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Used by permission of the Bulletin Journal Conservative from the 1955 Conservative Centennial issue

723 Men Went Off to Battle and 121 Died in Action or of Disease

A number of years ago a committee of three men was appointed to compile a list of Buchanan county men who served during the Civil War. Named to the committee were E. M. Thompson, R. J. O'Brien and J. L. Cherny. This committee with the assistance of G. H. Jakway of Aurora and Job Burnes of Dubuque, compiled a complete list showing the names of county men who served with the Union Army during the Civil War.

In this war 121 county men were either killed in action or died while in service. There were 60 of the men wounded; six of the men were listed as missing in action; and eight were taken prisoner by Southern forces. The causes of death were many. The majority of the men killed died on the battlefields while fighting the enemy forces. Others were taken prisoner and died and there were a number who suffered such diseases as jaundice, typhoid fever, smallpox, dysentery, diarrhea and pneumonia and subsequently died.

One was killed in a railroad collision and there were several who died of accidental wounds or who died during furlough.

Following is a list of the men from this county who died during the Civil War:


Edwin J. Allen, John H. Brown, Edwin Fary, William C. Gillum, John Olar, Henry H. Romig.

Buffalo Grove

William Allison, David Clark, William H. Sayre.


Hiram G. Balcom, John H. Ford, John W. Kelsey, John C. or W. McCray, Walter S. Munger, Washington Richmond, George A. Turner, Bynear M. Walker.


Andrew L. Cassade, George Parkes, Allen Ware.

Madison Township

John V. Osborne.

Otter Creek

Milton Milsap.

Pilot Grove

Charles K. Baldwin, John Campbell, Edwin Everett, Elihu Weeaks.


Albert C. Alford, Amos Andrews, Joseph H. Blank, Henry French, Jacob Glass, James Holland, William F. Holland, Theodore W. Hyde, Castleton Leatherman, John McBane, Joseph H. McWilliams, Joseph Moore.

Wards Corners

William Kenyon, Omar P. Whitman.

Washington Township

Preston A. Rhinehart.


Bartimeus McGonigil, John A. Tift.


Marsena Allen, Charles Appel, Isaac Arwine, Robert Y. Baine, Alfred Barber, James Bell, Thomas Bloden, Warren Bouck, Sylvender W. Bowker, John Buch, William B. Burris.

Robert Carnes, Charles H. Coleman, James Crum, Orin J. Curtis, Charles Fisheh, Reuben Freeman, Electus L. Frizelle, Julius Furcht, John H. Ginther.

Matthias Harter, George W. Hathaway, Vinson Hollridge, Francis Howe, George C. Jordan, Alexander B. Lewis, Leroy Lewis, Charles Marsh, James H. Merrill, Levi Overhulser, Lewis A. Persall.

Jackson Rice, Oliver Safford, John W. Sanders, Charles Spragg John W. Stewart, Benjamin Sutton, Richard Whait, David E. Wheeler, John H. Young.

Buchanan County

Renaslaer W. Barr, Robert Beith, James H. Booth, Matthias Brandenburg, Joseph Brown, Charles Conlon, Franklin B. Fredenburg, Peter Gifford, Allen A. Harden, Henry Hepshire, Charles H. Hightman, William O. Hill, James Hitchings, Vinson Holman, George Hoyt.

David N. Jewett, Willard H. King, Thompson Lewis, William L. Lewis, Nelson Lines, David McGowan, Thomas H. Magill, William H. Magill, Reuben G. Merrill, Sr., William Milligan, William B. Minton, Carr W. Mosher.

Henry Samuels, Ira C. Scott, Daniel H. Spears, william H. Sutton, Hiram N. Thurston, James A. Walton, William P. Warren.

No Address Given

Hira Hollridge, Edwin L. Marsh, Bird Norton, Edwin T. Plimpton.


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