5th Regiment Iowa Volunteers, Company E:       

Captain Lee’s company, Company E of Fifth Regiment of the Volunteer Infantry, was enrolled in Buchanan County, ordered into quarters by the governor of the state, June 29, 1861; mustered into the service of the United States by Lieut. Alexander Chambers, United States Army at Burlington, July 15, 1861, under the proclamation of the President of the United States bearing date May 3, 1861.

Commissioned Officers:

 Captain, Daniel S. Lee

1st Lieutenant, George C. Jordan

1st Lieutenant, Alexander B. Lewis

2nd Lieutenant, William S. Marshall

2nd Lieutenant, Carlos L. White

1st Sergeant, Carlos L. White

1st Sergeant, Thomas Blonden

2nd Sergeant, Kesley L. Marlin

2nd Sergeant, William S. Peck

3rd Sergeant, Charles F. Putney

4th Sergeant, Alexander B. Lewis

4th Sergeant, William Bunce

5th Sergeant, William S. Peck

5th Sergeant, Jerry Rea

1st Corporal, Cyrus J. Reed

1st Corporal, Joseph H. McWilliams

2nd Corporal, Eugene A. Woodruff

2nd Corporal, Julius F. Phelps

3rd Corporal, Joseph H. McWilliams

3rd Corporal, Frank Noble

4th Corporal, Oscar J. M. Fuller

4th Corporal, Simon L. Shultz

5th Corporal, Julius F. Phelps

5th Corporal, John B. Oliver

6th Corporal, Frank Noble

6th Corporal, William Codling

7th Corporal, Leroy F. Funk

7th Corporal, John Jarrett

8th Corporal, Charles F. Putney

8th Corporal, Calvin C. Pattee

Musician, William H. Brown

Wagoner, Henry Mc Queen




David Allen, Samuel C. Allison, Joseph Anson


Madison J. Bryan, William Bunce, James Bell, William W. Baughman, Daniel H. Bill, Charles F. Bailey


William H.H. Coats, Solomon J. Clark, William S. Cushman, Elijah Chillester, William Crawford, William Codling, A.M. Conkling


John A. Davis, Thomas Donnelly

Almon J. Francis


Albert R. Goss, James B. Gaylord, John C. Geyer


James Harrigan, Martin Hallock, Morgan Holmes, Sanford Hamilton


John Jarrett, William F. Johnson


Admin B. Kinsel. Francis H. Kessler, Wilbur F. Kellogg


Castleton Leatherman


Simmens P. Mead, John W. Marlin, Charles Marsh, Charles A. Marsh, James G. McKenzie, Rev. John W. McWilliams, Alexander Munger


John B. Oliver, Levy Overhulser


Noah Porter, William R. Peters, Calvin C. Pattee, Peter Putnam, Thomas C. Puckett, James C. Perham, William Payne


Thomas Robinson, Samuel A. Reed, Jackson Rice, John Richards, Edward Roderick, Jerry Rea, Moses H. Robinson, Jackson Rice, George Sellers, John Shay, James Stack, Rufus W. Safford, Oliver Safford, George B. Sitler, Simon L. Shulz, Heman Sprague, William H. Sayre, Henry W. Snider, Hela C. Sprague, John Snider


John H. Towle


Alvin R. Wheeler, James B. Wolf, C.W. Waggoner, Omar R. Whitman, Richard Whait, Nathan Wheeler, Rynear M. Walker, Westley Williams, Mahlon Williams, Stephen R. Washburn.


Additional enlistments up to January 1, 1863, John C. McCray.


Three of our volunteers were not accepted—William Sherwood on account of a bad hand, Mr. Clark of Littleton, who was over age, and T. Fleming, of Fremont Township, was too young.

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