Black Hawk County IA
Research Notes

January 6, 2000

The following information was taken from the Black Hawk County Court House- Recorders Office in Waterloo, IA on January 6, 2000.

Please be advised that as the coordinator for this site, the information provided here is for your research and if there is additional information which you seek, contact the court house at the address provided at the ending of this page. I will not be doing personal research on any of the material included here.

You may also consider becoming a volunteer if you feel you can provide assistance to others.

NOTE: Where you see the "#", it means that is the record number that it is registered to.
"BHC" refers to the book number where the record can be found. Example: BHC 4-99, book number 4 page 99. Please pay close attention to where the information is said to come from so you will know if it is from the death, marriage, or birth books.
The comment section may include: the cause of death or nationality listed.
Miscellaneous section will list: the contain any of the information for the funeral home, cemetery, or physician.
The following information on this site will be found in the death records.


Name Birth Death Parents Record/Book Comments Miscellaneous
Jacob A Rohrer   12-27-1927
  #449 Uremia, American Peterson Bros. funeral home
Albert L Snowden       #1416 / 1-123    
Hans Rohwer   2-16-1932   #88   F.B. Guage
Leland Ernest Powers       4-107    
Caroline Rohwer   8-23-1923 65 yr   #298 carcinoma of head, german  
William Rohrer   1-8-1926 61yr   #18 abcess, american, single Okeefe funeral home
David Wm Ackerman 1-15-1915, NJ 3-10-1915 James Ackerman, Louise Schellhammer #6991 1 mo, 23 dy, pneumonia Fairview Cemetery, Waterloo
Fannie Kowalsky 2-22-1872 2-16-1917, 44yr, 11 mo, 25 dy James Hawkins, unknown Boots #8100 post operative intestinal obstruction . chronic pelvic infection. A A Hoffman, Fairview Cemetery, Waterloo
Anna Manerva Powers   5-4-1942   5-116    
Donald Mayhew Powers   7-4-1944   5-400    
Thomas E Powers   9-29-1947   6-224    
Nellie Mabel Powers   7-2-1951   7-228    
James Powers   1-17-1955   9-105    
Forrest Delmar Powers   10-26-1955   9-367    
baby Girl Powers   10-1-1957   10-370    
Ella Nova Powers   2-22-1958   10-517    
James Frederic Powers   5-23-1958   10-615    
Cora May Powers   12-18-1959   11-587    
Martha Davis Ackerman 12-31-1855, England 10-4-1942 Joseph Davis, Elizabeth unknown 5-161 bronchites  
John Earl Ackerman 10-11-1941 10-13-1941 Ralph Ackerman, Marvina Wyatt 5-45 premature due to mother had typhoid fever brd. Hudson
Frank D Ackermann 7-7-1868, Anamosa, IA 7-9-1942 Ruben Ackerman, unknown 5-184 coronary heart disease Fairview Cemetery, Waterloo
Thomas G. Ackerman   5-18-1952   5-572    
Alfred Watts Ackerman   9-3-1955   9-318    
May Pearl Ackerman   10-20-1955 Jacob Weekley 9-366    
Leo Daniel Ackerman   5-8-1956   9-551    
Stillborn Ackerman 11-22-1957 11-22-1957   10-3    
Pamela Pearl Kowalsky   7-14-1959   11-408