Boise Norton "Hatch" Cemetery

Liberty Twp. Section 32



The Boise - Norton "Norton" Cemetery is the oldest know cemetery in Buchanan County.

The Independence Conservative of June 9, 1927 tells of J. J. Wheeler

  visiting the old cemetery close to the iron bridge near Quasqueton. At that time

     it was called the "Hatch" Cemetery. It had already been abandoned many years.

 The article states many burials were made there during the Civil War years. At a

  later date several elderly residents living in the area of the cemetery stated that

  most of the burials had been moved to the Quasqueton and Rowley Cemeteries.

     Mr. J. J. Wheeler copied the following inscriptions from the stones still readable

        in 1927. Others known to be buried there are as follows:  Mrs. James Ida Talbutt & Charles Butler.


Name Birth Date Death Date Age Information
Maleta Colvin No date 7 Jan 1896 34 yrs wf /o  W. A. Colvin
S. L. King No date 11 Dec 1863 20 yrs  2m  21d  
Annatta Norton No date 11 Apr 1863 2yrs  7m  24d dau/o  R. A. Norton
Ida A. Washburn No date 21 Oct 1871 18 yrs  
Mary E. Forest No date 14 Sept 1866 2 yrs 11m.19d dau/ o  J. & H. H. Forest
Cole No date No date    
 Lucy May Miller No date 11 Apr 1869 11 Apr 1869 dau / o  J. R. & H. Miller
Elizabeth M. Norton No date 18 Mar 1856 23 10m dau /o Justin Norton

When walked in 1979, Elizabeth Norton's stone was the only remaining stone.


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