heman baptized 11/22/1885

Wilkinson, Noah C. (adult) baptized 11/22/1885

Wilkinson, Susan (adult) baptized 11/22/1885

Stout, Frank M. (adult) baptized 4/11/1886

Shell, Frank L. (adult) baptized 4/11/1886

Edwards, Frank C. (adult) baptized 4/11/1886

Conger, Ira (adult) baptized 4/11/1886

Darnell, Jessie L. (adult) baptized 4/11/1886

Bennett, Artie A. (adult) baptized 4/11/1886

Vanbuskirk, Flora M. (adult) baptized 4/11/1886

Vanbuskirk, Ellen E. (adult) baptized 4/11/1886

Bennett, Allice M. (adult) baptized 4/11/1886

Lovelice, Jennie M. (adult) baptized 4/11/1886

Cory, Mary E. (adult) baptized 4/11/1886

Briggs, Ida M. (adult) baptized 4/11/1886

Neal, Millie D. (adult) baptized 4/11/1886

Neal, Lettie (adult) baptized 4/11/1886

Wall, Herbert S. baptized 4/11/1886

Wall, Arthur W. baptized 4/11/1886

Vanbuskirk, Ida M. baptized 4/9/1886

Vanbuskirk, Alice baptized 4/9/1886

Vanbuskirk, Charles A. baptized 4/9/1886

Abbott, Sarah H. (adult) baptized 8/1/1886

Abbott, Mary (adult) baptized 8/1/1886

Parker, Frank L. (child) baptized 8/8/1886

Parker, Edith (child) baptized 9/11/1886

Parker, Lizzie B. (child) baptized 9/11/1886

Briggs, Josephine M. (adult) baptized 9/12/1886

Briggs, Edith T. (adult) baptized 9/12/1886

Neal, Gilbert R. (child) baptized 9/12/1886

Neal, Charles B. (child) baptized 9/12/1886

Neal, Richard A. (child) baptized 9/12/1886

Stout, Grace L. (adult) baptized 9/16/1886

Stout, Jennie O. (adult) baptized 9/16/1886

(page containing 1887 and most of 1888 missing)

Grange, Florence and Grange, Burt C., baptized 10/25/1888 children of F. and L. Grange

Five children of Mr. and Mrs. Walsh, baptized 8/2/1889 Child of Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Watts, baptized 8/2/1889

Keller, Rose Bell born 6/23/1889 baptized 3/3/1890 d/o M/M Godfred Keller

Ostrander, name not given, baptized 2/13/1891

Miller, Arthur W. born 6/22/1891 baptized 9/6/1891 s/o Wm. T. and Martha A. Miller

Abbott, Charles R. (adult) baptized 8/21/1892

Abbott, Morris (adult) baptized 8/21/1892

Porter, Eva B. (adult) baptized 7/24/1892

Vanbuskirk, Caroline E. (adult) baptized 8/6/1893

Vanbuskirk, Matilda J. (adult) baptized 8/6/1893 Bowers, Lille A. (adult) baptized 8/6/1893

