Wapsi Graduating Class 1926  

The Independence High School



Fred Agnew Lyle Bantz Leslie Bechter Leland Black Shirley Brooks Lydia Busse
Erna Andrews Olma Barclay John Belegrade Dorothy Black Eva Burr  


Howard Christiansen Fred Cochran Gladys Day Richard Dodge Marie Finely Hazel Frank Sophia Frank
Mae Circus Harold Crowell Dale Durr Ermal Faulkner Pearl Finely Barger Frank  


Martha Glouek Mildred Hale Frances Kayser Lois Lorenzen
Raymond Gray Harry Holland Eugene Lane  


Mary McKeever Clyde Marshall Etta Meyer Thelma Miller Hazel Peterson Agnes Preble
Vergie Marling Laurence McDonnell Corrine Miller Dala Moore Rose Potts  


Ruth Ramsey Tom Rogers Ruth Slemmons
Scott Rigsby Wayne Slaughter Elisa Sorenson


Alice Tabor Ella Tate Iva Tull Leona Williams
Robert Tapper Irene Till Marian Wilcox  

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