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Hamilton College of Commerce/Hamilton Business School


Posted By: Sharon R Becker (email)
Date: 11/27/2014 at 10:18:13

Hamilton College of Commerce
a.k.a. Hamilton Business School
Mason City, Iowa

Hamilton College originally was established as a business school in 1900 by Ward Ryckman Hamilton in Mason City. It is the oldest continuously operating college specializing in business education in Iowa. Two additional campuses were established - Cedar Rapids in 1980 and Des Moines in 1988.

In 1998, Hamilton College was purchased by Quest Education Corporation, and by Kaplan Inc. in 2000. It was renamed Kaplan Higher Education Corporation, and, in 2007, Kaplan University. There are campuses located in Cedar Falls (2000) and Council Bluffs (2004).

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Globe Gazette
Mason City, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa
June 28, 1961, Page 31


John Toland, who has written and published several successful books, has been in Mason City the past few days doing research for another. He and Mrs. Toland were busy interviewing witnesses to the robbery of the First National Bank by John Dillinger and his gang March 13, 1934. Among those interviewed by the Tolands was Harry C. Fisher, the assistant cashier who refused to hand out bills of large denominations to the bandits from the vault.

. . . "It's a most fantastic story," said Toland. "Serious as it was, the event turned into a gigantic comedy of errors. Fifty persons could have been killed."

. . .Toland's visit to Mason City has another interesting angle. He is the grandson of F. J. [Frank Joseph] Toland, who back in 1900 started the school which is now the Hamilton Business College.

Bought by Hamilton

F. J. Toland, who called the school Toland's Business University, operated the institution two years and then sold out to W. G. Lowe, one of his teachers. Ward Hamilton, present head of the school, became identified with it first in 1904, when he was graduated from Highland Park College in Des Moines.

An advertisement in the Sheffield Press stating the school was seeking a field representative attracted Hamilton's attention. He got the job and a year later took over as head of the commercial department.

In 1908 Hamilton and James Eby bought the school. Hamilton then bought out Eby and the school, which up to this time had been known as Toland's, became the Hamilton Business College.

Among young Toland's possessions is a booklet, "Toland's Business Universities," put out by his grandfather in 1907. Toland then operated a chain of schools at Sioux Falls, S.D., La Crosse, Wis., Nebraska City, Neb., and Winona and Mankato, Minn.

Testimonial letter

Besides outlining the courses offered, the booklet contained testimonial letters from graduates. Among these was one from W. G. Lowe, who shortly before had taken over the Mason City school. Lowe write, in part:

"I cannot say too much for you and your schools . . . For 18 years I was in your employ as a teacher or manager and my present business - owner of the Toland Business University of this city, was made possible through you. You have assisted thousands of your graduates in securing employment, many of them, whose income, like my own, is well up in the thousands."

F. J. Toland, his grandson recalls, had the reputation of being one of the great penmen of this time. He wrote a book on handwriting and was often called upon to testify in court on the authenticity of specimens of handwriting.

~ ~ ~ ~

Frank J. Toland, the son of Dr. and Mrs. Cyrus Fitch, was educated in the public schools of Canton, Illinois where he grew up. After graduating from high School in 1869, Frank completed his higher educational pursuits at a Chicago business university. Throughout the next twenty years, Frank taught writing in public schools, normal colleges and business universities. [Not caring for his surname Fitch, Frank adopted his mother's maiden name Toland.] During this time, Professor Toland wrote The Handwriting Teacher [Registered Printing, Inc. Canton IL. 1887.], designed to assist teachers in establishing a program for the instruction of handwriting.

Professor Toland opened the first of several business colleges throughout the Midwest in Ottowa, Illinois [1889], which within three years became the second lagrest business university outside of Chicago in Illinois. Becoming crowded and outgrowing its facilities, Professor Toland relocated the university to La Cross, Wisconsin, partially because the city of Ottowa refused to construct suitable accommodations at reasonable rental fees and La Crosse had been gaining quite a reputation as a growing business center.

Professor Toland's brother, Bernard J. Toland, came aboard to assist in establishing the La Crosse facilities. Bernard served as the school's business manager until he moved to Mason City, Iowa, in 1905 to direct the progress of the Toland Business College. Professor Toland's son Leigh eventually assumed management of the Mason City facilities.

