Black Hawk County, Iowa

Misc. Death Dates - 2

Laura W Murphy 1-2-1962 13/189

Genevieve Anne Murphy 2-16-1962, 13/269

Lillie Murphy 12-6-1962, 13/604

Thomas Patrick 2-11-1963, 14/75

Jack Irvwin Murphy 10-6-1963, 14/343

Delores Cecelia Murphy 12-20-1963, 14/428, Evansdale, IA 5yrs 618 2nd st, b. 9-23-1912, pa. William Macumber/Olive ?

Roscoe L Murphy Coronary occlusion, myocardial infarction, cirrhosis of liver, sudden death, Paul O'Keefe funeral home, brd. Garden of memories 12-23-1963

Daniel Bandfiled b. 6-18-1857, NY, d. 12-5-1909, brd. Mt Vernon, 3/111

Arthur Terrell 20, single, informant A G Thomas, railroad accident, 9-6-1907, Cedar Falls, IA brd. Hamilton, IL.

Agnes Bandfield #3521, b. 4-17-1856 NY, Hamilton Allen b. Vermont and Polly Collins, d. 10-11-1907, carcinoma, brd. Janesville, IA.

Elsa B Lang b. 12-24-1824 Germany, pa. Wendt b. Germany d. 10-11-1907 Emphysema, senility. R B Fields physician #3531

Fern O Lynn b. 2-20-1885 IA, pa N I Ogden & Mary Bodkin, d. age 22 10-18-1909, consumption brother Hedrick d. 10-20-1907

J C Blake #3548 b. 4-18-1830, WI, div, carpenter, d. 11-16-1907 Uremic poisoning, Cedar Falls, IA brd. 11-18-1907

Ann Bird b. 5-1-?, Ohio, d. 74yrs 12-23-1907, nephritis, Tama Co.

Fredrick Bird b. 11-23-1907 13 days pa. Frank Bird mo Ethel Bennett d. 12-6-1907, premature, Waterloo Cemetery

John Bird b. 11-17-1843, England, pa. Richard Bird/M Milburn, d. 12-17-1907 rupture of blood vessel, brd Waterloo

James M Bandfield b. 1-1-1828 NY d. 3-23-1910 senile debility, brd. Janesville

Stillborn Bandfield b.d. 8-28-1912, pa J H Bandfield & May Smith brd Fairview Cemetery, Waterloo 8-28-1912

Howard B Bandfield b. 12-6-1912 d. 4-22-1913, pa Charles E Bandfield b. NY and Emma Pohn bronchopneumonia, brd Shell Rock, IA 4-24-1913

Agnes Nisius 3 mo, d. 2-3-1903 Poyner Twp, Scarlet Fever brd. Gilbertville

Wm H Lane 80 d. 1-25-1902 oldage appoplexy, brd Fairview cemetery, Waterloo

Geo A Geifnow d. 8-8-1902 b. 222 Quincy Street, Waterloo, d. same. Disease of Children, Brd Fairview Cemetery, Waterloo

Alice Mildred Glessner 5 mo, 2 dys 10-30-1903, Spring Creek Twp, Indepestion, Brd Waterloo Cemetery

E C Renkin d. 2-10-1897 druggist b. Germany, heart failure, brain diseace, brd Parkersburg 2-12-1899 #2055

Chas Garluig d 9-4-1888 b. germany, poyner twp, tramped by horse

Infant Moore #929/180 male, white 2 m 10 dys d. 3-11-1888, poor house. pa not known but was born at 7 mo & never well brd Elmwood cemetery

Mellisa Kenton 19 sewing girl, d 10-16-1887 styrchina poison by her own hand, Bennington Twp , also found another entry as Malissa Kinton suicide on strichnine Dunkerton 867/75

? Gardner 1 day d 6-20-1887 ? Poyner Burying Ground 6-21-1887 #840

Henry Peltzer 37, machinist d 10-17-1886 b. Germany, gunshot wound Waterloo Cemetery

Frank McPaine 49 d 7-19-1887 insanity, suicided by hanging ? buried

Mary Palmer 65 d 7-14-1887 b. England, d. at her house, insanity suicided by gun shot ? brd

Christian Maunk 63, d 6-26-1887 Bennington, suicided by hanging brd Bennington

M C Ware 23 d 6-27-1887 LaPorte City, suffocation in a ? only here few weeks, b. PA, ? brd

Mrs Wm O Crasby 20 d 1-14-1887 11:30 am Cedar Falls, murdered by her husband. Jury of inquest found that Crasby was insane, brd. Cedar Falls.