Bowers, Lizzie C. (adult) baptized 8/6/1893

Parker, Grace Amelia (adult) baptized 8/6/1893

Holmes, Barbara (adult) baptized 8/6/1893

Gallaher, Franklin A. (adult) baptized 8/6/1893

Wheat, Wm. H. (adult) baptized 8/6/1893

Delay, Victor A. (adult) baptized 8/6/1893

Moser, Ella M. (adult) baptized 8/6/1893

Gallaher, Nellie Marie (adult) baptized 8/9/1893

Gallaher, Myrtle Emma (adult) baptized 8/9/1893

Gallaher, Frank Clifford baptized 8/9/1893 s/o Frank A. and Minnie S. Gallaher

Gallaher, Mabel Floy baptized 8/9/1893 d/o Frank A. and Minnie S. Gallaher

Wheat, Charles Albert baptized 8/9/1893 s/o Wm. H. and Ella V. Wheat

Wheat, Rolland E. baptized 8/9/1893 s/o Wm. H. and Ella V. Wheat

Briggs, Marcus Henry (adult) baptized 9/10/1893

Vanbuskirk, Nettie (adult) baptized 9/10/1893

Pierson, Ira M. (adult) baptized 9/10/1893

Garberson, Theresa Mabel (adult) baptized 9/16/1893

Evans, Dexter W. (adult) baptized 6/30/1894

Evans, Carrie Ellen (adult) baptized 6/30/1894

Hills, Fred Eaton (adult) baptized 6/30/1894

Mills, Daisy Mabel (adult) baptized 6/30/1894

Harding, Bessie E. (adult) baptized 6/30/1894

Thorpe, Dora Bell (adult) baptized 6/30/1894

Evans, Edith Clara (adult) baptized 7/1/1894

York, Elnora (adult) baptized 7/1/1894

Hills, Maud Edna (adult) baptized 7/1/1894

Parker, Lillian Janet (adult) baptized 7/1/1894

Wightman, Francs (adult) baptized 2/10/1895

Hughes, Guy (adult) baptized 9/15/1895

Hughes, Olive (adult) baptized 9/15/1895

Maggs, Myrtle (adult) baptized 1/17/1897

Holmes. Sadie (adult) baptized 5/2/1897

Holmes. Laura J. born 9/10/1890 baptized 5/2/1890 d/o Adam and Katie Holmes

Holmes, Forest A. born 3/20/1894 baptized 5/2/1890 s/o Adam and Katie Holmes

Converse, Birdie (adult) baptized 7/11/1897

Reese, Charles (adult) baptized 7/11/1897

Hills, Fred (adult) baptized 7/11/1897

Peterson, May Ida (adult) baptized 7/11/1897

Vanbuskirk, Lester (adult) baptized 7/11/1897

Carpenter, Frank (adult) baptized 7/11/1897

Maggs, Pearl (adult) baptized 7/11/1897

Fanning, Gertrude (adult) baptized 7/11/1897

Anderson, Maud (adult) baptized 7/11/1897

Prentice, Ruth Elizabeth born 9/19/1888 baptized 9/3/1897 d/o Mr. and Mrs. J. Prentice

Prentice, Nelly Sarah born 4/24/1896 baptized 9/3/1897 d/o Mr. and Mrs. J. Prentice

Carpenter, Mary Margarite born 9/19/1893 baptized 9/30/1897 d/o M/M David H. Carpenter

Tincknell, Minnie (adult) baptized 8/14/1898

Merten, Nellie (adult) baptized 8/14/1898

McWilliams. Mabel (adult) baptized 8/14/1898

McWilliams, Edith (adult) baptized 8/14/1898

Holmes, John baptized 8/14/1898 s/o James and Jennie Holmes

Converse, A. D. (adult) baptized 8/19/1898

Allen, Effie (adult) baptized 8/19/1898

Espe, Albert (adult) baptized 8/19/1898

Espe, Stanley Byron (child) baptized 8/19/1898

Stetson, A. L. (adult) baptized 9/18/1898

Stetson, Lucy (adult) baptized 9/18/1898

Stetson, Ernest (adult) baptized 9/18/1898

Rigdon, Edward (adult) baptized 2/24/1899

Tincknell, Florence Emeline baptized 1/3/1899 d/o Frank and Bessie Tincknell

Tutt, George (adult) baptized 7/16/1899

Barnes, Mary A. (adult) baptized 7/16/1899

Vanbuskirk, Jesse (adult) baptized 7/16/1899

Jamison, Charles (adult) baptized 7/16/1899

Jamison, Lucy (adult) baptized 7/16/1899

McWilliams, Robert Michael baptized 8/16/1899 s/o M/M M. R. McWilliams

McWilliams, Velma Belle baptized 8/16/1899 d/o M/M M. R. McWilliams

McWilliams, Clarence Leroy baptized 8/16/1899 s/o M/M M. R. McWilliams

McWilliams, Lucy Irene baptized 8/16/1899 d/o M/M M. R. McWilliams

Baines, Ella Mabel (adult) baptized 4/29/1900

Mikkelson, Comart (adult) baptized 4/29/1900

Kramer, Lizzie (adult) baptized 6/3/1900

Kramer, Mary (adult) baptized 6/3/1900

Kramer, Louie (adult) baptized 6/3/1900

Kramer, Joseph born 4/27/1889 baptized 6/3/1900 s/o John and Minnie Kramer

Gray, Minnie Lucretia baptized 6/3/1900 d/o John and Alvina Gray

Gray, Ruth Alvina baptized 6/3/1900 d/o John and Alvina Gray

Roop, J. E. (adult) baptized 6/5/1900