Buchanan County Military Land Grants For Soldier

War of 1812

Name Regiment Granted To
Aiken, Samuel 37th Regiment United States Infantry Samuel Aiken
Barney, John United States Army John Barney
Baum, Samuel 1st Regiment Maryland Militia Samuel Baum
Bidwell, Barnabas Massachusetts Militia Barnabas Bidwell
Bowler, Robert Duval's Company Virginia Militia Robert Bowler
Branchard, David Page's Company Massachusetts Militia David Branchard
Bray, James H. 31st Regiment United States Infantry James H. Bray
Carpenter, James 1st Regiment Virginia Militia James Carpenter
Cassill, Abraham Ohio Militia Abraham Cassill
Chew, Samuel 16th Regiment United States Infantry Samuel Chew
Christman, David 2nd Regiment Ohio Militia David Christman
Colladay, Wm Meyer's Company Pennsylvania Militia Wm. Colladay
Collyer, Jonathan 1st Regiment Massachusetts Militia Jonathan Collyer
Cooley, John Davis Company Ohio Militia John Cooley
Coring, Edward 25th Regiment United States Infantry Edward Coring
Coutnant, Peter Weld's Company New York Militia Peter Coutnant
Cox, Joseph 32nd Regiment United States Infantry Joseph Cox
Curran, Arthur Robinson's Company Pennsylvania Volunteers Arthur Curran
DeWitt, James 23rd Regiment Unites States Infantry James DeWitt
Diggs, George 61st Regiment Virginia Militia George Diggs
Doon, Jacob Seals' Company Virginia Militia Jacob Doon
Donally, Michael Piper's Company Pennsylvania Militia Michael Donally
Ellis, Wm 13th Regiment Kentucky Militia Wm. Ellis
Emerson, Nathaniel Steven's Company New York Militia Nathaniel Emerson
Frink, Thomas Felt's Company New York Militia Thomas Frink
Gerau, Frederick New York Militia Frederick Gerau
Gilles, Theodore 1st Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers Theodore Gilles
Glenn, John Rampley's Company Maryland Militia John Glenn
Glenn, Joshua Rampley's Company Maryland Militia Joshua Glenn
Greely, Joel 11th Regiment United States Infantry Joel Greely
Grips, Wm. Virginia Militia Wm. Grips
Guillander, Emile New York Militia Emile Guillander
Haskell, Daniel New York Militia Daniel Haskell
Haskell, Samuel C. Piece's Company New York Artillery Samuel C. Haskell
Hawley, Irad Morgan's Company New York Artillery Irad Hawley
Henderson, John 3rd Regiment Virginia Militia John Henderson
Henry, James C. Rowland's Company Michigan Militia Patriot War James C. Henry
Ilgenfritz, Daniel Maryland Militia Daniel Ilgenfritz
Jones, Jabish 2nd Regiment Virginia Militia Jabish Jones
Jones, Jacob 1st Regiment Maryland Militia Jacob Jones
Keller, Martin 1st Regiment Ohio Militia Martin Keller
Kesler, Samuel 3rd Regiment Ohio Militia Samuel Kesler
Kisler, John 27th Regiment United States Infantry John Kisler
Lipscomb, Warren 87th Regiment Virginia Militia Warren Lipscomb
Ludlow, Thomas New York Artillery Thomas Ludlow
Ludwig, John Lyle's Company Virginia Militia John Ludwig
Lynch, Thomas 1st Regiment Virginian Militia Thomas Lynch
McGlaughlin, James McLean's Company Pennsylvania Militia James McGlaughlin
McNutt, James 25th Regiment United States Infantry James McNutt
McPherson, John United States Sea Fencilbes John McPherson
McPike, Jesse Tennessee Volunteers Jesse McPike
Paine, Barnabas Russell's Company New York Militia Barnabas Paine
Perry, Eliakim Barber's Company New York Militia Eliakim Perry
Pillars, Daniel 1st Regiment Pennsylvania Militia Daniel Pillars
Potter, Benjamin Cole's Company Maryland Militia Benjamin Potter
Potterf, Joseph Hendrick's Company Ohio Militia Joseph Potterf
Remely, George Snyder's Company, Pennsylvania Militia George Remely
Rice, Elijah Wheeler's Company New York Volunteers Elijah Rice
Scott, Wm. New York Volunteers Wm. Scott
Shaw, Smith New Jersey Militia Smith Shaw
Smith, Daniel (Captain) New York Militia Daniel Smith (Captain)
Smith, George 27th Regiment Maryland Militia George Smith
Stough, George Linn's Company Pennsylvania Militia George Stough
Trites, Casper 1st Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers Casper Trites
Vanetten, James Dunn's Company New Jersey Militia James Vanetten
Wagoner, Joseph McGill's Company Virginia Militia Joseph Wagoner
Walke, Edwin Virginia Militia Edwin Walke
Warren, Wm. (Lt, Colonel) New York Militia Wm. Warren (Lt. Colonel)
Waters, Nathaniel Massachusetts Militia Nathaniel Waters
Welch, Henry Hubbard's Company Connecticut Militia Henry Welch
Wells, Wm. Virginia Militia Wm. Wells
Whitckcar, Asa Clark's Company Ohio Militia Asa Whitckcar
White, John Huston's Company Pennsylvania Militia John White
Wilcox, John 9th Regiment New York Militia John Wilcox
Wild, Michael Richardson's Company Pennsylvania Militia Michael Wild


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