9th Regiment, the Light Infantry, Iowa        

Enrolled in the County of Buchanan; went into quarters at Dubuque, July 30, 1861; mustered into the service of the United States by Capt. C. Washington, United States. Army, on the twenty-fifth of September, 1861, under the proclamation of the President dated July 23, 1861.                                                                           

                                                                                                                                                                                              The Light Infantry, 9th Regiment, elected officers at Camp Union, and the following is a complete list of all the members this company had during the war:   

Commissioned Officers

Captain, Jared M. Hord

Captain, Hiram C. Bull

1st Lieutenant, Hiram C. Bull

1st Lieutenant, Nathan Rice

1st Lieutenant, Robert W. Wright

1st Lieutenant, Jacob P. Sampson

2nd Lieutenant, William Scott

2nd Lieutenant, Nathan Rice

2nd Lieutenant, Robert W. Wright

2nd Lieutenant, Jacob P. Sampson

2nd Lieutenant, Edmund C. Little


Non-commissioned Officers

1st Sergeant, Robert W. Wright

1st Sergeant, Jacob P. Sampson

1st Sergeant, Edmund C. Little

2nd Sergeant, Nathan Rice

3rd Sergeant, David V. Coe

3rd Sergeant, Edmund C. Little

3rd Sergeant, Hiram Holdridge

4th Sergeant, Billings Davis

5th Sergeant, R. T. Bain

5th Sergeant, Charles G. Curtis

1st Corporal, James M. Elson

2nd Corporal, Charles N. Bennett

3rd Corporal, Ezra T. Rust

4th Corporal, James H. Merrill

5th Corporal, Jacob D. Sanders

6th Corporal, Fred M. Wilbur

7th Corporal, Charles W. Sarchet

8th Corporal, Edmund C. Little

Musician, Alpheus Losey

Wagoner, David Greek



William Allison, E.J. Allen, Marsena Allen, Isaac Arwine, William Adams, George M. Abbott, Perry Allspraugh


Thomas J. Barber, J.H. Bower, Jesse Barnett, John C. Brown, Adelbert C. Bellus


Thomas Cress, L.D. Curtis, Isaac G. Chase, Valentine Cates, John Cartwright, Wesley Curtis


William Decker, Billings Davis


J.E. Elson, Alonzo K. Engle, John Engreman


J.H. Ford, Julius Furcht, Edwin Fary, Enoch Fary, Reuben E. Freeman, George Freyberthauser


N.A. Green, William C. Gillum


Nelson Hovey, Theodore Hyde, C.A. Hobert, Stephen Holman, Isaac N. Holman, Vinson Holman, Eli Holland


Henry Jones


Silas E. King, John M. King, Benjamin Klopp


James Leatherman, Orlando F. Lucky, Alpheus Losey


Daniel Pangburn, E.U. Patchen, Enoch Platt, B.W. Powers, William Pope, L.A. Persall, Isaiah Perdue


Philip Ritterman, Henry Reynolds, Russell Rouse, Reuben Rouse, G.Q. Rust, Darwin Rich, Aham K. Robbins, Samuel Robbins, John Rodgers


David Steele, James Steele, Charles W. Sarchett, George W. Sayre, R.R. Stoneman, James M. Sparlinh, Jacob P. Sampson, Thomas Smith, James A. Sutton


George A. Turner, Royal Taylor, W.D. Thayer, Albert Utterbeck, P. Vanderbilt, William Willey, H.P. Wilbur, William Whisnand, R.M. Whitlock, Pierce Walton, Adonin J. Windsor, John H. Young.


Additional enlistments up to January 1, 1863:  D.E. Godfrey, William A. Jones.


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