Children of Erasmus Frizell / Frizelle and Sarah Sawyer were:

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Electus Litchfield Frizelle, (246)

Emily " Emma Ď Hackett


Electus Litchfield Frizelle, (246)

b. 29 Nov. 1832, Licking County, Ohio

d. 10 Sept. 1907, Nevada, Vernon County, Missouri, almost 75 years of age interment Deepwood Cemetery, Nevada, Missouri. head stone reads " E. L. Frizell, Co. "C", 27th. Inf.( He left no Will), (location: 800 S. Washington St at Barr St., Nevada, Missouri)

m. 2 Apr. 1859, New Woodstock, Cazenovia, Madison Co. NY; Emily " Emma" Hackett, m. record , Delphi, Onondaga Co., NY

occupation: Carpenter & Wagon Maker. He was an outstanding carpenter, several of the homes he constructed in Independence, & Rippey , Greene Co., Iowa & Nevada, Vernon County, Missouri and Iowa are still standing today (2005)

Son of Erasmus Frizell / Frizelle & Sarah Sawyer

* 1832-1834 : Lived in Ohio from 1832-1834, with his parents Erasmus / Emma Frizelle

* 1840: US Federal Census, Cazenovia, New York: Frizzle, Erasmus: 1 male 5-10 ( Electus) , 1 male 30-40; 3 females under 5, (Eliza Ann, Elizabeth, Elzina), 1 female 10-15, 1 female 30-40

* 1850: United States Federal Census, Cazenovia [New Woodstock ], Madison Co., NY: Frizelle, Erasmus, age 49 years, Farmer, b. NY; Sarah, wife, age 40, b. Penn.; Electus, son, age 17, b. Ohio; Eliza Ann, age 15, b. NY; Elizabeth, age 14, b. NY; Elzina , age 10, b. NY; Erasmus B., age 8, b. NY; Emily, S., age 6, b. NY; Ellen E., age 4, b. NY; one other person living in household, John Goodale [relationship Cousin ? ]

1860, July 18 : United States Federal Census, town of Pompay, Onondaga Co., NY, : Frizelle, Electus, age 26, Master Carpenter, value of real Estate 400, personal 100, place of b. NY; Emma, wife, age 21, b. NY; Clark, son, age 1 year b. NY

Note: John & Polly Hackett , Emilyís parents are living next door and Charles Sheldon Emilyís uncle

1861: Electus, his wife and his fathers family [Erasmus Frizelle] all removed to Independence, Buchanan Co., Iowa.

1862, August 26: Electus & Erasmus Frizelle are listed as privates in Captain Millers company. The company was at first designated as Company "C" but this name was given to Captain Nobleís company and the former Company "C" became Company "H". Both companies were in the twenty-seventh Iowa infantry. They were ordered by governor Kirkwood to rendezvous at Camp Franklin, Dubuque, August 26, 1862, and were mustered into the service of the United States by Capt. George S. pierce, united States Army, on October 3, 1862, under proclamation of the president of the United States, bearing date July 2, 1862 as company "C & H " of the Twenty-seventh Iowa Infantry. ( History of Buchanan County)

1862: Distinguished Service : "Certificate of Military Service, Iowa State Archives.": Electus Litchfield Frizelle; private, 27th. Infantry Regiment, Company "C" Iowa. Enlisted for three years service on 15 Aug. 1862, by Joseph D. Noble at Independence, Buchanan Co. Iowa. Residing at Independence, Buchanan County Iowa, Native of Cazenovia, Madison County, New York. Mustered into the military service of the United States, Army of the Tennessee on the 28th. day of August 1862 by Captain George S. Pierce at Dubuque, Iowa, age 29 years. Discharged for disability 14 Feb. 1863. Mound City, Illinois