~ ROGERS, Richard A. "A Brief History of The Wisconsin Business University, La Cross, Wisconsin." Pp. 1-15. Wisconsin State University. La Cross WI. July 1967.

~ ~ ~ ~

Globe Gazette
Mason City, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa
December 31, 1960, Page 27

Hamilton College in city 60 years

Hamilton College closed its 60th year in 1960, having operated in Mason City since September 1900. It operates on a quarterly basis with 48 weeks in the school year.

From an average of 5 to 10 students in various classes, the early day college has grown to an average of 25 to 30 in a class. As high as 120 students are in special lecture classes, such as economics, personal salesmanship, business organization and commercial law.

Records show that the majority of the students come from high schools in North Iowa and Southern Minnesota, but many students come from Greece and Puerto Rico besides nearly every state in the United States.

Total attendance runs around 450 to 500, with an aggregate over the years running into the thousands. Few of these students turn down the employment offered here. About 40 per cent of them accept positions in or adjacent to Mason City and other in surrounding cities and towns.

Ward R. Hamilton, president of the school, came to Mason City in 1904 and taught in the school then known as Toland's Business University. In 1908 he and J. A. Eby bought the school and changed the name to Hamilton School of Commerce.

In 1910 Hamilton purchased Hamilton College. Mrs. Ward R. Hamilton and Robert W. Hamilton are members of the corporation. They are actively engaged in instruction as well as administration.

~ ~ ~ ~

Globe Gazette
Mason City, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa
July 20, 1929, Page 7

Hamilton Students Receive Rewards In Typewriting Tests

Four students won the first and second awards on the L. D. Smith test at Hamilton College of Commerce. Three students won the first and second award on the Royal and seven students won the first award on the Woodstock and three on the second.

Miss Helen Jaspers, who has studied typewriting less than six months, wrote 55 words a minute for 15 minutes with only 7 errors.

Miss Englebart of Elma, who has been seriously ill at her home, is so much improved as to be able to return to her classes this week.

Maybelle Stuffelbeam of Nashua enrolled this week for a special course in preparations for civil service examinations.

Ten students were sent out to positions this week. An important and valuable feature of the finishing work at Hamilton College has been developed in sending students out into actual business offices for a part of their finishing work. The students find it intensely interesting and it gives them a phase of work and training that simply can not be developed in the classroom.

Miss Emma Hagenstein, principal of the typewriting department, is spending the week with her mother at Ackley.

Miss Vivian Beck, who is at the head of the theory department in shorthand, will spend the week-end at Spirit Lake.

Plans are being made in enlarging the typewriting department. The interest that has been developed in the new Wiese-Coover system has made it necessary to provide additional space. A force of carpenters will be employed and the work rushed thru (sic) so as not to interfere with the regular classes.

~ ~ ~ ~

Globe Gazette
Mason City, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa
Saturday, April 27, 1940, Page 18

Hamilton Students Receive Honors for Classroom Efforts
Awards for outstanding work were made Friday afternoon at an assembly of Hamilton School of Commerce students.

Mary Henderson of Nora Springs and Norma Rusmussen, Garner, were announced on having scores 98 per cent in filing work and were awarded certificates, as were Adella Gibson, Woden, Betty Burg, Mason City, Jeniece Smith, Ayshire, Frances Hill, Mason City, Ardis Froning, Sheffield, Phyllis Lichty, Luverne, Warren Jensen, Clear Lake, Billy Johnson, Pembroke, Ky., and Harold Beckett, Clear Lake.

* * *
Helen Hartwell, Nora Springs, was awarded permanent possession of the silver college typing pin for having written the greatest number of perfect typing test papers in the last three weeks. Iola Eckert, Mallard, was presented with a 75 words a minute typing pin.

Dictaphone certificates went to the following: Agnes Nelson, Ruthven, Shirley Anderson, Albert Lea, Minn., Miss Gibson, Jean Howland, Charles City, Lillian Petersen, Clear Lake, Elsie Bromley, Plymouth, Raymond Kingery, Marble Rock, Mr. Jensen and Miss Hill.

* * *
Order of Gregg Artists certificates went to Edna Baker, Armstrong, Margaret Baker, Rockford, Marjorie Benton, Armstrong, Donald Bisbee, Toeterville, Maxine Black, Mason City, Frederick Hudson, Aredale, Mildred Keefe, Elma, Kathleen Kennedy, Armstrong, Ardella Olson, Alden, June Peshak, Plymouth, Marcus Ribbentrop, Lakota, Lucile Sweet, Mason City, and Ilah Troestler, Armstrong.

