1860 Buchanan County Office Holders

Name Office Held
Edward Brewer Clerk of District Court
W. G. Donnan County Treasurer
B. C. Hale Sheriff
D.C. Merrill County Surveyor
Bennett Roberts County Superintendent
S. T. W. Tabor County Judge


1860 Buchanan Postmasters


Post Offices



N. Baldwin


T. W. Boardman

Perry Valley

L. J. Dunlap


A. B. Edwards


Henry Grinn


S. W. Hardin


Wm. Marshall


L. Moore


A. Richardson

Buffalo Grove

W. Sparks


R. C. Walton


Jas. B. Ward


S. Whitney




Bryantsburg, just a few miles south of Hazleton, is now a trailer court, houses and some wildlife land.

Hamerville was located east of Brandon at the intersection of Highway 150. Today, the site is the location of three farmhouses.

Vista, was once located between Brandon and Independence. It appeared on maps frequently until the 1950s. This site is not even accessible by a paved road/roads.

Kier,  was between Fairbank and Littleton. It appeared on maps in the 1800s and early 1900s. The area is now settled by Amish colonies. 

There  were towns named Middlefield that existed southeast of Winthrop, but are unpopulated today.

Newtonville was located just a few miles south of Monti in Buchanan County.

The remaining houses at Castleville were later moved to Aurora.

Wise, was located between Independence and Jesup just north of Highway 939. It was a train-stop between the 1920s and the 1950s and very little remains at the site.

Kiene, founded in 1911 between Quasqueton and Monti, was empty by 1955. Few or no houses remain at or on any of these sites.

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