* 27th. Infantry Regimental History while Electus served: This regiment was organized in the summer of 1862 and was mustered in Oct. 3. A week later it reported to Maj. - Gen. Pope, commanding the department of the Northwest, to take part in the campaign against the Indians, who were waging war against the settlers of Minnesota. Upon reaching St. Paul it went into quarters at Fort Snelling, and soon after Col. Golbert accompanied by six companies of the regiment, proceeded to Mille Lac, to superintend the payment of the annuity to the tribe at the point. In the meantime Maj. Howard had been ordered to report at Cairo, IL., with the remaining four companies and had departed for that place. Col. Gilbert receiving similar orders on his return from Mille Lac and move at once. The regiment went into camp at Memphis but soon moved on the expedition into central Mississippi, marched to the Tallahatchie River, and was assigned to the duty of guarding

 Page no., 2 Electus Litchfield Frizelle, (246) & Emma Hackett

 the Mississippi Central railway between that point and the town of Waterford. In Dec. A small band of cavalry made a dash on the regimental hospital, captured 11 men and hurried them across the county 15 miles, when, finding them unable to proceed, the officer in command paroled them and turned them loose. Battles at Holly Springs, MS: 11 Oct. 1862; 25 Nov. 1862; battle fought at Waterford, MS 20 Dec. 1862; battle fought at Tallahatchie River, TN on 21 Dec. 1862.

* 1862 / 1864 : Town Lot Records, Independence, Iowa, Electus & Emily Frizelle, property purchased :

April 25, 1862, page 41, book 18, Warranty Deed filed, purchased 1/4 of lot 8 , $ 12

Sept. 11, 1862, page 71, book 18, Warranty Deed filed, purchased (unreadable) eights of lot 8, block 56, $ 25

Aug. 11, 1862, page 7, book 18, Warranty Deed filed, purchased lot 8, block 56, $ 80

April 18,1864, page 227, book 18, Warranty Deed filed, purchased lot 6, block 3, $ 150 ?

* 1863, Feb. 14 : Electus discharged from the Army at U. S. Gen. Hosp. Mound City, Ill. He joined the Independence , Iowa National Guard ( Home Guard)

* The National Archives, Cert. No. 642751, Pensioner : Emma, widow of veteran E. L. Frizelle, can no. 53108, bundle no. 16. : Army of the United States, Certificate of disability for discharge Electus L. Frizelle, private of Captain Joseph D. Nobleís Company, C of the 27th, regiment of the United States volunteers, was enlisted by Captain Joseph D. noble, of the 27 Regiment of Iowa Inf. at Independence, Iowa on the 15th. Day of August 1862, to serve 3 years; he was born in Cazenovia, in the state of New York, is 29 years of age, 5 feet 7 1/4 inches high, dark complexion, blue eyes, brown hair and by occupation when enlisted a carpenter. During the last two months said soldier has been unfit for duty 60 days. " Sayís that he fell through a barn floor, fifteen years ago, and injured his right knee, and that he was troubled in walking for several years, but that it had not hurt for three years prior to enlistment. Sayís that his right knee began to pain him and swell the 15th. Of October 1862 and that he was then laid up with it and that he has not performed any duty whatever since then. He has been in this hospital since November 20, 1862" Station, Mound City, Ill. date Feb. 14th. 1863. I certify that I have examined the said Electus L. Frizelle, (private) of Captain J. D. Nobleís Co., and find him incapable of performing the duties of a soldier because of: " Synovites of the Knee ??, which has existed for four months. I do not think he will be capable of performing the duties of a solider for six Months to come."

Charles Boyd, A. Asst. Surgeon, U. S. A. ; Discharged this 14 day of Feb. 1863 at U. S. Gen. Hosp. Mound City, Ill.

