Vietnam War                        

Thank you all you wonderful men who fought and died for our country in a most difficult war. May you never be forgotten.

The following is a list of the men who were born in Buchanan county, whose names are on the Wall. If you know of those that should be listed, please contact me.

Name. Birth Hometown
Terry Allen Chase.  08-25-46  Stanley, Ia
Cecil Roger Clayton  05-30-47  Fairbank, Ia
Duane Alan Clefisch  05-11-50  Hazleton, Ia
John Milton Cone  07-19-43  Independence, Ia
Michael Lee Ewing  01-15-47  Independence, Ia
Gerald Thomas Fettkether  01-19-46  Jesup, Ia
Ralph Bernard Gerken.  12-01-47  Winthrop, Ia
Cecil Chancey Olsen  01-05-51  Rowley, Ia
Arnold Ralph Palmer  10-19-43  Independence, Ia
Richard Joseph Payne  12-20-47  Quasqueton, Ia
Martin John Reidy  04-04-47  Independence, Ia
Robert John Schares  06-05-48  Jesup, Ia
Frank Lynn Staton.  09-17-49  Winthrop, Ia

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