A special pen was given to Evelyn Farmakis for having the best notes submitted by any member of the class. Mr. Johnson was cited for having successfully scored three marks of 95 per cent or better in operating a comptometer.

Two new students, Helen Peterson, Spencer, and Hazel Scott, Britt, were introduced by Miss Lichty chairman of the friendly relations committee.

~ ~ ~ ~

Globe Gazette
Mason City, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa
August 12, 1957, Page 8

Sixty graduates receive their diplomas at the 55th annual commencment of Hamilton College at Wesley Methodist Church.

Ward R. Hamilton, president of the school, in presenting the diplomas, congratulated the graduates upon the fact that they had started a program and had completed it.

Lois H. Peterson was soloist, Mrs. W. C. Godfredson, organist. Dorothy J. Schaefer spoke on "The Beginning" and Doreen L. Lackore on "Success."

The honor roll consisted of Dorothy J. Schaefer, Sheffield, 3.468; Doreen L. Lackore, Garner, 3.333; Marlys Howell Parks, Belmond, 3.309; Gerald P. Mernin, ventura, 3.254; Laurence R. Blanknship, Sheffield, 3.245; Deloris E. Olk, Sheffield, 3.196; Theodore J. Collis, Manly, 3.188.

Robert F. Lence, St. Paul Park, Minn., 3.142; Leon C. Recker, Alta vista, 3.106; William E. Watkins, Clear Lake, 3.103; Doris A. Miller, Ruthven, 3.102; Robert G. Grefe, Manly, 3.058; James D. Ryken, Latimer, 3.019; James N. Hemann, Stacyville, 3.015; and Joan F. Albertson, Nora Springs, 3.000.

Graduates Listed
Other graduates were Opal M. Baldwin, Ionia; Donald D. Deike, Thornton; Barbara I. Ramsdell, Alden, Minn.; Linda L. Pulver, Swea City; Nancy M. Haskovee, Cresco; Marge J. Rother, Alexander; Virginia E Hites, Greene; DeAnna K. Blessing, Spring Valley, Minn.

Esther Olson Lehman Jr., Northwood; Dorothy J. Cuvelier, Lawler; Judith E. Lindeman, Albert Lea, Minn.; Patricia A. Crandall Schoning; Chapin; Duane K. Juhl, Garner; Patricia L. School, Rockwell.

Beverly L. Hargrave, Hampton; Kathryn M. Ashland, Clear Lake; Glenys E. Kluver, Crystal Lake; Sharon L. Larson, Britt; Janet L. Maxwell, Greene; Verna J. Thompson, Windom, Minn.; Marian R. Cassidy, Rockwell; Myrna L. Olson, Terril; Susan M. Hauge, Ventura.

Receive Diplomas
Richard C. Roderick, Mason City; Linda A. Wood, Iowa Falls; Joan F. Moderman, Alexander; Frank L. Penney, Mason City; Irvin E. Van Gerpen, Belmond; Shirley J. Orvis, Monona; Joyce M. Aukes, Woden; Ardis J. Narman, Floyd.

Beverly A. Colwell, Charles City; Sandra S. Slattenow, Crystal Lake; Eugene Parks, Hampton; Leonard D. Koenen, Latimer; Donald G. Richtsmeier, Ackley; and John F. Mahoney, Alta Vista.

Betty Jean Johnson, Lakota; Kenneth E. Keenam, Plymouth; Donald L. Larson, Clear Lake; Robert c. Lepird, Forest City; Bernard C. Lugar, Mason City; Kenneth E. Meacham, Mason City; Robert A. Michels, McIntire; Jackie Newman Sellon, Nora Springs.

~ ~ ~ ~

Globe Gazette
Mason City, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa
August 22, 1960, Page 15

The 81 students of Hamilton College in Mason City gather to receive their diplomas during graduation activities at Wesley Methodist Church.

Good citizenship stressed in talk to Hamilton graduates
Eighty-one students were graduated Sunday from Hamilton College. Ward R. Hamilton, president of Hamilton College, in his commencement address at Wesley Methodist Church, stressed the value of good citizenship and urged each student to "make a place for yourself in your community."