* 1883 Rippey, Greene Co., Iowa: Electus is listed as one of the eight charter members of the Rippey Lodge, No. 466, I. O. O. F. The lodge was organized June 23, 1883 with eight charter members. E. L. Frizelle was one of the officers as " V. G. ". In 1884 the lodge built its hall, a commodious two-story structure, 22 x 60 feet in size. ( ref. Past and present of Greene County, page 194, published 1907. )

* 1864: " History of Buchanan County, Iowa": By special Executive Order from Abraham Lincoln thanking the Independence, Iowa volunteers for service, dated 1 Oct. 1864, " Captain C. F. Herrick's Company; list of offices, 2nd. Sergeant, E L. Frizelle". Note: * Captain Millerís Co. Later Captain Nobleís Co. Electus L and Erasmus B. Frizelle, privates; Captain C. F. Herrick Co (home guard), Independence, (officers) Sergeant E. L. Frizelle. [note: Erasmus Burt Frizelle, brother of Electus]

 * 1865: Town Lot Records, Independence, Iowa, Electus & Emily Frizelle property sold: March 10, 1865, page 413, book 18, Warranty Deed, sold lot 8, block 56, $ 200; Sept. 23, 1865, page 18, book E, School fund mortgage record, sold lot 6, block 3, $84.

* 1870 July : United states Federal Census: Independence City, Buchanan Co., Iowa: Frizelle, Electus, 35, carpenter, b. NY: Emily, 31, b. NY; Mary 9, b. Iowa; Nellie 6, b. Iowa; Owen 4, b. Iowa; Frances 2, b. Iowa.

* 1870 - 1879: Electus removed his family to the town of Rippie, Greene Co., Iowa

Note; The Town of Rippey began in 1855 as a village on the old Des Moines and Sioux City Stage Road and was located three and one-half miles southwest of itís present sight. The village was named for Judge Robert M. Rippey who was one of the early settlers of Greene County . When the new line of the Des Moines Valley Railroad was built in 1869 it was only natural that immigrant travel would change from stage to train, a condition that proved ruinous to the small village, and in June 1870 a town was laid out on the railroad and was named New Rippey.

Page no. 3 Electus Litchfield Frizelle, (246) & Emma Hackett

* 1879: * Greene County, Iowa, Land records, Town lot Deed Book "E" page no. 278 , 14 Feb. 1879, W. H. Cartwright & wife M. B. to Emily Frizelle of Greene Co. For $50.00, lot 4, block 29, Rippey, 13 Feb. 1880, Emily Frizelle & husband E. L. of Greene Co., sell to John Hackett of Onondaga Co., NY lot no. 4, block 29, Rippey . Note E. L. and Emma owned the property one year , then sold it to Emmaís father.


* 1880 June : United States Federal Census, Town of Rippey, Green Co. Iowa: Frizelle, Electus 48, carpenter, b. Ohio, father b. NY, mother b. Penn., Emily 41, b. NY, father b. England, mother b. NY ; Mary 18, b. Iowa, father b. Ohio; mother b. NY; Nellie 26, b. Iowa, father b. Ohio, mother b. NY; John Owen 14, b. Iowa, father b. Ohio, mother b. NY; Frances 11, b. Iowa, father b. Ohio, mother b. NY; Arthur W. 9, b. Iowa, father b. Ohio, mother b. NY; William 5, b. Iowa, father b. Ohio, mother b. NY; George 3, b. Iowa, father b. Ohio, mother b. NY; Howard W. 1, b. Iowa, father b. Ohio, mother b. NY.

* 1883* June (Greene Co., Iowa, past & present. Pub. 1907): list of officers of 100-F lodge in Rippey, Iowa Electus l. Frizelle, Vice G.

* 1884 - 1885, p. 838 : Iowa, Business Directory: Frizelle, E. L. Carpenter ( Rippie).

* 1885 Jan. , Iowa State Census: Town of Rippie, Green Co., Iowa: Frizelle, Electus, 52, carpenter, b. Ohio; Emma 45, b. NY; Nellie 20, b. Buchanan Co. ; Owen (John Owen) 19, b. Buchanan Co. ; Frances 16, Buchanan Co.; Arthur 13, b. Buchanan Co; William 10, b. Buchanan Co.; Burt 8, b. Greene Co.; Howard 6, b. Greene Co.; James 4, b. Greene Co.; Earl 2, b. Greene Co.


