Black Hawk County, Iowa

Miscellaneous Death Notices
1960 to 1979; 1890's, 1950's

***NOTE***When you see a reference such as 14-301, this means that
it will be in the death record book 14, page 301. These records are
in no particular order, I have entered them in the order that they
appear in my notebook.I also try to keep the spellings as original
from the records as possible. They tend to get a bit hard to read at
Herbert Ames Friedley
b. 1-22-1901, d. 8-8-1966, father Delas Friedley,
mother Jen ?.
Lorenz S Weiland,
d. 3-30-1970, 19-215
Michael C Wishmeyer
d. 8-30-1963, 14-301
Perry Lincoln Friedley
b. 7-16-1864, d. 1-17-1966, father Phillip Friedley,
mother Rebecca Ann Triester, brd. Fairview Cemetery, Waterloo, IA
Ralph Dickinson Whitney
d. 9-7-1961, 13-39
b. 12-13-1884, Stout, IA, father William,
mother, Millie Freeland,
brd. Cedar Valley Memorial Cemetery, Cedar Falls, IA
John A Whitney,
d. 3-24-1962, 13-303;
b. 1-31-1882, Blunt SD,
father Seymour,
mother Gertrude,
brd. Elmwood Cemetery, Waterloo, IA
Rosco C. Whitney,
d. 6-29-1966, 16-310;
b. 11-24-1880, Canada,
father. Alanson,
brd. Finchford Cemetery, Finchford, IA
Jarvis Isacc Whitney,
d. 12-20-1966, 16-501;
b. 1-31-1876, IA,
father William,
mother Millie Freeland,
brd. Oak Hill Cemetery, New Hartford, IA
Minnie L Whitney,
d. 3-31-1970, 19-220;
b. 6-18-1882,
f. Lorenze Fainsworth,
mother Eliza Olmstead,
brd. Beaver Grove Cemetery, New Hartford, Ia
Ben F Whitney,
d. 5-29-1970, 19-278;
b. 8-13-1882,
father William,
mother Millie Freelind,
brd. Elmwood Cemetery, Waterloo, IA
Lulu Edith Bandfield,
d. 9-30-1965, 15-599;
b. 8-2-1881, IA,
father Jacob H Griffith,
mother Frances Picken,
brd. Oakland Cemetery, Janesville, IA
Ricky Carl Bandfield,
d. 3-9-1965, 15-389, SB, father Lloyd Eugene,
mother Esther Christensen,
brd. Cedar Valley Memorial Garden, Cedar Falls, IA
Stella Mae Bandfield,
d. 5-5-1966, 16-221;
b. 9-5-1897, albany NY,
father John Farrell,
mother Helen Conger,
brd. Memorial Park Cemetery, Waterloo
Lillian Mae Bandfield,
d. 7-20-1967, 17-149
f. Asa Smith
m. Barbara Reddish
Frederick August Beier,
d. 5-11-1965, 15-433;
b. 4-11-1893, Chicasaw County,
father Herman,
mother Ernestine Braun,
brd. Stapleton Cemetery, Chicasaw County.
Annamary C. Beh,
d. 5-24-1965, 15-385;
d. Dubuque County., Hosp St. Jos Sanitarium San.
b. Miss, 10-12-1886,
father Henry ,
mother Mary Stecher,
brd. Mt. Calvary, Davenport, IA
Gladys L Beikle,
d. 1-9-1970, 19-92;
b. 11-5-1897,
father John Howard Sulentic, brd. Calvary Cemetery, Waterloo
Horace Clark Bradish,
d. 12-13-1970, 19-548;
b. 12-14-1884,
father Charles E,
mother Wlla Chambers,
brd. Jacksonville Cemetery, Jacksonville Il.
