Local paper in 1929


The pageant

 “The Conflict of the Seasons,” was presented at the Jesup school Wednesday  under the direction of a Riceville girl, Miss Regina Gilles, instructor in music and physical training, and it was an event that “made history” for the school.  Hundreds of patrons and friends were in attendance.  First on the program was the processional in honor of the queen, Vivian McMartin.  Next the pageant honoring the queen; the conflict of 1929; the struggle of the four winds; the high school girls; “Winter,” his snowflakes and icicles (Catherine Catlin and second and third grades); overtures of the May queen and the summons of the nations---“Italy, Tarantella” (high school girls), “Denmark, with Danish dance of greetings” (Scottish, 6th grade), Finland, bound heart” (junior high), “Ireland (first grade), “Scotland, highland Irish Lilt” (sophomore girls), “Norway, Swedish mountain march“ (fourth grade), “Germany, kinder polka” (third grade), “France, chimes of Dunkirk” (second grade), “Russia, folk dance” (junior high), “Midwesterns, Pop Goes the Weasel”, (sixth grade), “Westerns (fifth and sixth grades, junior high school). Crowning of the May queen, dance of the May pole in honor of the queen, the spring pageant of 1929 went out in a blaze of glory, fading into a balmy summer of pleasant memory.  It was, indeed, a credit to the teachers, pupils and the Jesup consolidated school .

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