* 1885 Oct. 8 : Electus removed most of his family to Missouri , Nevada city directory : Residence E. L Frizelle Res. 3208 East 16th. Street.

* 1890: Lang and Young's Directory of the city of Nevada p. 53: Frizelle, E. L. Churn Manufacture, 216 N.

Commercial St. Res.

 * 1890, 21 March: Declaration for original Invalid Pension: " He is now greatly disabled from obtaining his subsistence by manual labor by reason of his injuries received in the service of the United States and he therefore makes this declaration of being placed on the pension roll", hereby appoints: William T. Walker, of Wellington, Kansas his true and lawful attorney. Appeared: A. P. Woolery, residing at Nevada, Mo. And Theodro Schmitz residing at Nevada, Mo. Saw claimant sign his name (or mark his mark).

* 1890, 22 Oct: Dept. of the Interior, Bureau of Pensions : The War Dept. is requested to furnish an official statement of the record of service together with full medical history.

 * 1890, 25 Oct. : War Dept. Record and Pension Div. Returned to the Commissioner of Pensions by authority of the Secretary of War; F. C. Ainsworth, Commissioner of Pensions.

* 1891, 12 Feb: General affidavit, witness P. J. Shipler aged 34 years resident of Nevada, Mo. " I do testify that I have been acquainted with E. L. Frizelle since 83 and have known Frizelle to be disabled in hip and knee so that he was disabled from work the most of his time and has not done only about half off a mans work from that time up to the present time and is not at the present able to do a manís work that is a days work and is part of the time are not able to work."; P.T. Shipler, Affluent. Note: P. T. Shipler is Electus' son- in- law, he is married to Mary E. " Minnie" Frizelle

* 1891, 12 Feb: Sworn to and subscribed before me this day by the within-named P. J. Shipler ; Thomas Gilbert, NR.

 * 1891, 17 March: Declaration for invalid pension: Electus L. Frizelle aged 58 years declares that he is the identical Electus L. Frizelle who was enrolled on the 15th. Day of Aug. 1862, private, Co. C, 27th. Iowa Inf. Vol. Discharged at Cairo, Ill. On the 14th. Day of July 1863. That he is entirely unable to earn a support by manual labor. That said disabilities are not due to his vicious habits". John B. Harris, his true and lawful attorney to prosecute his claim and receive a fee. Also personally appeared Thomas Waldron and P. J. Shipler, say they were present and saw Electus L. Frizelle sign his name. That they have every reason to believe from the appearance of said claimant and their acquaintance with him, he is the identical person he represents.

 Page no. 4 Electus Litchfield Frizelle, (246) & Emma Hackett

 1894: The Nevada Daily Mail, Tuesday . April 10, 1894, page 3 column 3 : E. L Frizelle has moved to Lantha , Barton County, to reside.

 1894: The Nevada Daily Mail, Sat. Oct. 27, 1894, page 3, column 3, E. L. Frizell of Lantha, Barton County has concluded to move his family to this city.

 * 1898, 4 May: Dept. Of the Interior, Bureau of Pensions, Washington, DC.: Forward to the pension agent for next quarterly payment.: are you married ? Yes, Emily Frizelle (Hackett); when, were and by whom married ? 2nd. April 1856 at Cazenovia, New York, M. E. preacher, donít remember name.; what record of marriage exists ? I recorded it in Morrisville, NY; Were you previously married ? Was married but once.; Have you any children ? Mary, b. 8th. 1861, John Owen, b. Dec. 23, 1865; Francis, b. 1865; Arthur, b. Sept 10, 1874, Eill, b. June 23, 1874; George B., b. Sept 14, 1876; Howard L., b. May 23, 1978; James, b. 14 May 1880; Earl Lewis , b. May 10, 1883., Electus L. Frizelle.

