This was the first cemetery in Jefferson twp (1853) and is located on land owned by Joseph Erger (1979).

 It was originally composed of 3 acres of land. The first burial was a little girl named Pella, who burned to death.

Log houses lined the road going to the cemetery.

Name Birth Date Death Date Age of Given
Albert Eva None Given 8 Nov 1855 6 yrs  2m   dau/o  N. & M. Albert
Albert William M. None Given None Given  1 yr  11m  son/o  M.A. & E. Albert
Blair Phebe A. None Given None Given dau/o  J. S. & S. Blair
Boon Daniel 16 Feb 1775 19 Nov 1854  
Frink Benjamin F. None Given 16 Feb 1855 2 yrs  6m  6d  Son/o L. F. & J. Frink
Frink Clara R. None Given 25 June 1855 1m  23d  dau/o  L. F. &  J. Frink
Frink Cyntha J. None Given 23 Feb 1855 1 yr  3m dau/o  L. F. &  J. Frink
Harsha Diane V. None Given 10 Sept 1856 23 yrs 10m 14d  wf/o G. W. Harsha
Harsha James None Given 18 July 1856 1 yr  11m  16 d  son/o  G. W. & D. V. Harsha
Reitermann Charles None Given 22 July 1854 43 yrs  4m  20d
Smith Francis (Rev.) None Given 16 Aug 1873 56 yrs  9m
Stainbrook Barnard None Given 1 May 1858 3wks  son/o  D. C. Stainbrook
Stainbrook David B. 3 July 1865 None Given 39 yrs  10m  5d
Stainbrook Jacob Willard None Given 12 Nov 1853 3m  9d  s0n/o D. B. & Mary Stainbrook
Stainbrook Mary None Given 2 Apr 1855 ? wf/o  David Stainbrook
Youndt Mary Jane None Given 18 Feb 1855 1 yr  11m  1d  dau/o Frederick & M. J.
Youndt Matilda Jane None Given None Given 24 yrs  6m 17d  wf/o  Frederick Youndt


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