Mr. Wm O Crasby 1-14-1887 suicided

Lancelot Platt 40 d 4-27-1886 Fox Twp pistol shot and drowning brd Jesup

UNKNOWN ? sex, ? death - infant. This inquest was on the body of an unknown dead infant which had probably been dead 10 or 15 years. Was found by parties digging a ditch on or near the property of J W Gilbert in East Waterloo. brd Pottersfield, 9-12-1886

Augustus Shaffer 49 d 2-20-1886 his residence 5 mi w of Cedar Falls. cut his own throat with suicide intent. brd Cedar Falls.

W L Whipple 38 d 8-30-1885 struck by lightening ? brd

Philo Ferris 50, d 5-17-1885 near Hudson, IA, suicide by shooting with pistol. brd near Hudson

Ella Croak d 10-20-1880, Cedar Falls, IA, congestion fever immediate cause of death narcotic poisoning, brd. Cedar Falls

Nick Soerugnier ***1st suicide that I found*** 66 b. Germany d 5-24-1881, Barclay Twp, wound in the throat infection with knife by himself suicide intent, St Frances Church, Barclay...***also found: Souvegnier wound in his throat made by his own hand with a pocket knife at the catholic church. brd. 5-25-1881

***1ST HANGING*** Judson Solomon Knapp 24, d 9-5-1881 Spring Creek, hanging with suicidal intent, body was delivered to family.

No Name female 1/2 hour ?, 12-27-1881 5 pm, Cedar Twp, bruise sustained by mother 2 weeks previous inflamation of placenta.

Catherine Nettering 59, d 5-10-1882 b. Germany, Big Creek, drowned in Well, brd. LaPorte City, IA

H T Budge 43 d 5-23-1883 b. NY, Monitog House 1st ward Cedar Falls, suicide by strangulation hung himself on post of his bedstand by a silf handkerchief which was simply tied about neck

***Blind Melancholic $70.00 in pocket no inquest, brd Old City Cemetery, Cedar Falls 5-24-1883

***1st Gunshot death*** George Henson 29 8-18-1883 Cedar Falls, gunshot wound, brd Parkersburg

Infant child of Geo. Smith, 4 days old, #1695, male, d. 7-27-1894, brd. Fairview Cemetery, Waterloo

Sophia Brink #3142 b. 6-20-?, Demark, 27yrs, 3 mo, 4 dys, D. 9-25-1906, f. Christian Anderson, shock following opertation, A W Brink informant, brd Fairview Cemetery, Waterloo

Robert Campbell #3249, 86 yrs, 6 mo, b. 3-24-1820 Scotland, d. 12-8-1906, farmer, brd. LaPorte City, IA,

Duncan Campbell b. 4-1818, Scotland, 90 yrs 10 dys, #4420, widower, f. John Campbell, d. 2-20-1910, Barclay Cemetery, Informant John Campbell, farming

Ida Belle Smith b. 8-4-1861, PA, #5149, 49 yrs, 11 mo, 21 dys, single, f William F Smith, mo. Augusta Kistner, d 7-25-1911 shock following operation, Waterlooo Cemetery

Charles Emery Bandfield 4-22-1927 fracture of skull

Son of A W Brink 7-25-1927 stillborn

Ray Earl Bandfield 4-11-1927

Isaac William Brink 7-3-1928 carcinoma of stomach

Arthur J Bandfield 1-14-1930 post operative pneumonia

Clara Della Buhr 11-27-1931 Carcinoma of colon

Homer Morgan Bandfield 10-4-1934

Edwin Louis Buhr 3-10-1960 stillborn 12/33

Doris Ann Burns 3-22-1942

Mary Ellen Burns 1-28-1947

Edward John Burns 6-5-1947

Baby Patrick Andrew Burns 5-25-1952

Gertrude Mary Burns 4-9-1954

Maude Burns 10-17-1955

James Cameron Burns 1-29-1956

William Henry Burns 1-25-1959

James Joseph Burns 2-23-1961