* 1900: United States Federal Census, Ward 5 Nevada, Vernon County, Missouri, (East Nevada)- Center Township,( Wooter Street) Frizelle, Electus Head of household, male born Nov. 1832, age 67, married 45 years, born Ohio, father born NY, mother born PA. ; Emily, wife, b. May 1839, age 61 years, born NY, mother b. NY, father b. England. George B., son, born Sept. 1876, age 23 years, single, born Iowa, Carpenter ; Howard, L. , son, b. May 1879, age 21 years, b. Iowa, paper hanger; James G. , son b. May 1881, age 19 years, single, b. Iowa, day labor.

* 1901: Wallin Shaffer & Co., Vernon Co. Directory: Frizell, Electus L , carpenter (wife Emma), 916 E. Wooter 1st.

* 1901: Wallin Shaffer and Co., Vernon Co. Directory:, E. L. & Son, Carpenter, 127 N. Commercial St.

* 1903-04: Owen Jennings Nevada City Directory : Frizzelle, Electus, wf. Emma, Carpenter, 916 Wooter 1st. . Res.

* 1905: Prewitt-Dunham Directory Co., Nevada, Mo. : Frizelle, Electus (E. L. Frizelle & Son), 911 E. Wooter 1st. .

* 1906: Real Estate Tax List, Center Township, Vernon County, Missouri, based on ownership of property on June 1, 1906 Record copied from the original tax book.

 * 1907: Obit, Nevada, Mo., 10 Sept. 1907 : Death of E. L. Frizell:

E. L. Frizell, an old and highly respected resident of this city, died Tuesday evening at his home in the east part of the city, his death being due to a stroke of paralysis suffered during the recent reunion at Lake Park. The deceased was almost seventy five years of age and was a veteran of the Civil War, being in the Union Army. He was a member of the Methodist Church. Mr. Frizell is survived by a devoted wife and nine children, all of whom were at his bedside when his death occurred. The funeral will be conducted by Rev. Cosper at the Austin Chapel Thursday morning at 10 o'clock, interment Deepwood.


Emma " Emily " Hackett

b 29 May 1839, Delphi, (now Delphi Falls, Onondaga Co.) New York, Note: middle name may be Elizabeth??

d. 17 May 1920, Nevada, Vernon County, Missouri, aged 80 years; interment, Deepwood Cemetery, no head Stone

daughter of * John Hackett and * Polly Sheldon

* 1850: United States Federal Census, Pompey, Onondaga Co., NY, p. 87, roll m 432-567: Hackett, John, age 35, painter, b. England; Polly, age 31, b. NY; Emily , 11, b. NY, attended school within the year.

 * 1907, 21 Sept.: Declaration for widows pension: Emma Frizelle, aged 69 years a resident of Nevada, County of Vernon, State of Missouri, makes the following declaration for the of being placed on the pension roll of the United States. Widow of Electus L. Frizelle, served at lease 90 days during the War of the Rebellion, Honorably discharged, Married name Emma Hackett to said soldier. : J. B. Caralle & Co. Pension Attorneys, her true and lawful attorneys; also personally appeared, Pascal . Thropp and G. W. Phillips residing at Nevada, Mo. Acquaintance with her of 15 years and 10 years respectively that she is the identical person she represents herself to be.; Thomas Gilbert, Notary Public.

 Page no. 5 Electus Litchfield Frizelle, (246) & Emma Hackett

 * 1907, 14 Oct.: Claimantís affidavit declares as follows: That she is or was the lawful wife of the said Electus L Frizelle. Had life insurance on his life to the amount of $80. 00 in the Prudential Life Ins. Co. Of Newark, NJ payable to Howard L. Frizelle (son). He left no Will.; Thomas Gilbert, Notary public

