Spanish American War      
In Independence, on June 2nd, 1898, the following company was mustered
into the United States services as Company E of the Forty-ninth Iowa

Early in December, 1898, the second division of the Seventh Army
Corps consisting of about seven thousand men of which company E was a
part, and under command of Gen. Fitz Hugh Lee, had received orders to
embark for Cuba on Tuesday, December 8th, and landed in Havana on the
23d day of December.  Company E remained on duty in the City of Havana
for several weeks, also patrolling regions outside the city.  Word was
received that they would soon be mustered out, and on April 8, 1899
they left Cuba, arriving back in the United States two days later.

Below is a complete muster roll of Company E with the highest title
attained by each member during the enlistment:
Captain Hubert A. Allen Independence
First Lieutenant Mitchell B. O'Brien Independence
Second Lieutenant Raymond P. Snow Independence
Second Lieutenant Frank A. Litts Independence



First Sergeant H. D. Chapman Independence
Sergeant Robert T. Crawford Independence
Second Sergeant C. G. Herrick Independence
Sergeant Dolph A. Huene Independence
Third Sergeant W. H. Raymond Independence
Sergeant Frank G. Romig Independence
Fourth Sergeant E. F. Stevenson Independence
Fifth Sergeant L. M. Freeman Independence
Sergeant Frank F. Parker Independence
Sergeant Harry Voorhees Monticello
Sergeant Dan Leatherman Independence
Corporal Charles H. Becker Independence
Corporal Raleigh E. Buckmaster Jesup
Corporal A. F. Dunham Manchester
Corporal L. Elgin Elliott Brandon
Corporal James J. Fitzgerald Fairbank
Corporal Ledyard M. Freeman Independence
Corporal Barney M. Gibson Independence
Corporal Jesse E. Griffith Independence
Corporal Frank Hageman Eagle Grove
Corporal William A. Houser Manchester
Corporal Clinton E. Howell Independence
Corporal James P. McGuire Independence
Corporal Guy E. Miller Independence
Corporal Jesse H. Montgomery Des Moines
Corporal Jerald B. Paul Manchester
Corporal John W. Petrie Independence
Corporal J. Dell Skinner Manchester
Corporal Orville D. Wescott Gladbrook
Corporal Jesse O. Young Manchester
Musician Walter Mitchell Oelwein
Musician Bert Slaughter Winthrop
Musician Elbert P. Trowbridge Manchester
Wagoner R. M. Dawes Independence
Wagoner Oliver D. Marquette Independence
Artificer Ray H. Thompson Independence
Artificer Arthur D. Van Eman Jesup
Cook Joseph F. Imholtz Dyersville

S. N. Adams Rowley
W. W. Armstrong North English
C. R. Brandt Dubuque
John Budn Dyersville
Frank Burns Independence
John  Christiansen Independence
J. T. Condon Chamberlain, S. D
G. F. Cross Manchester
J. M. Cunningham Bancroft
C. H. Decker Jesup
C.A. Dickerson Jesup
 W. E. Dorman Manchester
A. E. Dornes Dyersville
C. D. Elder Manchester
James Elliott Jesup
W. M. Geist Independence
W. E. Glenny Independence
H. L. Golden Jesup
Mons Granning Thor
P. J. Greany Independence
R. E. Guernsey Independence
A. L. Hartman Jesup
C. C. Heath Manchester
C. W. Helmick Independence
Benjamin Hieber Cedar Falls
G. C. Hintz Independence
George W. Ishmael St. Paul, Minn
William Ives Independence
C. E. Jones Independence
J. R. King Hazleton
James Leehey Fairbank
George D. Lepien Fargo, Mich
Edward W. Lizer Jesup
Commodore P. Lusk Manchester
Roy A. Luther Independence
Frank J. McKray Greeley
George H. Malvern Manchester
William J. Malvin Manchester
William Marks Thorpe
Nels Martinsen Des Moines
Walter D. Mattice Hazleton
Curt Mellis Hazleton
Alvin Menzel Delaware
John Metzler Earlville
C. A. Miller Manchester
R. C. Moffett Hudson
R. E. Moffit Jesup
Delos Moore  Manchester
George Muxlow Independence
L. F. E. Nehls Independence
R. W. E. Nehls Independence
C. J. Nelson Independence
O. E. Nelson Independence
Lawrence O'Brien Independence
Floyd A. Peet Lamont
John R. Preble Hazleton
E. M. Price Otterville
Christopher Quigley Fairbank
J.W. Ray Greeley
Max E. Rehberg Rowley
L. V. Roberts Independence
F. W. Shafer Sunnyside, Ohio
Albert Staehle Earlville
D.E. Taylor Jesup
P. L. Thomas Independence
H. E, Tunks Jesup
F. R. Washburn Independence
R. S. Washburn Independence
A. J. Webber Manchester
M. A. Wolcott Independence


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