1882  Business Directory:
                                                     Winthrop, Buchanan Co., Iowa		                  


         WINTHROP. Contains 300 inhabitants and is situated on the I. div. I.C.R.R. 
           in Buchanan county, 61 miles west of Dubuque and 8 east of Independence (c.h) 
         The school here is a graded public and the churches are Congregational and 
   Baptist. Shipments, grain and stock. Daily stage to Quasqueton. Exp. ,
Am. Tel. W.U. Mail, daily. W. Woodworth, postmaster.

Chamberlain M A, drugs.
Dodd H C, express and real estate agent.
Ferguson J P, Wagonmaker.
Ferguson M J, blacksmith
Foster A P, hotel propr.
Fox & Johnston, druggists.
Heldrith Wayne, general store.
Heldrith & Chesley, live stock.
Hovey D W, hardware.
Jack Alexander, boots and shoes.
Kirpatric John, blacksmith.
Kirpatric Wm, blacksmith.
Owen J D, boots and shoes.
Palmetier & Pullz, general store.
Risk Alexander, grain and produce.
Ryder & Metcalf, grain and lumber.
Scoville C W, hotel propr.
Spemgler George, live stock.
Titus G E, livery.
Woodworth A E, grocer

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