* 1908, 12 March : Pension claim: Frizelle widow of Electus L. Frizelle, Elizabeth Ransier, age 71 years, resident of Independence in the County of Buchanan, state of Iowa declares relation to the case as follows: " I have known the above name claimant Emma Frizelle from the time she was 12 or 13 years of age and before she became of marriageable age": Elizabeth S. Ransier.; Charles Ransier, Notary Public Note Charles Ransier is the nephew of Emma Frizelle

 * 1908, 2 April: , Pension claim: Elizabeth Ransier, declares in relation to named claimant Emma Frizelle since 1855 at which time she married to Electus L. Frizelle. Her maiden name was Emma Hackett. The said claimant lived together continuously as husband and wife until his death, Sept. 10, 1907.: Charles Ransier, Notary Public

 * 1908, 4 April: General affidavit, State of Tenn., County of Knox, In The matter of pension claim of Emma Frizelle, widow., E. B. Frizelle , age 66 years a resident of Knoxville in the County of Knox, State of Tenn. Declares in relation to known claimant Emma Frizelle since 1855.: E. B. Frizelle, 132 Washington St., Knoxville, Tenn.

* 1908, 23 April : accrued pension, Western Division, Certificate no. 731262 board of review approved for admission pay to widow.; V. M. Tucker, reviewer, J. H. Bell, reviewer.

 * 1910: United states Federal Census, Ward 5, Nevada, Vernon Co., Missouri Census: Emma Frizelle, age 72 widowed, own income.

 * 1913: Hoffman Directory , Frizelle, Emma, Mrs. Res. 918 E. Wooter 1st.

* 1920: Nevada, Vernon Co., Missouri census: Emma Frizelle, age 80, father born England; mother born  NY.

* 1920: Obit Nevada, Mo. 15 May 1920: Death of Mrs. Frizelle: Emily Hackett was born in Delphi, NY., May 29, 1839, and died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Minnie Shipler, May 15, 1920, aged 80 years 11 months and 14 days. She was married at Delphi, NY. To Electus Frizelle, to which union 11 children were born , 8 of whom survive her. In 1859 Mr. and Mrs. Frizelle came west into Iowa and at a later date removed to Missouri. Mrs. Frizelle became a Christian in early life and united with the Methodist Church of which she remained a faithful member until death. Her serving children are Mrs. Minnie Shipler, Nevada, Missouri, Howard Frizelle, Kansas City, Arthur and Burt Frizelle of Rippey, Iowa, John, Owen, Earl, and James Frizelle of Nevada, Missouri, and Mrs. Franklin Barnhold of Washington. Funeral services were held at the First Methodist Church Monday afternoon at 2 p. m., conducted by the Pastor, Rev. Edger P. Reed and interment is in Deepwood.

 * 1920, 11 Aug. : to the chief, Finance Division: You are the pensioner died May 15, 1920 and said check has been cancelled hereby notified that check # 7065090 for $90.50 dated 4 Aug. 1920 in favor of Emma Frizelle has been returned to this office by the postmaster with the information that the pensioner died May 15, 1920.; Guy O. Taylor, disbursing clerk.

* 1920, 15 Sept: pensioner dropped, Dept of the Interior, Bureau of Pensions : The Commissioner of Pensions, I Have the honor to report that the name of pensioner, Emma Frizelle, who was last paid $25.00, May 4, 1920 has been dropped from the roll because of death, May 15, 1920; chief, finance division.

 page no. 6 Electus Litchfield Frizelle, (246) & Emma Hackett

 children of Electus Litchfield Frizelle, (246) & Emma Hackett were:

 1. Clark Frizelle, (454)

b. 1860, d. 1860 Pompay, Onondaga Co., NY

2. * Mary " Minnie" Frizelle, (455) = more =

b. 8 July 1861, Independence, Buchanan County, Iowa

d. Bremerton, Kitsap County, Washington

spouse, Philip T. Shipler of Rippey, Greene County, Iowa, married, 18 Nov. 1883, Rippey, Greene County, Iowa

 3. Nellie R. Frizelle, (456)

b. 1863, Independence, Buchanan County, Iowa

d. 1894, Cleveland, Ohio, aged 31 Years

spouse, Frank F. Simpson ; married 1892, [1893 ? ] Chicago, Illinois ? , no issue

 1892 June 24: Chicago Daily Tribune: the County Clerk issued permits to wed to The following couples yesterday . Parties living in Chicago were no other place of residence given. " Frank F. Simpson Cleveland, Nellie R. Frizelle, Des Moines."