Students receiving recognition for being on the honor roll were Gloria K. Sonius, Britt; Judith A. Johnson, Lyle; Elaine M. Klusmeier Anderson, Rose Creek, Minn.; Vernon L. Noah, Charles City; Karen V. Clabaugh, Garner; Russell A. Wignes, Northwood; and Beverly L. Hansen, Hampton.

Hamilton SAID the graduating students should give their best, "not only to win personal success but to serve your government as reliable, dependable citizens."

Referring to education Hamilton said "our schools and the general program of education places much emphasis on the importance of learning 'how to live' and to merit the challenges of life." But it is also necessary, he said, to "develop skills and professions in order to earn the wherewithall."

"Life's three necessities are food, shelter and clothing," Hamilton said. "Go out and do your best to meet these challenges and God grant, as you ascend the hill of prosperity, you may meet no man coming down."

SEVENTY-THREE of the 81 students had employment waiting for them following graduation.

Students in the class were:

Dallas G. Abrams, Mason City; Arlyn O. Askildson, Mason City; M. Kathryn Baxter, Emmetsburg; Linda K. Bear, Ackley; Mary L. Beery, Mason City; Judy A. Brumm, Stacyville; Karlen K. Catehpool, Charles City; Karen V. Clabaugh, Garner; Gene W. Davis, Plymouth; Marvin K. Dykeman, Charles City; Betty G. Erickson, Lake Mills; James R. Ernst, Rockford.

Sandra J. Felland, Hanlonton; Marlin L. Fosse, Mason City; James D. Foy, Britt; Ruben Z. Gamez, Austin, Minn.; Elaine A. Gunderson, Eagle Grove; Jane E. Hackbart, Grafton; Karen H. Hackbart, Manly; Ruth A. Halbach, Stacyville; Bernard E. Halfpop, Belmond; Beverly L. Hansen, Hampton; Addie M. Hartman, Plymouth; Joan F. Hastings, Rockford; Lee R. Heins, Hampton; Roger L. Hultman, Little Cedar; Genevieve J. Johnson, Manly; Judith A. Johnson, Lyle, Minn.

Larry P. Kelly, Mason City; Helga S. Kibsgaard, Coulter; Robert E. Kiess, Charles City; Jean C. Klemp, Grafton; Dennis C. Kleen, Rudd; Elaine M. Klusmeier Anderson, Rose Creek, Minn.; Lyle E. Knudson, Fertile; JoAnna Kock, Rockford; Georgiann Kraft, Kanasha; Larry P. Kramer, Greene; Barbara J. Kresbach, Staceyville.

Ronald D. Lance, Kensett; Wilma J. Litterer, Greene; J. Donovan May Jr., Kanasha; Robert W. Minnis, Riceville; Leland L. Moellering, Swea City; Judith A. Naffsiger, Luverne; William E. Neal, Charles City; Aldrich R. Nedved Jr., Britt; Veron L. Noah, Charles City; Dewanna L. Oehlert Kruckenberg, Rockwell; Harlan G. Oeltenbruas, Mason City; Kathryn A. Otis, Wesley; Karen K. Phillips, Rockford; Donna E. Pitkin, Clear Lake; Mary Jane Pitzen, Stacyville; Jane E. Praska, Ionia.

Hazel W. Ripley, Charles City; Lloyd P. Risius, Britt; Douglas A. Saunders, Belmond; Rita R. Schroeder, Dows; Iva E. Schler, Fertile; Esther R. Smit DeVries, Sheffield; Ronald D. Smith, Belmond; Gloria K. Sonius, Britt; Dolores M. Studer, Corwith; Janice F. Thompson Westendorf, Rockwell; Idelile K. Thoreson, Emmetsburg; Duane G. Tiemens, Greene; John E. Tietz, Manly; Terry L. Tobey, LaVerne; Beverly L. Torkelson Bowen, Thor; Jack L. Troge, Charles City; Larry L. Tuttle, Clear Lake; Kathleen M. Twedt, Woden.

Theophil L. Vin Lent, Dougherty; Gary R. Wageman, Stacyville; Rolland C. Weller, Rock Falls; Russell A. Wigness, Northwood; Gary E. Wittmeier, LuVerne; Willism H. Wobbelking, Galt; L. Marie Yezek, Nora Springs.

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Transcriptions by Sharon R. Becker, May of 2014

Hamilton College/School of Business

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