Black Hawk County

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Miscellaneous Cemetery Listings


Waterloo Public Library
415 Commercial Street
Waterloo, IA 50703


Fairview Cemetery Association
611 Fairview Ave Waterloo, IA
Waterloo Cemetery
1830 Kimball Ave
Waterloo, IA
Elmwood Cemetery Association
226 Elmwood
Waterloo, IA


Elmwood Cemetery
Name Birth Death Information
A B Snowden 11-29-1819 2-1-1889
Albert L Snowden 4-16-1867 5-5-1892
B O Snowden 12-31-1835 4-13-1914 GAR
B P Snowden 4-29-1867 9-10-1867
D F Snowden 7-4-1844 4-1-1867
Delia M Snowden 8-6-1839 5-15-1916
F S Snowden 1-15-1845 9-24-1876
Fredrick W Snowden 5-30-1870 10-18-1892
J R Snowden 10-17-1840 2-29-1896
Lou I Snowden 6-27-1872 9-26-1904 Spanish Am. Vet.
Mary G Snowden 8-24-1838 9-18-1910
William Snowden 2-8-1834 12-4-1889 b. Pittsburg PA
Doris Aschenbrenner 1910
Fred C Aschenbrenner 1900 1970
Marthena McMurrin 8-14-1829 5-12-1892
Phoebe Jane McMurrin 1867 1951
Blanche E Hedding 1900 1921 wife of J B



FairView Cemetery, Waterloo
Name Birth Death Information
Nellie M Power 1884 1951
Ernest L Power 1878 1965
Adell Ackerman/Powers 1886
Clara R Ackerman 1910 1939
Ellen Ackerman Removed from mausalium*
Frank D Ackerman 1868 1942 Father
Frank K Ackerman 1908 1916
Laurence Ackerman Removed from mausalium*
Ralph E Ackerman 10-7-1913 2-22-1978 Tec 5 US Army WWII
Randolphe Buhr 1906 1947 Parents of Ronald & Jeanne Ellen
Thema E Buhr 1910 1970 Parents of Ronald & Jeanne Ellen
Cora Niemeyer 1870 1962
George Niemeyer no dates GAR marker
Harriet M Niemeyer 4-5-1850 9-27-1898 w/o George
Henry Tegtmeier 1863 1949
Louise Tegtmeier 1852 1932

***I remember that when I was in high school several boys had broken into the mausoleum and broken into several caskets and removed some of the remains. That is the main reason I believe that the bodies were moved and reburied. I am not sure, but I know that the building came down right after that.

On one Halloween night I remember being in the cemetery and went inside. It was either that choice, or stand outside alone in the dark,,,,,cluck cluck cluck....! When I went inside I remember feeling an erie sort of coldness...I got out fast and never went back to see it again.***


GAR Circle
Section 18
Name Death Information
Alfred Cordell 4-14-1918 Co H 27th Ia Inf
Henry H White 5-20-1915 1 Sgt Co. F 2nd NY Prov Cav
Richard Folsom b. 1845 d. 1-26-1913
George B Bouck b. 9-24-1830, Oh d. 1-16-1911 Co D. 44th Ia Inf
Leonard Nino 92nd Il Inf
JB [John] Byford Co A 37th Ia Inf
P J [Peter] Lawless b. 1843, Ireland - d. 5-12-1902 Co. A 21 Ia Inf
Enos Ludden b. IL d. 5-12-1902 Co. G 29th Ia Inf
Geo R Norris d. 4-11-1918, ND Co A 2nd Md Cav
Jeremiah Thomas 12-12-1921 age 78
Jno [Jonathan] McDonald Co H 7th MO Inf.
Near the Circle:
William D Lemley b. OH d. 1-21-1907 79 yr, 7 mo, 10 da. Co F 27th WI Inf. section 18-178
William Washington Edginton 7-24-1912 Section 18 lot 160