 4. * John Owen Frizell / Frizelle (457) = more =

b. 23 Dec. 1865, Independence, Buchanan County, Iowa

married 1st. 1882, Minnie B., b. 1866, Missouri, father b. Ohio; Mother b. Indiana

married 2nd. 22 Mar. 1913, Leaven worth, KS., Lena Eliza Megenity , b.18 Feb.1862, Leadville, Co. daughter of Alford Megenity and Mary Eliza Starr

5. * Frances ( Frankie) Frizelle, (458) = more =

b. Feb. 1867, Independence, Buchanan County, Iowa

d. 19 Dec. 1957 Bremerton, Washington, Interment Ivy Green Cemetery, Bremerton, Washington.

6. * Arthur Woodruff Frizelle, (459) = more =

b. 8 Sep. 1871, Independence, Buchanan County, Iowa

d. May 1949, Rippey Greene Co., Iowa, aged 78 years; interment Rippey Cemetery, block 12, lot 39.

m. 1st. spouse, 1 Nov. 1911, Rippey, Greene County, Iowa Nellie Myrtle Littell.

m. 2nd. spouse abt. 1940, Rippey Greene County, Iowa, Minnie Cynthia.

 7. * William Hill Frizelle, (460) = more =

b. 23 Jun. 1874, Independence, Buchanan County, Iowa

d. 22 Mar. 1908. Kansas City, Mo. aged 34 years, was killed while working on bridge construction for the Missouri Pacific Railroad. Interment Deepwood Cemetery, Nevada, Vernon Co., Mo.

spouse, Isabel Nora Smith, b. Nebraska, d.1950 Mo.; interment: Deepwood Cemetery, Nevada, Missouri

8. * George Burt Frizelle, (461) = more =

b. 14 Sept. 1876, Jefferson, Greene County, Iowa

spouse: Sarah

9. * Howard Lafayette Frizell / Frizelle, (462) = more =

b. 23 May 1879, Rippey, Greene County, Iowa, Military records show 1881 as birth date, not correct as 1880 US Census has him listed as b. 1879.

d. 1939, Long Beach, Orange County, California, aged 60 years

spouse, Pearl Harrington, married, 18 Aug. 1906, Nevada, Mo.

page no. 7 Electus Litchfield Frizelle, (246) & Emma Hackett

10. * James Garfield Frizell / Frizelle, (463)=more=

b. 14 May 1881, Rippey, Greene County, Iowa

d. 1940, Nevada, Vernon County, Missouri, aged 59 years

married, Isabel Bird , 27 Jun. 1904, Nevada, Vernon Co., Mo., b. 1 Feb. 1887, Mc Cook, Willow Co. , Nebraska, daughter of Nait Reed and Alice; Isabel , occupation laundry at home. James occ. poultry house foreman; address 1933.

11. * Earl Lewis Frizell / Frizelle = more =

b. 10 May 1833, Rippey, Greene County, Iowa, Greene Co. Births book no. 1

d. 9 Jun. 1959, Nevada, Vernon Co, Mo, aged 76 years, interment; Deepwood Cemetery, Nevada, Mo.

1st spouse, * Jennie Annis Knight, daughter of Cornelius Henry Knight and Mary Ellen Graham, m. 7 Dec. 1907 Rich Hill, Bates County, Missouri, Methodist

2nd spouse, Minnie May Shrewsbury-Sanderson, b. 4 Jan. 1902, daughter of Harry Sanderson


Electus & Emily Frizelle standing in front of the house they built abt. 1885.




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