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If you own any Black Hawk County resources and will do lookups, please fill out the form below and we will be glad to put your name and information to the list of Volunteers.

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Mona Sarratt Knight

I own the book "Iowa Press Association, 1940 Who's Who in Iowa". I can do lookups.



Katherine Welham

I have inherited the genealogical records of Frances Gertrude Mullan, b. 1876 in Waterloo, daughter of Judge Charles W. Mullan which she used to gain membership into Colonial Dames.  I have a large number of photos and clippings but somewhat limited official documents. Would be happy to provide clues based on Frances' notes or scanned photos of Mullans, Hammonds, Virdens.


Mary Eldridge

1956 Cedar Falls City Directory
1948 Cedar Falls (North Cedar only) Directory
1954 Waterloo City Directory
1971 Waterloo City Directory
1974 Waterloo City Directory
1975 Waterloo City Directory
1976 Waterloo City Directory
1977 Waterloo City Directory
1886 Historical and Biographical record of Black Hawk County, Iowa, Corwin & Hoy, Waterloo, A Pictorial History


Kreston Lane

1948 Waterloo Directory contains names, marriage dates, information
about people and their children
Will look in directory for names and information.


Kay Pease

Will do lookups for the following:
History of Black Hawk County, Iowa, Vols. I and II, ed. John Hartman, 1915
West High Yearbooks, 1918-1923; 1950-1953
East High Yearbooks, 1926-1928

Andrew Schrag

Will assist in researching the following families in Black Hawk County:
Schrag-Mosher-Penne-Clark of Black Hawk County, Iowa
Masterpole of Fayette County & Fossalto, Italy
Schmudlach-Grahlman-Ferson-Stange-Reisner of Chickasaw, Bremer, Fayette, Black Hawk
Member NEIGS and Sacramento German Genealogy Society

Virginia Hudson Young

Will assist in researching the following families in Black Hawk County.
My family includes:  Adams, Barker, Brinkerhoff, Cooley, Draper, Fleming, Hayes, Hudson, Moser, Priest, Rath, Roe, Schrader, Scofield, Small, Tracey, Ward, Wilby, Wilson.   My husband's family includes: Alstadt, Barron, Blim, Bollinger, Chorpening, Junge, Langlas, Ogline, Margadant, Melendy, Rath, Reeder, Wiltse, Young

1895 Eagle township, Black Hawk county census
Jeanne Hill Butler
Marysville, Washington

Lester Cemetery Index (only)
Judee Simons - Baer

I have an index of Lester Cemetery and a map. At the time I got that they also had pages listing each person buried and a short bio of them. This is the only information that I have available to me and can only inform those that send in a request if their surnames are located at the cemetery and nothing more.

German Church Record Lookup
C. Jensen
Black Hawk County
Church Records St. John's Lutheran (German) 1860's

Cindy Curry
Probate Lookup
Black Hawk Co. probate extracts
(#1054 / 1870-1880)(#1161 / 1887-1893)

Cathy Leeper
1932 East Waterloo High School Annual. Some photos are autographed.

Susan Connelly

"Barclay Reviewed" by Roy Ortner, my father's second cousin. It is an extensive listing of all of the records of St. Francis Catholic church in Barclay, from approx. 1850 to 1950 and a few later. Unfortunately this book full of hundreds of names is not indexed, and lookups can be quite time consuming. ***Please be considerate of Susan when requesting her help.