Black Hawk County IAGenWeb

Mailing Guidelines

Can be used as a guide for all mail sent to coordinator

Take a moment to read ALL instructions

Suggestions for all other email

As well as the general guidelines above, these can be used in almost all mail sent to the coordinator.

Another reminder is to ALWAYS add you email addy at the closing of you email.

Because of the amount of sites involved withing the IAGenWeb Black Hawk County site, it would be most helpful to include the URL of a site if you have questions about material found on a specific site.

These simple and minor things will help your coordinator out a bunch.


Just a Sample

PLEASE DON'T SEND ONE LIKE THIS: (Most likely you won't get a response)
There was some information which I found on one of the sites about John P GOOD. Can you tell me
where you found the information?
Thank You,

 I wish you success in your research travels!