Class of 1887 Class of 1888 Class of 1890 Class of 1893 Class of 1894 Class of 1895
Mattie Fosdick Dottie Bell Richard Bordner May Laird Raleigh Buckmaster Bertha Cornage
Edward Lown Ada Graham Nellie Chesbro Mary Rich Myrta Burrell Floyd Davis
A.C. Sayles Ivadell Laird Frank Dickinson Della Rice James Elliot Gae Kimball
  Marian Jenks Mayme Harris Frank Skinner Elsie Franklin Bell McKibben
  Ada Muncey Lena Kenyon Pearl Stewart Charles Moore Bertha Straley
  Josie Parker Niver Lown   J.D. Robinson Ida Udal
  Linda Underwood Virginia Underwood   Gates Underwood Vernon Underwood
          Charles Young



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