This Abandoned cemetery is located on land owned by Robert Harting. Charles Hilton

states there was a church established in 18865/1868 across the street from the store

and he believes the graves were of people associated with the church membership.

The church has since burnt down.  He remembers a Brown family plot and believes

there were 4 or 5 burials. He, along with Fred Wynn, remembers 1 or 2 family plots

with picket fences around them.

When walked in 1976 there were three broken headstones and 1 footstone. The

following information is a combination of stone information and information

received from Bill Reedy, and WPA records.


Coon Mariah H..  B: None Given  D: 27 Oct 1860,  29y  6m  24 d.  W/o Aaron Coon.

Coon Melvin A.    B: None Given  D: 8 Jun 1857,  M. A. C.   1y  5m  4d,  S/o A./ M.


Dodge George O.   B: None Given  D: 3 Jan 1865 G. O. D. in the 38th year of his life.

?-ichard Emma J.  B: None Given  D:  9 Sep 1861, 1 y 2m 25d,  dau/o  G. H./R,. L.


?-id Margaret    B: None Given  D:  30 Sep 1865,  17y 9m 5d, dau/o B./J.



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