Unusual Deaths

Unknown Male found 11-12-1912, Cedar Falls, IA, probable acid poisioning, Body found in secluded spot near Cedar Falls, IA. Buried Cedar Falls Cemetery.
Chas. Garluig
13, d. 9-4-1888 b. germany, tramped by horse
Infant Moore
male, white, 2 mo, 10 day, d. 3-11-1888, poor house, not known but was born at 7 mo. and never well. brd. Elmwood Cemetery,
Mellisa Kenton
19, sewing girl, d. 10-16-1887, strychina poison by her own hand,suicide, brd. Bennington Twp., Dunkerton, Ia
I H Dean
29, RR freight man, d. 10-20-1887, was crushed between freight cars on BCR & NRR, Cedar Rapids.
? Gardner
1 day, d. 6-20-1887, Poyner burying ground 6-21-1887.
Henry Peltzer
37, machinist d. 10-17-1886, b. germany, gunshot wound, brd. Waterloo Cemetery
Frank McPaine
49, d. 7-19-1887, insanity, suicide by gun shot, ? brd
Christian Maunk
53, d. 6-26-1887, Bennington Twp, suicide by hanging.
MC Ware
23, d. 6-27-1887, b. PA, d. LaPorte City, suffocation in a ?, only here few weeks, ? brd.
Mrs. Wm. O Crasby
20, d. 1-14-1887, 11:30a.m. Cedar Falls, murdered by her husband, jury of inquest found that Crasby was insane. brd. Cedar Falls,
Wm O Crasby
d. 1-14-1887, suicide.
Unknown sex, infant ? death, this inquest was on the body of an unknown dead infant which had probably been dead 10 or 15 years. Was found by parties digging a ditch on or near the property of JW Gilbert in E. Waterloo. brd. Pottersfield, 9-12-1886
Lancelot Platt
40, d. 4-27-1886, Fox Twp, pistol shot and drowning, brd. Jesup, Ia
Augustus Shaffer
49, d. 2-20-1886, his residence 5 mi W of Cedar Falls. cut his own throat with suicide intent. brd. Cedar Falls.
W L Whipple
38, d. 8-30-1885, struck by lightening, brd. ?
Philo Ferris
50, d. 5-17-1885, near Hudson, Ia, suicide by shooting with pistol brd. near Hudson.
Ella Croak
d. 10-20-1880, Cedar Falls, Ia, congestion fever, immediate cause of death, narcotic poisioning, brd. Cedar Falls
Nick Soerugnier
66, German, d. 5-24-1881, suicide, Barclay Twp., wound in the throat infection with pocket knife by himself - suicide intent, St Frances Church
Judson Solomon Knapp
24, d. 9-5-1881, Spring Creek Twp, hanging w/ suicidal intent body was delivered to family.
Unknown Female
d. 12-27-1881, 5 p.m. Cedar Twp, Bruise sustained by mother 2 weeks previous inflamation of placenta, 1/2 hour old.
Catherine Nettering
59, d. 5-10-1882, German, Big Creek Twp, Drowned in well, brd. LaPorte City
H T Budge
43, d. 5-23-1883, b. NY, Monitog House, 1st ward, Cedar Falls, Suicide by strangulation hung himself on post of his bedstand by a silk handkerchief which was simply tied above his neck, blind melancholic, $70 in pocket, no inquest. brd. Old City Cemetery, Cedar Falls, 5-24-1883
George Henson
29, d. 8-18-1883, Cedar Falls, gunshot wound, brd. Parkersburg, IA.

Waterloo Memorial Park Cemetery and Chapel
3430 W 4th Street
Waterloo, IA

Lyman Clark d. 1-25-1843
JW Clark b. 5-6-1805, d. 1-23-1899
Margaret Clark d. 5-12-1889, 67 yr, w/o JW
Sarah Clark d. 8-11-1857, d/o JW and Margaret

Catholic Cemeteries of Waterloo, Inc.
3912 W 4th Street
Waterloo, IA

Black Hawk County Calvary Catholic Cemetery

Martin F Neuses b. 8-28-1892, d. 6-2-1947, 92 yrs. Ia Sgt. 352 Inf 88 Div WWI

Old Barclay Cemetery

Thomas I Smith b. 1830, d. 2-15-1901
Henrietta Smith b. 1842, d. 1920
Jennie L. b. 1872 d. 1900

Sprink Creek Cemetery

Elizabeth Hilton Smith, b. 1847 d. 1913

New Barclay Cemetery, Barclay Twp.
Sec. 24, Black Hawk County

Lot 50,
Georgie Buss, d. 5-16-1879, s/o Edward & Catharine Buss
Tetje Buss b. 10-27-1813, d. 12-14-1887
Hiram D Buss b. 5-12-1801, d. 6-2-1890
Lot 133,
Elizabeth R Smith, b. 1865, d. 1942
Chub A Smith, b. 1866, d. 1947