John Jacob Brink,
d. 12-9-1970, 19-549;
b. 4-12-1889, BHC,
marr. Hedwig Gielau,
f. Herman,
mother Hattie,
brd. Fairview Cemetery, Denver, IA
Robert Samuel Hall,
d. 12-23-1963, 14-434;
b. 2-20-1879 Chicago, Il, father Robert Hall,
brd. Elmwood Cemetery, Waterloo, IA
Louise Helene Hall,
d. 1-4-1964, 14-455;
b. 7-17-1884, IL,
father Wert Zimmer,
brd. Garden of Memories, Waterloo, IA
George Grederick Hall,
d. 5-1-1964, 14-599;
b. 11-16-1884, IL,
father Mack Hall,
brd. Fairview Cemetery, Waterloo, IA
Ruth Hall,
d. 3-30-1965, 15-364;
b. 6-5-1905, IA, teacher, father Ora W. Hall,
mother Emma Foooon,
brd. Garden of Memories, Waterloo, IA
Ethel Francis Hall,
d. 3-10-1965, 15-365
b. 6-17-1920, Amboy MN, father Clarence Pettis,
mother Norma Holcomb, strangulation by clothesline rope, depression and chronic alcoholism,
brd. Garden of Memories, Waterloo, IA
Henry Purdy,
d. 8-3-1962, 13-498;
d. University of Iowa Hospital, Iowa City,
b. 3-11-1869, IA,
father G A ,
mother Laura Jacobs, brd. West View Cemetery, LaPorte City, Ia
Rachel Quackenbush,
d. 7-22-1970, 19-355;
b. 9-16-1992, IA,
marr. Clarence Quackenbush,
f. Abner Tippey,
mother. Elizabeth Cain,
brd. Mr. Vernon Twp, RFD, Waterloo, IA
Lisa Ann Quackenbush,
d. 8-13-1968, 18-43;
b. 10-27-1964, Waterloo, father Russell Harold,
mother Judy Ann Busch,
died at age 3, basel skull fracture, hit by a truck while crossing street,
brd. Zion Church Cemetery, Hudson, IA
Lucy Alberta Quackenbush,
d. 5-10-1969, 18-331;
b. 9-1-1881, Waterloo,
father Michael Kane,
mother Bridget Sweeney,
brd. Calvary Cemetery, Waterloo, IA
Abraham John Hall,
d. 12-10-1969, 19-55;
b. 1-8-1893, England, father, James, mother Mary Ann, brd. Riverside Cemetery, Shell Rock, IA
b. 5-7-1896, IA
father. Siebe Weiland,
mother, Stientze Goldenstein, brd. Dumont Cemetery, Dumont, IA
Charles Purdy,
d. 1-15-1964, 14-594;
b. 6-24-1881, Spring Creek Twp,
father Gard Purdy,
mother Laura Jacobs,
brd. West View Cemetery, LaPorte City, IA
Robert Urial Whitney,
d. 3-19-1962, 13-34;
b. 5-6-1891, Bremer Co, father Samuel Brown Whitney, mother, Mamie Richards,
brd. Harlington Cemetery, Waverly, IA
Achsa Pierce
d. 12-27-1880,
b. 1802,
brd. Cedar Falls, IA, consumption, 1-10
Earl Pierce,
d. 6-24-1894 age 10, obstruction of bowel,
brd. Greenwood Cemetery, Waterloo, IA 1-146
Mrs. Jennie Pierce
d. 4-15-1896, age 45,
b. WI, brd. Cedar Falls, IA cancer 1-157
H.W. Pierce
d. 9-6-1898, age 71, shoemaker b. NY, clirohosis of liver, 1-200
Zetha Pierce,
b. 10-25-1908, d. 5-2-1908
single, 3-63
f. Herman
m. Eathel Polox
Clarence Nield
b. 3-11-1918, BHC
d. 7-27-1973,
f. Garth Munger
m. Julia Snider
marr. Elaine Viola,
brd. Garden of Memories, Waterloo, IA
Clarence W Nield
b. 11-9-1917
d. 10-26-1979
f. Charles Nield
m. Herma A Huffer
marr. Dorothy Neuendorf,
brd. Garden of Memories, Waterloo, IA
Vera Nield
b. 7-6-1910
d. 2-18-1971
f. Nelson Kidner
m. Rosettae Hines, inf. Lee Nield
Herma Alice Nield
b. 3-16-1885, Maryland
d. 2-19-1962
f. John Huffer
m. Ella Huffer
inf. Mrs William Sivesind,
brd Hillside Cemetery, Cedar Falls, IA
William Nathen Nield
b. 12-6-1909, IA
d. 9-24-1969
f. Charles Nield
m. Hermie Huffer
self inflicted stomach gunshot wound
brd. Midwest Garden, Waterloo,
IA inf. Lee Nield
Lucille E Woods
b. 9-4-1900, IA
d. 1-5-1962
f. Ranson H Sherratt
m. Maude Iseminger
inf. GE Woods,
brd Hudson Cemetery, Hudson, IA
James Harold Woods
b. 7-10-1916, Ryan, IA
d. 11-1-1962
f. Patrick Woods
m. Lillian Clark
brd. Calvary Cemetery, Waterloo, IA
Sandra Lee Woods
b. 6-21-1946
d. 3-21-1963 age 16
f. ?
m. ? Lamb
inf. Lena Lamb
car accident
brd. Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Waterloo, IA
Lillian L Woods
b. 1-18-1889 Ryan, IA
d. 4-25-1967
f. Philip Clark
m. Bridgett Seery
inf. Donald J Woods,
brd. Calvary Cemetery, Waterloo, IA
Baby Boy Ackerman..
SB 11-22-1957
f. Delbert James Ackerman
m. Phyllis June Anderson premature seperation of placenta,
brd. Garden of Memories, Waterloo, IA
Luz Monoz Tovar
SB 4-16-1958
f. Luz Munoz Tovar, b. Mexico m. Helen Marie Terrones, Toxemia, 3lb, 9 oz, 28 wks
brd. Calvary Cemetery, Waterloo, IA