Black Hawk County, Iowa

Unusual County Deaths

Unknown Male
found 11-12-1912, Cedar Falls, IA, probable acid poisoning, Body found in secluded spot near Cedar Falls, IA. Buried Cedar Falls Cemetery.
Chas. Garluig
13, d. 9-4-1888 b. Germany, tramped by horse
Infant Moore
male, white, 2 mo, 10 day, d. 3-11-1888, poor house, not known but was born at 7 mo. and never well. brd. Elmwood Cemetery,
Mellisa Kenton
19, sewing girl, d. 10-16-1887, strychnine poison by her own hand,suicide, brd. Bennington Twp., Dunkerton, Ia
I H Dean
29, RR freight man, d. 10-20-1887, was crushed between freight cars on BCR & NRR, Cedar Rapids.
? Gardner
1 day, d. 6-20-1887, Poyner burying ground 6-21-1887.
Henry Peltzer
37, machinist d. 10-17-1886, b. Germany, gunshot wound, brd. Waterloo Cemetery
Frank McPaine
49, d. 7-19-1887, insanity, suicide by gun shot, ? brd
Christian Maunk
53, d. 6-26-1887, Bennington Twp, suicide by hanging.
MC Ware
23, d. 6-27-1887, b. PA, d. LaPorte City, suffocation in a ?, only here few weeks, ? brd.
Mrs. Wm. O Crasby
20, d. 1-14-1887, 11:30a.m. Cedar Falls, murdered by her husband, jury of inquest found that Crasby was insane. brd. Cedar Falls,
Wm O Crasby
d. 1-14-1887, suicide.
Unknown sex, infant ? death, this inquest was on the body of an unknown dead infant which had probably been dead 10 or 15 years. Was found by parties digging a ditch on or near the property of JW Gilbert in E. Waterloo. brd. Pottersfield, 9-12-1886
Lancelot Platt
40, d. 4-27-1886, Fox Twp, pistol shot and drowning, brd. Jesup, Ia
Augustus Shaffer
49, d. 2-20-1886, his residence 5 mi W of Cedar Falls. cut his own throat with suicide intent. brd. Cedar Falls.
W L Whipple
38, d. 8-30-1885, struck by lightening, brd. ?
Philo Ferris
50, d. 5-17-1885, near Hudson, Ia, suicide by shooting with pistol brd. near Hudson.
Ella Croak
d. 10-20-1880, Cedar Falls, Ia, congestion fever, immediate cause of death, narcotic poisoning, brd. Cedar Falls
Nick Soerugnier
66, German, d. 5-24-1881, suicide, Barclay Twp., wound in the throat infection with pocket knife by himself - suicide intent, St Frances Church
Judson Solomon Knapp
24, d. 9-5-1881, Spring Creek Twp, hanging w/ suicidal intent body was delivered to family.
Unknown Female
d. 12-27-1881, 5 p.m. Cedar Twp, Bruise sustained by mother 2 weeks previous inflammation of placenta, 1/2 hour old.
Catherine Nettering
59, d. 5-10-1882, German, Big Creek Twp, Drowned in well, brd. LaPorte City
H T Budge
43, d. 5-23-1883, b. NY, Monitog House, 1st ward, Cedar Falls, Suicide by strangulation hung himself on post of his bedstand by a silk handkerchief which was simply tied above his neck, blind melancholic, $70 in pocket, no inquest. brd. Old City Cemetery, Cedar Falls, 5-24-1883
George Henson
29, d. 8-18-1883, Cedar Falls, gunshot wound, brd. Parkersburg, IA.