Titus/Green /Miller Ancestors

Submitted By Marcia Green

    My ancestors lived in Buffalo Grove in the 1870's and 80's. My second great grandfather, John   Hall Titus had 640 acres there which he divided amongst his 12 surviving children. The mother of most of the children (Angeline Miller Titus) died in 1863 and was buried at the Spangler Cemetery. There were a Quaker family. Their oldest daughter, Sarah Janet Titus was born in 1840, married Alonzo H. Green , who was a Great Lakes Sea Captain, from Mentor Headlands, Lake County, Ohio. Alonzo along with his father and two brothers came to Buchanan County to try farming, but the sea called to them so they didn't stay long. Alonzo was my great grandfather.

   In about 1873, He moved his young family from Buffalo Grove to Clear Lake, Iowa, where he and his brother Delos Green started the first boat line. When Delos died in 1878, another brother, Edwin came to Clear Lake to help work the boat line . Several of the children lived in the area and surrounding towns for  years.

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